Sunday, May 6, 2012

A Little Housekeeping and Angular Limb Deformities

While I'm trying to give my body a break I'm going a bit nuts trying to keep my brain occupied without getting my body into trouble. That's led to some desk cleaning which I can say is long, long over due but not very much fun.

In that process I came across an article I had printed out about Angular Limb Deformities back from those early days with the twins. The beginning of the twins story starts here     I couldn't just chuck the thing. It holds too much history for me.  Instead I found myself reading it over again which led to remembering I had questions that were never answered by that article or the vet.

The twins had too many issues to get all my questions answered so some things just had to wait. Now with this time on my hands it seemed like a good opportunity to do a little research.

All those terms that translated to eight little legs going eight different directions went right over my head.  I didn't need to know the medical jargon to see what was wrong or understand how to fix it. Considering the depth of my experience, I figured now would be a good time to fix the technical deficiency of those terms.

At the time I did some extensive searches  trying to get more specific information explaining the medical terms but mostly I just found more medical terms. Today, I actually found a great article using the medical names as well as the common names of the condition and some great pictures. If you're interested in knowing about carpals, varus and valgus deviations, here's the article for you.


  1. Will have to check it out, though these days I seem short on quiet time so I will save it for a rainy day

  2. Speaking of the twins, how are they doing these days. Did they get straightened out?

  3. Sounds like now is a great time for you to do research on things that have crossed your mind. It would sure keep you from overdoing it and ending up two steps back in recovery.