Tuesday, August 13, 2013

My Deductions from Animal Control's Visit

 Part 1

While we had not received the name of the person who had filed the false complaint with Animal Control, we did get enough information for me to be pretty sure who the guilt party was. The hang tag had some clues and I was able to get a few more when the officers were here.

The most obvious one was they knew the exact number of horses on my property. There were few people who knew that. Most people just know I am a breeder with a number of horses. My website had some horses listed for sale that are not owned by me and the horses listed as currently in me ownership with the Arabian Horse Association registry are not all currently in my possession. The only people who might know exactly how many horses were here would have been EF and Kelly Panowicz. If you were to ask EF, I doubt she could tell you but Kelly.....that would be a different story.

When she was here, Kelly had that printout of all of the horses registered to me that she had used to take notes as I'd showed her through the barns. Since I knew from her email request afterwards that she had not used that list to write down the training level or potential of each horse, she was recording something that suited her purposes. 

One thing I knew for sure, she had been intent on identifying each individual. Her questions were aimed to match up the individual before her with the information on that paperwork and to be sure that information was updated so she knew exactly who was who.  She not only knew the exact number of horses but their gender (AHA records show all my male horses as stallions) and which individuals were here. She may have even noted the location of each horse. 

There were little things that were said in the course of the conversation with AC that added pieces of information about my farm that Officer Page was not exposed to on her first visit. She only looked at Rhet since he was the thin horse that was seen from the road. He was in the first barn when AC came so we only went there.

From the road you cannot see where all the horses are housed. Kelly Panowicz was, again, one of the people with information that must have been on the complaint for AC to know what they did about my farm.

Then there was that word "deplorable" used on the hang tag. I could see Kelly Panowicz describing the conditions here in that manner. Considering she had spread rumors that my horses were starving, wormy and their hooves were neglectfully long even though the horses weight was well within acceptable range, they were wormed regularly, and all had been trimmed shortly before my first hospitalization (roughly that was eight to ten weeks since the last trim for any of these horses).  With exaggerations like these to make me look bad, describing the conditions here as deplorable fit right in with her form of  truth when it came to the circumstances here.

I had begun to see the reality about Kelly Panowicz after the first strangers came to get free horses. I had struggled with the two opposing points of view but the balance was tipped even further when TF called and told me what Kelly propagated on the rumor mill. Any denial, that enabled me to believe this was somehow a big misunderstanding, got crushed with this visit from AC.

By this time I had remembered my first experiences with Kelly. I remembered her threats and I remembered her black and white thinking. I also remembered that she had a degree in social work.

That meant, as part of her training, she was taught it was inappropriate for anyone  to be pushing someone in my condition to sign over assets And she learned the steps to effectively manipulate a vulnerable individual to exploit them. Recognizing such things, after all, would be important skills for a social worker since the job entails working with and protecting society's most vulnerable.

Despite her ruse that she was a sympathetic friend, I believe Kelly came here prepared to exploit this situation. After which she was very much motivated to justify her behavior to cover up the fact she had taken advantage of my ill health for her personal gain. 

She had to know that anyone who knew me would question the appropriateness of her behavior. How else could she justify taking her pick from a herd of quality Arabian horses from me as sick as I was? The answer to this question: like all abusers who exploit the weak, she pointed the finger at the victim and blamed me to take the focus off of her own perverse behavior. 

For Kelly Panowicz the worse picture she could paint of things here, the more she felt justified in taking horses. The truth didn't matter because, to her, the end justified the means. To her way of thinking, I shouldn't own that many horses. Because I did, she felt entitled to take them from me. The lies she spread and the complaint to AC proved to her, and those rumor mongers, that she was justified. No pangs of conscience because she manipulated the truth until it's barely recognizable since it was her truth and that's the only truth that matters. Everything about her behavior screamed inappropriate except maybe to those who also do such things themselves or to anyone hearing only her side of the story.

She lives with herself by convincing herself she is right. I saw that about her years ago when I worked with her. She is one of those people with a superior attitude who projects her standards on others. She does not believe other people are entitled to their own opinions if they differ from hers so that gives her lots of leeway to do whatever suits her and she feels no guilt. She is, afterall, superior and she knows better than I what is best for me and my horses.

Classic textbook behavior for someone who exploits the weak and vulnerable, that's what this is. I may have struggled up to this point because of my friendship with EF and my illness but this complaint to AC cleared the fog. I knew, because of her close relationship with EF, Kelly must know I had nearly died again so any shred of belief she had acted in friendship towards me, as she claimed, was now gone. I now saw Kelly Panowicz as the evil, unethical woman she is.

All of this was why I was convinced Kelly Panowicz was the one who called Animal Control but I needed to prove it.  What mattered to me most was the friend who had brought Kelly Panowicz here. That relationship is important to me. I had to be able to prove to her that Panowicz was up to no good before she ever set foot on my farm.

I was pretty sure that my friend had no idea about the rumors that Kelly had spread or that her name was being used to substantiate Kelly's claims. She certainly had no understanding of how we had both been manipulated. I figured Kelly had hidden from EF anything that would have exposed her motives or what she was doing to discredit me.  I was certain my friend knew nothing about the call to Animal Control.

I knew my friend's sense of loyalty to her friends was going to make it difficult for her to see what really happened here. It was not going to be easy to convince her that Kelly had knowingly and deliberately exploited my illness for personal gain. I was counting on the records from AC to give me that proof so Dave would definitely be filing the appropriate paperwork first thing Monday morning when the Clerk's Office opened.

Kelly Panowicz may have tricked me into signing over one of my horses but I was done with her trashing my reputation despite how sick I was. Whether her complaint to AC was an attempt to get the chestnut mare or to quiet the voices questioning why she had not reported me if conditions were as bad here as she claimed, Kelly Panowicz's lies were about to catch up with her. The injured lioness was about to fight back.

To be continued....
Hardcopy.....Who Really Called Animal Control.....

Note: the horse in this picture is Faith. She looks so similar to her half sister Rose that I have trouble telling them apart. 


  1. That is a great description of a horrible person, I wish it was fiction. sigh.

    1. Me too. Unfortunately she was just one in a line of people wanting to take advantage of the situation here. Being sick with horses of this quality was like having a target on my back. It has been a strange and informative journey...........but not much fun.

  2. Is she really a social worker? If so, I feel sorry for her cases. I wonder if they, too, have been exploited.

    1. Nope, she didn't like it and quit not long after she got started but she does have the degree.

      She has a reputation for rescuing animals. After my experience I wonder how many of them were like what she did here. Certainly rescuing animals is a cover to make her look like a good person but she has no regard for the human toll her behaviors cause.

      Now Angie Miller works with disabled. She, too, uses it as proof she can be trusted with the vulnerable. That's a scary thought. Someday I will post on some of the behaviors in that barn around the kids.

  3. Quite an experience with these people. Just amazing how devious some can be.