Friday, July 20, 2007

Arabian Breeder's Annual Open House Is Finally Over!! Part 5

Part 1

When it came time to catch Reflection, the young stallion came right up to us just like a lamb. Now I knew I would have to watch him closely. There was no way the horse was feeling ok if he was willing to leave an audience that easily. I was relieved that we were almost done with the presentations so that I could go to check on him.

The next horse in the ring was Scandalous Legacy. Last year, he had been the horse that had been a little quiet about his exhibition but today was a different story. The horse couldn't have been more cranked. He knew the crowd was there to see him and he was determined to give them a show.

Rolling his tail over his back, snorting and blowing wasn't enough to show his stuff. The stallion stood on his hind legs and pawed the air tossing his head at the crowd. Leaping away from the handlers trying to get him pushed up against the back rail, the horse shook his head in displeasure at being told what to do. He was pretty sure that he was the king and this was his kingdom. Mere mortal handlers were not going to tell him what to do.

All in all, Legs is a kind horse. Even when he's being naughty he keeps things in check. At least a couple of times as I tried to push him into a corner, he coiled up tight to kick out. The crowd gasped but the horse only went so far as to gesture his displeasure, each time coming up short of actually kicking me. There was never any doubt in my mind if the horse wanted to kick me, I'd have been out cold.

We ganged up on the Arabian horse pushing him hard and fast to let the horse know even a gesture was not going to be tolerated, The Arabian horse scooted off like it was his idea stomping his feet and tossing his head belligerently.

The crowd loved it and their approval only egged the Arabian horse on. The stallion continued his cavorting. As long as the crowd continued to respond, the horse continued his show. We didn't even try to catch the Arabian horse until we knew we could. There was no point in re enforcing any bad behavior.

Even after the Arabian horse was haltered, Legs continued to fling his head and snort and blow. Prancing out of the ring with his tail still rolled over his back, he bellered out to his kingdom. From the barns you could hear the mares all respond. There was no doubt who was the lead stallion on this Arabian breeding farm.

Well, who was going to follow this act?
To be continued...........

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  1. Beautiful Stallion Mikael. A very touch act to follow.

  2. I hope Reflection is alright!! I would have LOVED to have seen Legs in action! My sounds like he puts on quite the show! WOW!

  3. Oh, I wish I could have been there! If I had the money for a cross-country flight, I definitely would have been there. Thank you so much for the detailed description of everything that happened. It sounds wonderful. Maybe when I'm done with school and everything I will be able to come to your open house. Maybe your tenth anniversary of the event? :)

  4. I love that bottom picture of Legs. So much personality and attitude. "Whose your Daddy!"
    I hope you got some good bookings from this Open House.

  5. Wow - Legs sounds very cool! That would be so much fun to watch. I hope Reflection is doing fine...

  6. Wow it gets better and better, the suspense is great!!

    I have just caught up on the last two posts, glad Reflection wasnt hurt too bad and hope you managed to find someone to stitch him up.

    Also will be glad to hear if the other stallion that wasnt himself (sorry still trying to get all the names straight LOL - I have a hard enough time remembering my 20 odd let alone your brood too!!) is okay, there is nothing worse than a horse who is feeling bad, I always feel so helpless.

    On the subject of Taxes, Cat (the B&W mare out at the pasture) was meant to be having a foal too but she has always been a problem. She was meant to have been bred when she came to us and didnt have a baby (reabsorbed?). We bred her the year after we got her and she aborted a beautiful B&W baby at 9 months - it broke my heart when I found him - then she had BB and after that lost another pregnancy, then had our B&W yearling Eb and then after being tested positive she absorbed that pregnancy too. That baby was meant to be the company for this one. When we get the two mares back from Iowa the one mare has a filly but I dont know if they will be able to be put together because he is so strong willed and having never shared (they are only coming at the end of September) space with another baby it might not work out, we will just have to see when the time comes. Both the mares coming back have been bred to our friend's Palomino World Champ two year old stud so they may have babies next year (I have always wanted a palomino so that would be wonderful). None of my mares here have been bred this year.

    I promise I will pass on the secret when I find ut how to make the To Do list get shorter than longer!!



  7. Legs gave them what they wanted to see, lol! Star quality all the way :) Wish I could have made it down to see you.