Monday, April 11, 2011

TNJ......... Transmitting Court Documents........

Part One

When I hung up from that phone call, I immediately kicked into high gear getting my paperwork ready for the equine attorney. I began with the legal documents starting right at the beginning with each and every single piece of paper that was involved. That included the documents of service and the document saying what the sheriff had done attempting to serve WF and why those attempts were unsuccessful.

I worked through all those legal documents in chronological order scanning each page. Then I created a file for each complete document and set up a folder for legal docs. Because of the size of these files, I sent them off in emails sometimes one by one and with the smaller ones I could send a pair. As I got enough scanned for an email, I sent them off so I didn't clog up his email with the bulk of my files.

Because of the large number of pages, I had to pay close attention to my scanner. On more than one occasion I could smell the heat of it. I didn't want to burn the thing up so I had to back off and take a break allowing the thing to cool.

During those times the scanner was cooling down, I worked on getting other things ready to be sent to him. Plenty of my evidence still had not really been categorized yet as to the "where" or "how" it would be used. I used my time to go through the sorted piles again and refining how those documents fit into the bigger picture.

There were all of those blog posts that I'd printed out for evidence that needed to be dealt with. I went through the document I had created that gave the name, date and pertinent content of each post and I added the appropriate links to those pages on my blog. Those blogs posts alone all printed out represented a 6" stack of paperwork.

Instead of sending him all that paper, I just sent him the document with the links so he could see any of them he wanted without having to deal with all the paper. I let him know when the time came he needed the paper for court I had it all printed out here in triplicate and I could provide it when needed either at our meeting or I could take it to court.

Each email I sent him had a message about the attachments. Whether it was to explain what I was doing in my progression or to point out some particular piece of information I thought was important, nothing went without some explanation. I also created a file in my mail program where each email was filed after sending so I didn't have to search through all of my records in case one should get missed or not arrive.

In the email with the service documents attached, I included my concerns about the fact WF had never been served. Just in case that might be a loophole for them, I didn't want it to be overlooked. I knew this was the man who would know for sure and I would finally be able to quite worrying about the thing that had haunted me from day one.

It was about 4 days including cooling down time for the scanner just to get all of the court documents scanned into pdf files so they could be emailed. The only things I did not scan of the court paperwork were those documents that had been created on my computer and did not require a stamp of receipt by the court clerk.

That was limited to the items that were attached to other documents but still represented a lot of work time. Not having to scan in each page of those Verified Admissions, Verified Interrogatories, the Amended Complaint, and the Request for Documents accounted for cutting off a big chunk of work. I wouldn't even venture to guess how many days that mess would have taken.

It was nice just to be able to attach my Word documents with the explanation in the email that each document had been attached as exhibits to other documents. Then I included the name of the document each had been attached to and the exhibit label of each, so he knew exactly what they were about and where they went also.

To be continued.................

Getting to the Evidence........

This is another picture of Doc. The foal in yesterday's pic was indeed Rhythm. Lytha needed no clues, she just knew his pretty litte face and Laura figured out it because of his irregular markings on his front legs. His irregular markings all around is how Rhythm got his name. It's said that irregular markings on the diagonals make it difficult to tell if a horse is moving correctly. Scandalous Rhythm seemed like the perfect name for the pretty moving colt with the irregular socks.

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  1. Your poor, hard working scanner! What a tedious process.

  2. This attorney was another blessing dropped in your lap! I bet you felt such a tremendous amount of relief. I wonder what the attorney thought of all your paperwork:)

    On the topic of your foals, they are all so adorable. A mare at our barn just had an Arab baby, apparently from a big stud down in California and to be honest he is not cute, he looks rather like an alien. Oh, and I have a question for you, why do they shave their heads and necks when they are so little? I've always wondered about this.

  3. It must have felt insumountable! Glad you got it down to a manageable amount and didn't cook your scanner. Another super swet baby pic!

  4. Dom, my scanner certainly paid for itself through this. You're right about it being tedious. If my stomach hadn't been giving me such fits I probably would have gained a tonn from the boredom. LOL

    horsemom, yes he was a blessing and just when I needed him. We'll get to what he had to say about the cse I built.

    I would suspect because it's a big name stud they were doing pics to send to the owners, maybe even for advertising. That tends to be why they do that clip for foals. They want to show how clean they are through the throatlatch and make their faces look more exotic. It's not something I normallly do.

    fern, I knew it was going to take me longer than the lawyer thought, that part was for sure. I really did think my scanner would cook before I got the job done but it appears to be fine.

    I love the fact Doc is just trying to get up in this picture. His method wasn't very effective though. LOL

  5. I bet it was a huge relief when you were done and that the scanner hadn't self destructed. Love the baby picture! He looks like he was trying hard to get up too.

  6. A lot of paper work for you and the scanner but I have a hunch it will all pay off.

    He's a cute little thing but then again all your horses are gorgeous.Love the baby pictures of them all.

  7. Darnit, I was sure I was right! Good job to Lytha!! I love all the white on Rhythm, I'll have to find him and check him out on your website because for some reason, I can't think of what he looks like as a grown hoss! :)

  8. I bet your scanner was glad when it was all over!

    I can imagine the look on the attorneys face when he received the emails with all the information. But then, knowing how much paperwork and time a case can require, he was probably happy you had done so much.

    Since he already had the idea you are a woman of your word and having judged your character spot on, he may have known you would have all your ducks in a row as best you could align them. Wahoo to you!

  9. I used to work at a police department and back in the day we had to photocopy everything for attorneys. There was one in particular that would misplace/lose all the documentation and we would often have to copy information three or four times for her. I bet pdf files are a great blessing for retrieval of information.
    I'm so glad this attorney has taken on your case. It is always a good thing to have a professional in your corner.