Thursday, April 25, 2013



I just learned that I must have been hacked a while back. I'm not sure if it was my regular email account or my blog account because I don't really have all the specifics. Did anyone get an email claiming to be from me and addressed to my blog friends saying I  was stranded somewhere out of the country and needing funds to get home?

If so do I sure would like to know. Also  any more specific details you might remember. I don't know when this happened except it was a while ago or if it is something that could be still affecting my computer and raiding my address book. Any and all input would be appreciated.

I sure hope no one fell prey to these creeps.


  1. Yes I received an email from you, but I knew it wasn't from you and ignored it. I haven't logged into that email in a while to know if I got more than one.

  2. I am so sorry!! That really sucks. I didn't have anyone email me anything. I sure hope it isn't too bad. I will never understand why people have to do that... and how people fall for the "Send me money!" scam.

  3. Oh no! I never got one and couldn't imagine you sending that. Hope you figure it all out.

  4. This happened to my MIL a couple years ago. She was hacked and I got an email saying she was stranded in London, which is where she happened to be on vacation! Luckily, it was all straightened out soon and we knew it was a hack.

    Hopefully, no one you knew fell for it!

  5. This happened to my MIL a couple years ago. We got an email saying she was stranded in London, which is also where she happened to be on vacation, yet some of the things said in the email didn't add up. Luckily, we figured out she'd been hacked and were able to verify this pretty easily.

    Hope no one you know fell for it!

  6. No, nothing here, but I must admit, it was so wonderful to see a post from you! Sorry you have been hacked, it is awful when that happens. I hope you are getting better!