Monday, August 26, 2013

A Cow's Secret

 Part 1

One day I found a bong in the cow mailbox on my front porch. I stayed up until Jessica and Jimmy arrived home to confront them. There was no way I was going to tolerate illegal drug use on my property and she knew that before she moved in here.

Washington state law allows the state to seize all the assets of anyone involved in illegal drug use. That law allows the same seizure for the owner of the property where such illegal use happens. There was no way I wanted to get caught up in an entanglement with DEA.

When I confronted Jessica she made all kinds of excuses. She claimed the pot was not hers, it belonged to Jimmy, she only watched, etc. Anything but taking responsibility for her behavior.

Jimmy claimed it was medical marijuana and that he had a prescription but I wasn't born yesterday. The kid has an alcohol problem. He has been to rehab for oxycodone abuse and his drug abuse has gone on for years. His prescription was as bogus as his excuse. He probably downloaded it off the internet like all the others who try to use phony prescriptions to fool law enforcement.

Those kids both needed a 12 step program, some serious therapy and to not be doing drugs on my property. I reminded them of my zero tolerance policy which included alcohol and then reminded Jessica that she was putting my horses at risk by smoking put here.

Her response to me was this. "I thought they could only do that for selling drugs." so I made it clear, the law doesn't care. Drug use, growing, possession, selling, they can seize assets for anything that is illegal as defined by federal law. I thought she got it but then it was never about understanding.

After I came back into the house, Jimmy came in and apologized. He claimed it was all his fault. He had pushed Jessica into it. He was contrite but I wasn't buying it. I told him Jessica was responsible for her choices so she wasn't getting off the hook with me and neither was he.  Anymore pot on my property and Jessica was gone. Simple as that.

I suspected this confession by Jessica was instigated by Jessica. I had seen other examples of her manipulations of Jimmy to make herself look good. Just like her men friends, Jessica had a way with men that was disturbing. Those impressions were filed away for processing when I was well enough to think straight. In the meantime it was just another random piece of information I didn't know what to deal with.

I was very disappointed in Jessica's behavior but I still wanted to believe the best about her so I was willing to give her the benefit of the doubt.
Just as I had not wanted to believe that Jessica would put me at risk by stealing my pain medication, I didn't want to believe she would put my farm, my horses and my dream at risk by doing illegal drugs on my property. I had no idea how wrong I was. It would be a while before I learned the truth and I never did see it coming. Jessica McGehee Thompson had the wool pulled over my eyes and she worked me for everything she could get.

To be continued.........

How Much Is Too Much?

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