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Part One

There were important things I wanted to establish about my horses in these Verified Admissions. I needed the court to know which ones were broke before we started, how broke they were, which ones were broke after we started and which ones weren't broke at all if they were to understand at all what the work should have represented and what the horses are really like.

I also needed to court to know in what capacity each horse was at BG's facility and which horses were never there. Because I have 30 horses, I knew if I didn't pin BG and WF to exactly which horses had been to their facility, I would never be able to corner them on their misrepresentations of fact.

To do that every single horse I own was named in at least one admission. Some of them were named in more than one depending on what I needed to establish about that horse.

To start this off I began with Storm.
46.MiKael Caillier started Storm under saddle before the terms of this contract.
47.At the initiation of this contract, Storm was “green broke.”
48.The term “green broke” means the horse was most likely “safe to ride” by an experienced rider but reliability beyond that was limited.
49.At the initiation of this contract Storm had a basic understanding of lateral movement off the leg of a rider at the walk and trot.
50.At the initiation of this contract Storm had a limited understanding of the cues to walk, trot, lope, whoa, and back.

I needed to establish these things because I had three other horses that were worked at BG's facility that were green broke and started by me too. Each horse was at approximately the same place in their training at the beginning of BG working with then. It was important for BG and WF to acknowledge that.

The only exception to that would be Reflection who had that scare to work through. That horse was not safe when BG got him. That horse is still not safe today and I wanted BG and WF to acknowledge that as well.

51.MiKael Caillier started the horse, Scandalous Reflection (hereinafter Reflection) under saddle before the terms of this contract.
52.Reflection had experienced a trauma in his early saddle work.
53.Reflection had been trained for two months by another trainer before BG for relief from this trauma.
54.Reflection was not safe to ride when BG began working with him despite the work of the other trainer.
55.At the initiation of this contract, Reflection was “green broke.”
56.Reflection did have limited understanding of lateral work at the time the horse came into training with BG.
57.MiKael Caillier occasionally rode Reflection along with BG.
58.MiKael Caillier worked Reflection by herself several times in Dec of 2009.
59.MiKael Caillier was dumped by Reflection in Dec of 2009.
60.Reflection had days under saddle where the horse behaved in a safe manner through January 2010.
61.Reflection had days under saddle where he exhibited unsafe behavior through January 2010.
62.Reflection left training with BG still unpredictable under saddle.
63.The work done with Reflection at the X Arabians facility did not proceed past Jan 16, 2010.

I included that admissions related to Reflection because he is the exception in these three horses but you can get the gist of what I was trying to accomplish with the admissions on both Storm and Refection. For Vee and Hope the admissions are pretty much identical and mirror those of Storm.

64.MiKael Caillier started the horse, Scandalous Love (hereinafter Vee) under saddle before the terms of this contract.
65.Vee spent time in the long lines with MiKael Caillier before the terms of this contract.
66.Vee was “green broke” at the time BG began work with her.
67.Vee had a basic understanding of lateral movement off the leg of a rider at the walk and trot before BG worked with her.
68.Vee had a limited understanding of the cues to walk, trot, lope, whoa, and back before BG worked with her.
69.There were times over the course of the contract, both BG and MiKael Caillier worked Vee in the same schooling session.
70.In a few of those combined sessions, BG long lined Vee and MiKael Caillier rode the horse.
71.In some of those combined sessions, BG long lined Vee and MiKael Caillier and BG both rode the horse.
72.Over the course of the contract there have been schooling sessions where MiKael Caillier has been the only party working Vee.
73.The work done with Vee at the X Arabians facility did not proceed past May of 2009.

With BG supposedly doing the training on all four of these horses now they should still all be at approximately the same stage since BG's accounting sheet reflected little time horses weren't worked. Once WF and BG either acknowledged or disputed the state these green horses had been at when BG got them, I would be able to respond.

If they agreed with the information I could use my expert to evaluate how these horses compared to each other in the amount of training accomplished and that included Storm. That's right I intended to use Storm's level of training as my measure for where the other horses should be. The expert would be able to determine the differences and what those differences suggested.

When I first came up with this plan I was basing in on BG telling me Storm was going to be ready to show in 2010. It had not dawned on me yet, that the horse wouldn't be properly finished. I expected the comparison would be against a well trained western pleasure horse in the bridle ready to go into the show ring.

The actuality was the horse was so poorly trained all proper forward was gone from him but it would still work for a measure of work, even if the work was poor. The horse knew a frame and was artificially rated. None of the three other horses have a clue about frame and know nothing about rate. A competent expert could even look at the damage done to Storm and be able to have an "expert's opinion" about how long it had taken to accomplish that and that the other horses had not had that kind of time put into forcing them into a frame.

Storm, Reflection, Vee, Hope, Legs and Dandy were the only horses worked at BG's facility who were trained by me before they got there. Any of the admissions that BG and WF failed to answer "Yes" to would be easy to dispute and I would have them for lying. Either way, they would be opening the door to me being able to use the horses to prove they were lying. These Admissions were a win/win for me.

To be continued.................

Let's Eliminate Some Horses.....Shall We?

This picture is Dare with her mother, Solidare, in the background. Dare was Legs' second baby and the little stinker stole my heart instantly.

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  1. What a beautiful baby! She doesn't like being loved on at all does she. LOL. She looks like a real princess, and you better acknowledge her as such too. LOL.

  2. Very smart line of questioning. Because if they lie you have proof of it.
    Poor Storm. I hope your able to get him back on the right path.

  3. I hope with some more work Storm will overcome his trauma. Great picture of Dare, she's gorgeous.

    As the story continues the noose gets tighter and tighter. Seems like so much paperwork and research just to show the court a simple story of dishonest dealings with these people.

  4. I like the way you were questioning, makes them almost have to agree with you and then it makes them sounds like liars.

    Very cute baby picture too!

  5. I agree with all of them, so I don't see how they couldn't answer yes. It's amazing that you thought of so many parts of this--that's a lot of attention to detail.

    Sweet pic! How old is Dare now?

  6. Documentation may equal out to a pile of paperwork, but when it all boils down at the end of the day, there is no disputing the truth in things and no wiggling out of the lies.

    Doesn't sound like you left them anywhere to turn. Good move on that part!

  7. Nicole, yes, Dare is a princess but then so was Vee. Actually I guess all of Leg's daughters have thought of themselves in that way but Dare's attitude was particularly large. LOL

    I did figure I would be able to prove most, if not all, of this stuff. I would at the very least have those three friends to corroborate what I had been saying about it all along.

    I think Storm will come around in time but I don't have any idea how much time it will take. I will post about his rehab after I finish this series, which really is getting close to an end.

    Crystal, I hope it was clear enough it would be hard to avoid answering. If you think these set them up, wait until you see the items farther down the list.

    Linda, I've said all along the devil was in the details. Some of these if they answer yes will set them up for later things and they really should answer "yes" to all of them because they are all true.

    Dare is now twelve, I think. She's still very much my girl.

    CNJ, that was the whole purpose of these admissions. I didn't want them to have any place to escape from the truth.