Sunday, July 22, 2007

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After reading on Julia's blog, Mood Swings in Med School her post My Blog and how she was rated R. I couldn't resist following the link to find out how my blog would be rated.

I was pretty sure mine would be rated X. After all I've had a couple of comments saying that I made people blush with my descriptions about getting my mare, Bint Gamaay Rose, bred natural service this year.

Here I thought I was keeping it all pretty clean and still giving enough information for someone who might be in need of that information. After all, I get so many hits from people wanting to know how to tell their mare is in heat or if she's ready to breed, that I thought the details were needed.

Imagine my surprise to find that my blog is rated

Online Dating

Yup, can you believe it, I got a rating of G for General Audiences. I suppose it's a good thing I didn't post the picture of Trouble actually mounting his sister. I do have one you know! But then that site probably isn't looking at my pics only my verbal content.

So if you're wondering how your blog might be rated, give it a try here

What's My Blog Rated?

All I can think is that the posts I was worried about must be in the archives and those weren't scanned. Might have to dig them up and see what they're rated! Just for a good laugh! Not sure I would change what I write just for a rating.


  1. Thanks for linking to my blog! I also appreciated your comments - the Arabian trail class story made me laugh out loud! I'm jealous of your "G" rating. I think it just scans the front page of your blog and gives you a rating based on that. Maybe if it scanned one of your more "risque" posts you would have been rated differently :)

  2. LOL, I knew you would probably have a pic of that too. I actually have a few of the stud that we gelded recently, not very good ones but risque just the same!! Congrats on the G rating, I will have to give it a go.

    I hope you get some sales from the open house, do you have anything looming? I love your descriptions of the horses and their high strung antics!!! I shot a Tennessee Walking Horse show once and those people play organ music the whole time to the beat of the horses paces and they whoop and holler the whole time they are in the ring!!! I was used to the staid Western Pleasure, Hunt Seat type stuff and had never experienced this type of behaviour before. Sounds like you guys like to encourage your horses too. I love a horse with spirit. My filly "Lori" is like that and I love it, of course Larry hates it.

    Will check in again tomorrow. I havent forgotten about the camera, have you a budget in mind? The pics from the open house are great.



  3. superbe ton site, j'adore les chevaux arabes. j'ai eut de la chance d'en voir venu du maroc il y a pas longtemps à Evry pour une fete marocaine, ils etaient splendides.
    Tes photos sont magnifiques, bravo.
    Pour voir mes photos.

    superb your site, I adore the Arab horses. I have had chance to see some come from Morocco it is not a long time in Evry for a Moroccan festival, they were splendid. Your photographs are splendid, cheer.
    To see the photographs

  4. I had to give it a shot...and I too got a "G" rating. I'm not too terribly surprised as I try to keep it that way! My boys like to play with their blog pets and it probably wouldn't be good if I posted something a little "inappropriate" and they happened to read it...LOL!

  5. Oooops my blog came back PG - Parental Guidance May Be Required!!!! Apparantly it found the word "shoot" 6 times and "hell" once LOL OM Gosh, hehehe I will have to change those to photograph and I cant remember where the "hell" came from??

  6. Oh, that would be a pretty funny picture. We don't breed horses, but we have a few of them. At one point my brother-in-law had a couple of young saddlebreds of unknown origin at our place and had to get one fixed. Maybe we should have taken pictures!

  7. Hi MiKael,
    Great blog you have ... very interesting. Lots of good things to read.

    Thanks for visiting my site and taking the time to leave comments!
    Always appreciate it.

  8. Thank you for your comment on my blog. The term 'napping' seem to widely used in the UK to describe various evasions during ridden or in-hand work.
    "There can be no rainbow without a cloud and a storm" - I liked your quote on the other blog. Very true!
    All the best with your stunning Arabians!