Friday, June 21, 2013


 Part 1

The woman made it clear right up front, she would only help me by taking horses if they were of her choosing. In addition she must have the signed registration papers in her hand before she ever loaded horses on her trailer.

To somehow reinforce this was a reasonable request as well as assuring I understood the only way she would come to my assistance, she told me  Irwin Schimmel of Prestige Arabians in Oregon always allows her to choose whatever horses she wants when he gives horses to her.

Don't ask me why her use of Schimmel's name in this manner carried weight with me but it did. All sanity was gone from my thought process, I guess, because in hindsight I can tell you how ludicrous this sounds. I doubt a man like Schimmel has ever allowed her to choose from his entire herd whatever horses she wanted to claim. Everything I know of him says he's a better businessman than that, yet I allowed that argument to convince me she was being reasonable. Guess that shows I sick I was.

Even as I write this I find it difficult to explain how this happened to me. It is not something I ever would have imagined could happen. I am a smart, well educated woman with plenty of useful life skills, so how did this woman convince me my horses were in trouble in the first place when they were not? Let alone justify her choosing her pick from my entire herd to claim for her own for absolutely free?

At the time I didn't think about how outlandish this all was. What I thought about was the old mare that needed weight and that the others were not far behind her according to this woman. Not understanding what the problem was with my horses, all I could think about was what I must do to make it right by them....all of them.

This  woman professed to be motivated only by caring for me and my horses,  and she insisted she could be trusted to know what was best for my family, me and my horses.  She had her hand out to help me and I was convinced I needed it.  I was being feed the only appropriate thing for me to do was give my horses away and she was the right person to help me get that done and I bought her line hook, line and sinker.

Whenever I hear people say what they would do in dire circumstances, I think their projections are nothing more than guesses. Many times when confronted with the reality, people choose something totally different,  and more likely self indulgent, than the road they think they would take.

I have always said, I would give my horses away before I would ever allow them to be neglected in anyway. After this experience I can tell you, I most certainly would do exactly what I say. My horses were in fact not at risk but this unscrupulous woman convinced me that they were so I gave her what she wanted thinking I was protecting my horses.

The horses she selected were the half arabian colt I had bred for reining, Scandalous Mr Goodbar, know as Doc and Bint Gamaay Rose, barn name Lucy. The woman claimed she could envision the mare in crossties swarmed by little girls braiding her mane and tail so that is why she wanted her. Doc was not as specific, just something about him spoke to her.

When I heard her choices my heart sank and my stomach rolled. I bred Doc specifically for myself. It was never my intention to part with him. He is Dare's first foal and Solidare's first grandbaby. . Rarely have I breed a horse specifically for me, twice actually, Dandy and Doc. Visions of training Doc someday for our reining career had given me something to hang onto during dark hospital times.

I have written about Lucy. I wanted her from the day I first saw her as a foal. It took me years to claim her as my own. She is the most inquired about horse I own and she isn't even on my sales list.
I have only been able to breed her once so I still have big dreams tied to her as well.

This woman couldn't have taken anymore direct hit on my heart than convincing me my horses were in trouble, followed by choosing these two. It was only much later that I realized she had chosen the two most salable horses I owned. Was it coincidence or part of her plan?

To be continued.......


This story is not over. Unfortunately, it is just beginning. Questions?  Some have been posted already and there are probably others. I will try to post answers this weekend.


  1. This story is breaking my heart...

    1. Yupe, I can understand that. It was heartbreaking for me to realize there really were such people in the world. I have always thought those who preyed on those with brain damage or developmental delays were as low as you can get but now I think those who prey on the old and weak belong right there with them.

  2. Please use names - I do not want to run into any of these people when I start showing my welsh/arabian cross foal that is due next spring :(

    1. Absolutely, the names are coming and I plan to go through my old posts and add in the names of trainers that have done unethical things and/or mistreated my horses. Also if you want to email I can give you names of others to avoid that I have not been burned by personally but seen enough to know they cannot be trusted.

  3. Oh jesus Mikael...I had to do some backreading because I haven't had time to keep up with everyone's blogs...

    I am so sorry. Sadly, I have heard way too many stories of people doing this to the elderly and the ill. My step-dad's kids tried to clean out my mom as well when he passed away. One of the first things they wanted was a complete list of all of the horses. Mom gave them the names of the TWO horses my stepdad owned and they freaked. Thought they were going to get their hands on our stock or make us sell it off so they could have their 'fair share'.

    1. I hope by reading this you and Shirley and the others will realize how important your help to me actually was. Your help was a bright spot in the ugliness and the timing was absolutely impeccable for when I needed it most.

      Sorry to hear you and your mom had to deal with such greed from within the family. Glad to know you were able to avoid that bullet. In this state, you could have been stuck unless there was a will specifically excluding them.

      Through all of this I learned I had to do some particularly fancy legal work to avoid my daughter and granddaughter trying to take advantage if I didn't survive. Without specific exclusions, there is a set formula used and there is no way to fight it. It really sucks that money can turn some into suck bloodsuckers. A harsh word coming from me but I have learned it is appropriate and the particularly sucks since I want to see the good in all people.

  4. I remember you telling me about this day, and how heartbroken you were and clearly still are over this