Thursday, April 19, 2012

Unique TV Opportunity - Casting Call for Animal Lovers

I was contacted by a casting director for the MTV Networks. She is currently working on a project for the True Life series and she asked me to spread the word about her latest project which happens to be a search for pet owners whose lives are ruled by their pets.  Considering how strongly I feel about the importance of proper boundaries in human-equine relationship, I decided I would participate in this work when the casting director told me horses do qualify for consideration.

Anyone who had been around horses for a while knows that horses ruling uneducated owners is commonplace. Too many people accept getting stepped on, knocked down or even bruised as a given if you have horses when it is actually a choice we make. Yet there are horse owners out there who are actually terrorized by their horses. You may even know someone like that, I know that I do.

Horses can be and are very respectful of boundaries given the opportunity and proper training. Some of us choose to work with horses that need to learn proper boundaries while others don't even know they have a choice about taking these risks. This show could help educate horse owners if an equine story is selected for inclusion in this program.

To see that it happens, please, help spread the word. Share links, tweet and post to Facebook, use other social media avenues including forums and emails to get this information out there. Whatever it takes. Horses and owners alike could benefit from the light this award winning series could shed on this pervasive problem. The show has the reputation that says it could do some real good here if the right stories come to light.

Below is the blurb provided by the casting director. It contains all pertinent information about the requirements except that "pets" includes ALL forms of animallife including reptiles, insects or any other critter a person might consider a pet.  Also a deadline isn't mentioned so I checked that out. The casting director will close this call 2-3 weeks from now  which would be sometime the first week of May. Don't forget that part, I would hate the perfect horse story to come in too late to be considered.

For that matter, considering I had my own pet horror story with the lovely Delilah, the Devil Dog  (Whose story is here. A Day in the Life...........Puppy Time and Clipping), I know more than horses can make people's lives miserable so don't limit exposure to horse sites. Dogs, cats, rodents, bugs, if you have connections to those kinds of sites, let them know too.  I  hope this post will bring this show lots of good stories about all kinds of critters so she has plenty of  material available and hopefully they'll create another award winning piece.  Anything that will help people not be managed by the unruly animals  that they love regardless of the species is fine by me but I can't help hoping a horse story will find its way onto that show.

MTV's award-winning documentary series True Life is looking to tell the stories of young pet owners whose lives are being disrupted due to a certain pet that they love.  Is the problem with the animal… or the human?  Who is being affected?  What needs to happen moving forward?  If you appear to be 15-28 years old and have an issue with the pet in your home, MTV wants to hear your story!!! Please email us at and include your name, phone number, location, a recent photo and a brief explanation about how your pet is affecting your life and those around you in a negative manner.

 The only way a horse story will make the show is if horse  people  share their stories with the casting director. Hopefully she will find one that she thinks is worthy of consideration. The more stories she gets the more likely she'll find a horse story to use so let's see if we can get this casting call to go viral. Surely that will get some exposure for this problem and help horses and people get along better.

Remember there is a deadline for the search. I was told the call will be closed in 2-3 week from today  so act now. There's not much time for someone to put his/her story together for submission.


  1. Let's hope someone who needs help with their horses- Gets it and actually 'get's it' when the solution is explained to them.

  2. Sounds like it will be a good show and informative for a lot of pet owners.

  3. Sounds interesting, so far I am still ruling the roost here, but there are days I am convinced the herd will take over