Saturday, July 21, 2007

Arabian Breeder's Annual Open House Is Finally Over!! Part 6

Part 1

So who was going to follow the show Legs had put on for the crowd? Normally, the exuberant Arabian stallion would be a hard act to follow. In years past I have made him the last horse of the day. But life hasn't been normal on my Arabian breeding farm for a while now and finding the right act to follow Legs, well that was easy!

It was the twins, Scandalous Trouble and Scandalous Surprise. Since I still wasn't doing any forms of forced exercise with Surprise, I figured the best way to show her was with her mischievous brother.I would just throw the two of them into the presentation ring together. People still think of them as a pair and pretty much expect to see them together.

The two Arabian horses hadn't been turned out together since their birthday party. That episode hadn't lasted long because Trouble, well, Trouble got into trouble. Would it be the same today? Probably, but not before the two pint sized Arabian horses put on a show.

The twin Arabian horses pretty much take after their grandsire. They've been into exciting the crowd from the day they were born. Today would be no different. Given the opportunity to show off for the crowd, the twins would not let me down.

As usual, the show began long before they got to the ring. Surprise and Trouble could feel the excitement in the air. They pranced their way up from the barns to the ring with their tails rolled over their backs and trying their best to drag their handlers on just a little bit faster. They didn't want to miss anything because they were slow to arrive!

Whenever the two young horses are turned out together, they need to be released in unison. If one is free before the other, you can bet that the opportunity to pounce on the other won't be missed. On a count of three the excited twin horses were released into the ring and the race was on.

They were diving after each other oblivious to the humans in the ring. Poor Jean expected them to act like "normal" horses and made a couple of attempts to move them around the pen. But I called her off and we all headed for the gate.

Jean wasn't prepared to be tag teamed by the frolicking pair as she tried to get out the gate. It may have been a while since the two marauders had been out together but they hadn't lost their touch. They swooped in on Jean and in one fell swoop turned her around just as she made it to the gate.

The twins didn't miss a beat. They raced on past the gate putting on the brakes in the form of tandem sliding stops at the corner and rolled back around to race off again. It looked like a choreographed piece as the two Arabian horses worked the ring weaving in and out of each other, and sometimes slamming into each other only to bounce off to frolic some more.

By now the food was ready and we were trying to get people over to begin dishing up but the twin Arabian horses had captivated their audience. Not a soul broke lose and head over to the barbecue. Trouble and Surprise continued on in their playing far longer than any of the other horses who had been out earlier in the day. They, too like Legs, know they are the stars.

But eventually, hormones got the better of Trouble and instead of just playing with his sister, the young gelding began terrorizing his sister. Once that occurred it was time to save Surprise from Trouble. Before we could get in to catch him, Trouble had mounted his sister in the corner. Of course, the crowd all thought that he was just too cute but poor Surprise had had enough. As I went through the gate, she came running to me to be rescued from the little varmint.

Once Trouble knew he didn't have Surprise to harass anymore he, too, came right up to be caught. He excited the ring with his tail rolled over his back strutting like a million bucks. And, of course, Surprise not to be out done by her brother followed suit. There couldn't have been a better ending to the show.

When the twins were taken off to their stalls, people headed towards the food and the picnic began. We had the grill cooking Johnsonville brauts. With them we served potato salad, a garden salad, a special recipe of baked beans (that are absolutely scrumptious), a veggie tray and a fruit tray and then ice cold drinks. We had enough food to feed a small army, I swear.

As usual, there were people who had questions about horses and I tried to answer them and deal with the vet who had finally arrived to stitch up Suede. (It turned out he stapled him with 8 staples)

I got a quick chance to check in on Reflection who looked like he was doing ok. I would just keep an eye on him for any changes in behavior. It seemed like hours before I got done with the questions and anywhere near the food. Many of the people were still there sitting around visiting and talking horses. That is always a good sign. The open house was officially over but the party was on.

A Twins Update


  1. Trouble makes Taxes look like a little angel! What a fun show for the crowd.

  2. Great! You did it! And I bet by now you have made a list of things to accomplish before next year. No? At least I hope you've had an uneventful week-after and got caught up on rest.

  3. Awwww....whata wonderful couple of horses to end to a presentation! Way cool!

  4. Great WILD pictures!! I can almost hear everything!

    Yes that was 10 tons. I had originally planned to get 5 tons, but it was only $3 per ton, and delivery was 50. I thought, what the heck -- and it turned out to be a good choice. A ton of sand is smaller than you think.

  5. photogchic, I think Lori would agree with me the only reason Trouble makes Taxes look good is because Taxes doesn't have a filly to pick on. I think those boys are two of a kind!

    molly, at this point I'm still swearing there isn't going to be a next year! lol

    equinespirit, the twins were definitely know how to be a great finale.

    susiej, you've got it right with "wild." That's for sure! lol

  6. OM Gosh MiKael, I am gonna send Taxes to join those two terrors, he would be in his element!!!!

    Moving on to your next instalment LOL


  7. Photogchic I could show you some pics of Taxes and his momma that would make your toes curl. She must have sorted him out in the past few days because three days ago he was full of himself, biting everything, rearing and striking and just being an absolute brat but the last two days he has been as quiet as a lamb!! She is a good momma so has probably dished out a bit of discipline LOL.