Monday, January 9, 2012

The Current State of Affairs...........

I know they say a picture is worth a thousand words but I'm not really sure what this one has to say. From an artist's perspective it sucks and not just because the background is cluttered and the lighting is off but if you're wondering what I've been up to, it's pretty spot on.

I know it's not really the view I had in mind when I asked Dave to take a picture for me. What I was interested in were the two characters laying across my pillow protected lap while he obviously saw a much wider perspective.

I imagine you can tell from the picture I spend a lot of time on that couch. Most of the clutter has to do with those things it takes to keep me comfortable. Seems like any time I decide I'm mended enough to be off that thing I end up right back on it. Progress is slow and driving me absolutely crazy.

The phone calls, cards and emails have sure helped with my sanity as have the two friends gracing that couch with me. I'm pretty sure Sugar and Squeaker appreciate my couch bound time much more than I do. My interactions with the horses are way too brief. I am longing for springtime and good health so I can get back to doing what I do.

In the meantime I'm wearing out the couch and pretty sure by the time I get done with it it will be ready for the dump. I'm already so sick of it I don't care if I ever see it again, so that might not be a bad idea for moving on from this part of my life. Sugar and Squeaker probably won't appreciate giving it up but then in place of actually getting my lap back they just might not care either.

I get a clear look from each of them that says they don't think much of the pillow on my lap. Each has tried her own little maneuvers to rid themselves of that fluffy lump between her and me. Maybe that's why the two have resorted to laying across each other as they accommodate my request for company. Who knows but it's a close up I was really hoping to capture that just can't escape all the clutter.


  1. Somehow the doctors never tell you that the worst part of healing is the mental frustration.

    I sincerely hope that you're on the upswing now and it's just a matter of time before you're out there with those gorgeous horses again!

  2. smazourek, boy, you have that right. I've been laid up for so long it's hard to see there'll ever be an end to it. I'm definitely fighting the frustration.

    I'm hoping I'll be up and around well enough that we can have an open house this year. It's been two years without one and even thinking we might get there makes me feel good. Getting them all bathed and clipped and ready to strut their stuff, what a sight they always are. New pics and new videos and maybe we'll even have enough good stuff to do a calendar. Just thinking about it makes my heart sing.

  3. I'm so glad that you are back home :) at least you have some really good company while you are stuck inside.

    I hope you continue to get well, and you get more time with your horses.

  4. It's good to see you're making plans. I'm surprised at how much I take my mobility for granted..and my health in general. It seems like I'm so busy I never get my goals accomplished. I imagine this experience has give you clarity about what you want to do. Get well soon.

  5. You don't look like you're enjoying yourself at all even if it is nice to have company. I hope you will be up and around and can get to do your open house this year. That would certainly boost your spirits. Still I'm so happy you are on the mend. It's hard now but you'll be off that couch in no time and it can go to the dumps if you want. Feel better.

  6. Justplainsam, thanks for the good wishes. I'm glad I have house buddies too, otherwise I'd be stir crazy by now.

    I know the time with the horses is coming, just not fast enough for me. At least it's winter now so some days I can look at the weather and know it would keep me inside anyway.

    Linda, I certainly took my mobility for granted, my health too. I never imagined I could get knocked down this badly and so quickly.

    With Lindsay's cancer, we thought we had all the clarity we needed. Now, with my illness, I find myself refocusing again. Mostly it's been a reminder of how precious each moment is. For me knowing the clock is ticking away is part of my frustration sitting on the couch when I want so badly to be out with the horses.

    Grey Horse, you're right, I don't look like I'm having much fun but Sugar and Squeaker cuddling up on my lap certainly made my day better. Most of the day they spend outside following Dave and Lindsay around the barn. Then when they come in, they're cold and want to cuddle to get warm. Best part of the day for me!

    I have just begun thinking in terms of having an open house. Just doing so has boosted my spirits and helps me feel like I'm doing something with the horses, even if it's just making plans for later. Show season is not far off and I don't know if I'll even be back in the saddle by then. The open house idea seems more likely.

  7. I am so sorry to hear that your mending is taking so long. I can't even fathom how difficult it must be for you MiKael.

    Glad to hear you are making plans for an Open House this year though. We miss you in the blogworld and sure appreciate the updates.

  8. I can feel your frustration, I would be the same way. Plans and dreams will help while the time away.

  9. Your couch DOES look somewhat crowded. Be well!

  10. who cares about the clutter! I am just thrilled to see a photo and update ! Rest well and continue to heal my sweet friend !

  11. So good to see you!! The healing is indeed the hardest part, but I know you'll be back out with the horses in no time. We're still praying for you to get your strength back!

  12. i love the photo, that dog is lying right on the cat! adorable!!! (esp considering a boxer killed my cat, i find this picture just amazing.)

    get well soon. i miss hearing from you and i know the horses miss you.

    i'll try not to take my mobility and health for granted. hey, would your open house be in august by chance?

