Friday, June 3, 2011

Update EHV-1 Virus in Washington State - Good News

According to the evening news here tonight, the EHV-1 virus has officially been contained in our state. The number of confirmed cases of the virus in Washington state has remained at 8. The newscaster said that all eight of those horses were exposed in Utah and will continue to be under quarantine for several more weeks. I know there have been rumors that the virus had spread in Washington beyond those horses exposed at the Cutting Horse show in Utah. However, for the number to still be at 8 horses that rumor must be in error.

The Region 5 off site qualifier and All Arabian Sport Horse Regional Championships began this week at Donida Farms in Auburn, WA. Exhibitors were informed earlier in the week that the show would abide by the state recommendations for equine events and make use of the form posted online Exhibitors were told to review the form and bring it with them to the event.

Looking over the form, I found the recommendations to include biosecurity measures which included a "No Temperature" policy which was spelled out on the form as well as statements horses had not been at facilities housing exposed horses. The form required the participants signature.

Also this week our state vet suspended the waiver of health papers requirements for horses entering our state from Oregon or Idaho. This waiver has been in effect for as long as I can remember. How this is affected by today's announcement or how long it will be suspended, I guess time will tell. For more information about the EPV-1 virus and Washington state see the state vet website at Hot Topics.

The foal in this picture is Chase. He is Storm's full brother and shown at about 4 months old.


  1. Hopefully it is over, but standard precautions still should be exercised to hopefully prevent or at least mitigate any other outbreaks. MAybe this will have served as a wake up call to everyone?

  2. You know, this has been one of those times I am SO glad we don't go anywhere anymore. Definitely some scary stuff.