Wednesday, April 13, 2011

TNJ.............. Working the Final Pieces.........

Part One

I must admit I did a better job of sending everything for my case to the equine attorney than I did posting about the process here. I left out of my post some components that were pretty important to the case.

Of those items I forgot to mention were the facts my new friend had turned up in her search of public records. There was BG's arrest and the quit claim of that house from WF to her son in the fall of 2009. Also there was the information on the legal owner of the property that is the facility of BG and WF.

I also sent the man a detailed witness list. It included not only the three friends who knew my story right from the start but there were an assortment of others on there as well. I sent him contact information for each person along with specifically what pertinent information each person knew that affected this case.

I also addressed the matter of witnesses for BG and WF. I compiled a list of people I thought could possibly appear on their behalf. For each person I named there, I told him how they were connected to the pair and anything to discredit them I might know.

Of course on the subject of witnesses, I knew I must address the situation with MD and GD. While they had told me they would testify in my behalf, their behavior seemed to suggest otherwise so I made sure the attorney knew that each of them could turn out to be hostile witnesses. Just in case that happened, I armed him with the information he would need to impeach any lies told by them as well.

Sending off all of this information to the equine attorney really did make things clearer for me. As I worked through trying to present it to him in a way that wouldn't confuse him, I began to see how even the smallest pieces of evidence fell into place in the puzzle of this case.

I knew it would take more than a couple of days for this attorney to make heads or tails out of all this stuff so I focused on working with what I had here. Armed with this new awareness of how these pieces fit, I began to work on putting all of these hard copies into the format required for the court.

I'd known for sometime each item must be marked as an exhibit. With as many exhibits as I had I thought it was important to assemble them in a manner that flowed with the story as well as having easy access for later reference since there was evidence there that would need to be verified by witnesses and such too.

I also began working on some graphs to show BG's figures next to mine. Nothing would be more dramatic than to see those stark lines running across white paper indicating the highs and lows of the two stories told. Then BG's accounting stacked up next to all my evidence should make short work of the court being able to see which story was supported and which wasn't.

I'm not going to tell you I was getting more confident at this point but I was beginning to feel at least prepared. I still didn't know what to expect but at least I knew whatever came my way I would be ready for it. I tried to be patient as I waited for my attorney to get a good enough grip on the information that we'd be ready to make some kind of decisions about how to proceed.

The couple of days turned into more like a week and I hadn't heard anything from the man. We were going into the labor day weekend. although to be honest that hadn't dawned on me yet. All I knew was the weekend was coming and I hoped he'd be ready to talk to me after it weekend was over. In the meantime I was hoping to give myself a short break and relax through the weekend. That is until Dave picked up the mail.............

To be continued.........................

So What's This?

This foal is Scandalous Reflection and these pictures were taken when he was a little over a week old. I'm not sure he knew quite what to think of Mary Little jumping around in her "bear" suit but he studies her pretty diligently.

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  1. I absolutely love the picture! He looks so confused, I love how his bottom lip is crooked.

  2. It must have felt good to know the attorney was looking over everything, but I agree that I wouldhave been worried the upcoming weekend too.
    Wait, I think I know what came in the mail! Wow I can't believe that this journey may be nearing is end.

  3. You've left me right on the EDGE of my seat again! I'm trying to think what came in the mail but can only speculate!!!

    Gorgeous foal! He is just beautiful!!!! What a picture!

    Yes, I enjoyed visiting with the NYC police horse about as much as anything I did on our trip! I told them to leave me there with him and come back at the end of the day! ha! Does he look really short backed to you? Is that the Belgium in him, it certainly isn't the Thoroughbred. I wonder if they train them to get collected or if they are just more interested in their crowd control. Wish I had had more time to ask questions. I think I will Google it!

  4. Well I don't really think you could have been more prepared for this case. I'm sure your attorney thought the same thing.

    What a cutie and his expression is priceless.

  5. Sounds like its all coming together and you definitly were prepared.

    That is the cutest expression, trying to figure out what is going on :)

  6. I agree with Midlife Mom, I'm on the edge of my seat too. At the same time I'm remembering that while this was going on those two still had Storm. I don't think I could have handled it.

  7. Cliffhanger - boo! I can only imagine what that attorney was thinking as he got email after email after email. You were seriously prepared!

  8. Nicole, he's pretty expressive, that's for sure.

    I knew he needed time to digest all that material but waiting was really tough.

    MM, I spent most of the time through this experience sitting on the edge of my seat and that's pretty much how I felt when the mail arrived.

    Yes, the police horse did look short backed to me. He also looked very personable swarmed by your family but then I guess a police horse would have to be comfortable being swarmed. Pretty cool you got to visit with him like that. I couldn't believe he was just tied to a stairway like that. Guess the cops must get off sometimes though. LOL

    redhorse, yupe, the mail could do that to me.

    Arlene, my paperwork was pretty good but my actual court experiences, not so much.

    He was definitely a cutie. It's been fun to look back at them as babies for sure. This one was one of the most comical, I think.

    Crystal, it was definitely coming together for me. I'd had some loose ends that I knew mattered but didn't know where to insert them. Now those things were beginning to make sense.

    You can read the question mark on his face, can't you? LOL

    smazourek, not knowing how Storm was faring was the hardest part.

  9. Can't wait for the next installment. I sure hope it's good news in the mail.

  10. What was in the mail???? Making us wait, like you had to, to hear from the attorney...


    Sounds like you had it all laid out pretty well, clearly stated and easy to catch up on. Waiting is the hardest part of so many things. Seeing it all come together though had to give your confidence a real boost.

  11. I just love Scandalous Reflection's photo. Would you mind if I try to draw him based on this photo? It's precious.

  12. Ms Martyr, I don't think I ever really decided if it was good news or not. It did tell me something about my case though.

    CNJ, just seemed to be the right place to stop for the day, and you're right sometimes it does have to do with affecting a result like it was for me.

    It was only in the looking back that I realized how some of these things fit together.

    Amy, draw away if you'd like. He is a very special horse.