  13. Goals=hope, and that is so important to mental well being. An open house again sounds very exciting. We are excited w/ you.

  14. BECG, I have never been down this long in my life. It's quite a learning experience. If I don't learn some patience after this, it's probably hopeless. LOL

    I keep hoping I'm going to get back to blogging but it just doesn't happen. I imagine the drugs I'm on are part of the reason for that.

    I keep hoping I'm going to get off those things but it doesn't happen. Each time I try to cut back, my pain levels go through the roof. The docs say it's normal considering I had 3 surgeries in 5 months time but it still worries me. I guess I just have to trust them that it's going to turn out all right.

    Shirley, I just don't get how some people can chose to be couch potatoes. Sitting still for this long is downright painful, if you ask me.

    Linda, yupe, you're right about that. It really isn't a couch but a love seat and it's too short for me in the first place, let alone add in the dogs and cats. LOL

    FV, I darn near didn't post this picture because I can't stand how thin I look. You can bet there are not many pictures taken of me at this time. LOL

    Mikey, thanks again for keeping me in your prayers. Without them I don't know where I'd be.

    lytha, yes, the dog is laying right over the top of the cat. That's what I wanted Dave to take the picture of. I thought it was pretty amazing too. I don't know that I've ever seen a cat allow a dog to lay on top of her like that and it wasn't a fluke. It has happened again since the picture was taken.

    Then, this is the cat that Legs used to pick up when she was a kitten. She isn't afraid of much and I'm sure that determines what kind of relationship she has with the other critters here.

    I'm not sure of the dates if I do an open house but August is definitely a possibility. I need to check dates on the Summer Show, Canadian Nationals and the Sport Horse Nationals to figure out available weekends. Are you planning on being here sometime in August?

    Kitty Bo, you're so right about hope. It's an important part of healing and can be illusive with long illness. I have to remind myself of that on a regular basis.

  15. glad to see you posting, even if it is a sad picture.
    When you need help getting those horses groomed for an open house, let me know:)

  16. Well if you have to be laid up, at least you have company :)) Good to hear plans being made and hoping you get better soon.

  17. I'm glad you have your buddies with you on the couch. They must help with the longing to get back out there with the horses a little bit. My cats do the same with me when I am sick, they love to have me right there where they want me!

    Planning your open house is a great way to speed up the healing process. I think it gives you a goal to aim for and a boost just thinking about it. Sounds like folks are really pleased that you are going to have one!

    Thanks for the picture and the update. You know we are all thinking of you!!!!!

  18. horsemom, thanks for the offer, that would be great. I can use all the help I can get. I'll let you know when we figure out a date.

    Midlife Mom, you have lots of special critters that visit your yard as well to keep you company if you're stuck home sick. That's pretty cool.

    We do get elk that come through once in a while but that's about it this time of year. Everything else is hold up for the winter or trying to move in. LOL Those particular creatures I'd just as soon not see but I'm afraid some have been successful taking advantage of the absence of my normal diligence to keep them outdoor.

  19. MiKael, good to hear from you! You are much taller than me but I feel your pain being scrunched into a love seat. At least you have good company to help lift your spirits and keep you warm. Perhaps some of the "clutter" around you is "busy work" ie crafts to help give you something to do, even if it is only with your fingers?

  20. I Agree! Once you are OFF the couch, ditch that sucker and all the memories of being on it. That should help give the spirits a much needed BOOST!

    Planning for an open house? It is good to have goals. Gives you something to shoot for and there will be brighter days ahead. Go for it!

  21. Cheri, Actually the love seat has been pretty comfortable, considering... I have extra pillows all over the place to help prevent bed sores and an ottoman to put my feet on so I can stretch out. Found it to be more comfortable than our couch. I'm just sick of worrying about my horses not getting the one on one care and training. I'm a hands on person and this sideline "crap" is getting to me.

    No crafts yet, but I am getting close to ready for busy work. Wish I had a laptop instead of this computer. I might actually get around more in the blogosphere if I did.

    CNJ, I was even thinking maybe a "burning party" might be in order but I suspect the EPA people would not approve. I do think it would be good for my soul to see that thing go up in flames though. LOL

    Open house is definitely a possibility. If I can get on my feet soon enough to get the horses conditioned etc. it might actually be a go. I guess time will tell.

  22. I am glad to see you post! You are lucky to have a couple of sweet critters to cuddle with.

  23. Glad to see you are gaining back some strength. Having patience is definately the hardest part of healing. It'll come though, every day a little more.

    Great pic of the lap warmers :)

  24. There ya go! Torch it and while you're at it? Bust out the marshmellows and fixin's for smores.

  25. You have the followers, but I had to give you the award!

  26. MiKael - It's a good sign that you're on the mend if you're feeling bored and frustrated. The Open House is a wonderful goal to set. Thank god you've got Dave and Lindsey to help with the horses! Feel better soon.

  27. Praying for recovery, strength, and peace.