Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Life Puts Another Bump in the Road of an Arabian Horse Breeder

I'm sorry, I hate to get sidetracked in the middle of a series BUT I have a problem I need to deal with. My content is being stolen by means of an RSS feed and posted to another website.

I located the website this afternoon. The email address connected with the website is bogus but I managed to located the CORPORATION that owns the website. Yes, can you believe a corporation has stolen my content. They have all kinds of Google ads running on the site so that is their goal, to make money using my content. The corporation is a German based informational site. Would you like to make any guesses as to where they get all their information.

I hate to go on posting my series and keep feeding the thief more content. So I am going to skip posting my Arabian horses dreams tonight and spend the time I would normally spend writing the post pursuing the thief.

I apologize for leaving you all hanging but I tried writing tonight and all I can think of is this. I don't think I would do the story justice working on it while I am this angry so I might just as well put the anger to good use and kick some serious _ _ _ .


  1. Yikes!!! I cannot believe someone would do that! I guess it's sort of a backhanded compliment, but good grief, what creeps they are! I hope you figure out how to get them to stop!

  2. Now that's just wrong, theft of any kind is wrong, but this goes beyond that.

    I hope you get it figured out and stopped soon. We can wait for 'the rest of the story...'

  3. Jeepers creepers...that's just weird. Hope ya catch 'em!!

  4. I hope you are able to stop the thief and redirect the paying traffic to you.

    As a fellow blogger, I am very interested in all of this. How did you know they were stealing, and how can you stop them?

    I know this happens, but I'm pretty innocent so I find this very shocking. I'm so very sorry this has happened to you.

    Keep us posted!

  5. I can't quit thinking about this. You'll have to relate this saga with the same storytelling gift as you give to your other stories.

    I think, after the trials and tribulations are over, that you should be encouraged by this. Your work is good enough for someone to use it to make money. You should do the same! It would help with the price of hay, etc.

    I also hope there's a way you can collect the money that the thief has made off of your content. You'll probably spend more trying to collect it than you'll get, though.

    Good luck! Still shocked!

  6. Oh goodness, what a world! I'm sorry you got all steamed up. What are they doing? Making money on your stories?
    I'm convinced you got that Dare filly even though she wasn't for sale...yet.

  7. Wow, this is unbelievable! Good luck Mikaela on getting some justice.

  8. You go girl!!! Being a photographer I know all about stolen images on the web. That is a whole other issue. Content is protected by copyright as are photographs. Have you tried notifying the web hosting service. Most of them frown apon their users using stolen stuff.

    Hope you get it sorted out and can't wait to hear more about this mare!!!


  9. I hope you get this situation straightened out soon. We want the rest of the story! How did you know they were stealing from you????

  10. Wierd! I have never heard of that happening--Gotta make you feel good that they think your content will make them money:-) Hope you get to the bottom of it.

  11. Oh,M, that just really bites! I'd be torn up and not able to focus on stories of the past, either. Hope you can put an end to it soon. (Also hoping we both get a few more weeks of sunshine...not in the liquid form!)

  12. L, I hope I figure out how to stop them to.

    Lady of chaos, I'm with you theft of any kind is wrong.

    equinspirit, I hope I can get them stopped to but am having trouble tracking them down. They knew what they were doing and have done a good job of hiding their trail.

    anne, there is no way the paying traffic can be directed to me. Don't know why I can't get adsens to spider my site correctly. but it keeps coming up public service instead of about horses.

    I'm not sure about telling the story here, for now, I don't want to reveal my strategy.

    Molly, yes they are set up to make money on clicks from their blog with all stolen content. That way the only time they have invested is setting up the site to start.

    Kathy C, I don't know about justice but taking down my work or shutting down the site would be good.

    Lori, I'm sure as a photographer you have had to deal with this too. That's too bad.

    Midlife mom, I'm posting for now. But if they put up more will stop again. keep your fingers crossed.

    photogchic, I'm not sure they even cared about the content other than something horse related. The stuff is out of order etc. wierd.

    Tracey, I"m with you, it bites!! Bigtime. I hope we don't get any liquid sun either.

  13. How did you find out that your story was getting stolen? and I hope you do kick their butts! cause if anyone should be making money, from YOUR life stories, it needs to be YOU!!! people would buy your books too. I certainly would. But I think I'd read myself to death lol :)

  14. OMGosh! I can't believe someone would actually do that!!!

    I hope you catch them soon. I'm sorry that there are such shady people in the world. So glad you caught onto it though. I also wish I knew what to say that could help you. Hopefully one of your other readers is skilled in some way to help you catch the theif!