Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Escape

It was pretty quiet around here for Easter with Lindsay gone. We haven't had little kids or hunts for Easter baskets for years with our kids all grown but still Lindsay has a childlike wonder about her that spills over into all holidays and I miss her when she's gone.

Dave and I pretty much settled into our usual routine. He was out cleaning stalls while I got the fire going and the house warmed up for his return. With temperatures in the low 50s a small fire seems to be a must and I like to get it going good before I headed out to the barns.

We had this heavy drizzle coming down that made it too wet to ride so instead I did some work untangling manes. I'd planned to work on Trouble's mane while Dave fixed the mats in his stall but when I arrived Dave had turned Trouble loose and started without me. There was no way he was going to get caught just for me to untangle his mane. One step in his direction and he headed for the high hills.

Since Trouble wasn't cooperating I went back to the where I'd left on in my detangling mission. I was working on Scarlet's knotted mess of hair when I heard a commotion from out front. I figured it was Dave trying to catch Trouble but that turned out not to be the case. Once the mats were fixed Trouble decided he was fine with going back inside.

The culprit was Vee. I don't know if she got it in her head that Trouble had been out so it must be turnout time or what. Dave was cleaning her stall and hadn't totally blocked the door with the wheel barrow so Vee took the opportunity to squeeze her way free and make a run for it.

Dave went after her with halter and lead in hand and the mare scurried away. Just like Trouble had earlier, there was no way she was getting caught. Down the barn aisle she went, turning the corner to where the three gray mares live where she stopped and looked around. As soon as she realized there were no other horses out, she turned to Dave with a sigh to get her halter on and return to her stall.

All that drama had been for naught. I mean, heaven forbid Vee should be outside alone. The mare is a princess, you know, and needs her ladies in waiting and the rest of her court. What's the sense of being outside without your followers grovelling at your feet. Vee was having none of it........especially in the rain............

That was our excitement for the day other than finding fungus on MisScarlet's cheeks........

Hope you all got good stuff from the Easter Bunny, personally I was reallly wanting some chocolate marshmallow bunnies but I ate them before we ever got to Easter!

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  1. Sounds like a Vee really is a little princess. We've had misty rainy days all week too. I'm getting as sick of this as I was the snow in the winter. At least the horses made it interesting today. Sorry you're missing Lindsay but I'm sure she's having a good time on vacation.

  2. Vee does sound like a princess! lol. Glad the escape ended well . I had a near miss yesterdya , but Phoenix took pity on my and stayed in

  3. Happy Easter. Sorry for the rain, but the fire sounds nice! :)

  4. Doesn't this weather just suck after having such a beautiful day yesterday, in my neck of the woods at least. The boys had to hunt for eggs in the rain.

    I have just found a magical cure for fungus, at least a new discovery for me; Nolvasan. I read about it in Equus and tried it out on a horse at the barn that had a funky spot that I've been struggling to cure. The nolvasan seemed to do the do the trick!

  5. My Easter was pretty lame. I made dinner but no on ate it. My husband had out of town friends pop in and when I realized they were all more interested in drinking beer and BSing, I told Meg she could go hang out with some of her friends. I weeded the garden, between rain bursts and helped myself to the Apple pie. LOL

  6. Horses, always trying something. So funny she didnt want to be out by herself though.

  7. Can you believe that we are still making fire's and it is almost the end of April? We made one this afternoon when we got back from our Easter dinner at my OH's mom's house.
    Yesterday was so nice, quite the teaser, then back to rain!

  8. Arlene, from what I heard on the weather, we have more icky stuff heading our way and it's supposed to keep the crud going all the way your direction. Guess that means no relief for either of us anytime soon. I do miss her but am really glad she gets the opportunity to do this each year. She's gone to a fantasy convention complete with costumes. She has a great time.

    fern, me too. I'm glad Phoenix took pity on you. You just never know what can happen during those escapes.

    Tammy, the fire is definitely nice on this damp windy days. Hope you had a nice Easter!

    horsemom, it was beautiful here yesterday. Just enough to tease us and now we're back to this. Hope the boys found lots of eggs.

    I do know about Novalsan for fungus. It works well on scratches too, although for resistant scratches like Danddy used to get, I add penicillin to it for an extra bang and that works awesome.

    BECG, it does sound kind of lame except for the apple pie. That sounds pretty good to me. Now I'm wishing I had a piece. LOL

    Crystal, I must say finding out she didn't want to be out alone was a surprise to us. You just never know what they'll do next. LOL

    Paint Girl, I know, I am so sick of this stuff. And yesterday really was just a big tease. I am so ready for the real thing. They say next weekend for the horse show, it should be nice. Are you going to Daffodil??

  9. Ugh, I'd just appreciate an end to the rain!

    My horses are like this- they can't stand knowing the other is getting something they aren't. If I'm just going to graze them I have to take both or the horse left behind will raise hell.

  10. No rain here, but wind sure seemed to bring the temps down. Enough to throw on a sweat shirt at least, but then I am always cold anyways so who's to know?

    Great Easter. I got to drive my little Kat man and we trotted for the first time. He did Awesome.

    I missed your call because of it. I will try you tonight on my way home. Around 4-ish your time... Looking forward to it.

  11. I'm ready for the good weather--this has been a tough spring so far. Vee sounds like quite a character. Glad she was so easy to catch. I've never had issues when mine get out since they have their herd, but my friend down the street has only one horse and he always hightails it down here or to another horse property looking for a buddy.

  12. What a beautiful photo above! We still have our wood stove going, too. I enjoyed your post. :-)

  13. I find detangling manes and tails to be somehow therapeutic.