Saturday, March 12, 2011

The New Journey..... Partnerships, Horses, and More Help.....

Part One

Sometime during the summer I learned that supposedly one of my grandson's had saved up his money and bought into a partnership with BG on a horse for his mother. I remember being puzzled at a couple of things when I heard this. Why would MD get into any kind of deal with BG knowing he was trying to get a horse from me under fraudulent circumstances? What kind of money could we talking about if one of my grandson's had save it up? AND what horse did BG have that MD would want to be partners on? Nothing about this made sense to me. Maybe that's why I shoved it to the back of my mind like pretty much everything else because I was working on the lawsuit.

I really did shove pretty much everything on to the back burner. The normal work I'd do around here in the spring and summer got put on hold. We did no breeding and I did very little work with the horses, other than riding Legs to chill at the start of each day. Other than turnouts, farrier visits and worming, etc the must do things, my time was devoted to this lawsuit.

There were occasional distractions. I had someone wanting to come from Georgia to see geldings. I had a local woman looking for a horse who came by too. There were inquiries for breeding but mostly I just did lawsuit stuff. Sometimes those "other things" did lead to helping me with the lawsuit though.

When the woman was planning on coming from Georgia I took Percy, Tag and Louie to my friend's arena to be sure they were comfortable there. Since I couldn't count on good weather I figured that was the best way to assure I had someplace we could ride these horses. That had happened in the early spring and I'd decided something while working with those horses then.

It was impossible to work with them and not think about how trained they weren't, when BG claimed each horse had 16 months of training on them. I realized working with my green green horses, they really were my best witnesses to what BG had not done. Anyone who really knew horses should be able to dispute BG's claims. Even though training is subjective, 120 days, at most, versus 16 months should be pretty obvious to a professional. How I was going to accomplish this, I didn't really know but I was convinced the horses were an important part of my evidence.

Because I planned to include the horses themselves and their lack of training in my evidence, I knew I needed to maintain the integrity of that evidence. It would be important to have them as close to where they had been at the time BG quit training them as possible. To assure that I made the decision I would not work any of those horses BG claimed to have trained except Legs, of course. If I put any time on them that would muddy the waters as to what had been accomplished by BG and make the horses look more trained than he had actually done. The best thing to do to preserve the evidence was to do nothing with those horses.

The weather had not been cooperating so I really had done little, if any work, with most of them since I quit hauling horses to BG's. The week or two of work I had done was not going to make up for all the months and months of training each horse had not received. Nor was it enough time to deliberately sabotage a horse so I wouldn't open to such an accusation. I was confident the little work I had done would not interfere with my plans for these horses as evidence as long as they stayed as they were to this point.

When I devised this plan, I hadn't really thought about how long it would take to get to the point in the process where these horses were evaluated by a suitable expert so I hadn't thought about how long it would be before I could resume working these horses either. The weather was so bad and I was so consumed by getting my evidence in order, just in case, letting these horses just hang out for these many months seemed reasonable.

Considering that each of these horses had developed issues from the little amount of time BG did put into them, I thought it would be good for them to get some time off anyway but we will talk about those issues at a later time. For now, it's just important to know that I had made the decision these horses would speak for themselves as to how much training they had. How that process affected my business will be a post for another day.

By this time I really didn't leave my computer much except to go to the barn when needed. I went to Daffodil meetings. I showed at two horse shows and I managed two horse shows. Other than that I didn't leave home for much of anything. Once the lawsuit was inevitable the law library was added to my list of things to do away from home and there was a doctor's appointment or two to deal with my developing intestinal issues.

There were other horse functions I was invited to during this time but I was still pretty gun shy about going places with horse people I didn't know because of the rumors flying around. With this thing consuming most of my waking hours, the odds I could go through a whole day without talking about it really seemed to be unreasonable. I didn't want to go someplace where what I had to say might get back to BG and WF. I was still very much protecting my case.

I did take a break every now and then but they were usually only to meet a friend for a brief lunch. The exception to that was the 4th of July. We were invited to a party at my friend's barn. I had been trying to make it a point to attend their functions over the last couple of years because there were people in her group that are friends of mine. Now, I just really needed the break.

With the number of people I knew in this barn, I figured it would be a safe place to relax and think about horses instead of lawsuit and if we did end up talking about the lawsuit, that would be ok too because I could trust these people to be supportive of me. I was not worried about information leaking back in this group.

Earlier in the year when I had brought Louie to this arena I had met a neighbor who was also there visiting. He had been smitten with Louie despite the horse's obvious issues and we'd talked enough for me to be quite comfortable. I had also run into him at the Daffodil Schooling Show and we'd talked more then. He and his wife were among the people I was looking forward to seeing at this 4th of July party.

As it turned out the man was out of town on business but his wife and I struck up a conversation. We talked all kinds of things horses and before you know it, I was talking about the lawsuit. She, and others at the party, were very interested in the details of the case but she particularly asked me lots of legal questions some I was prepared for and others not.

She was most interested in the past of BG and WF. Her thoughts were with behavior like this they must have done such things before. Even if they hadn't be caught at them, the odds were they didn't conduct their business within the parameters of the law. Those things were all important aspects of credibility. Before long she volunteered to help me find some of the answers I didn't know.

Luckily for me it turns out I had stumbled across another person who just happened to have the knowledge and resources to assist me in this case. She was not a paralegal but did work in a law office, a really big law office, and she knew enough to be a great resource for me. I agreed I would send her an email with pertinent information about the case. She planned to do some checking for me.

I sent off that email as promised as soon as I got home. We emailed back and the woman did some of the legwork finding information in the public records about past business practices of BG and WF. She also looked over the court documents I was working on and asked questions about the additional angles I was trying to explore.

Telling me my legal papers were much clearer than many of the things that cross her desk, she was great for my confidence. Just talking the details of the case over with her helped me discover new pieces I hadn't yet realized.

Before you know it, I knew BG and WF did not have business licenses in this state for either their boarding business or their boxer breeding business despite the fact the law required them to do so. I also knew that BG had been arrested on an out of state warrant. The facility was not in WF's name but that of her mother, which I figured would be the case. I knew it was supposed to be WF's when the mother passed.

In addition it was confirmed that WF had quit claimed a house to her son the previous fall. I knew about the house that had been signed over to her son but I hadn't thought about what it looked like in terms of this case. Was it just coincidence or had it been to protect assets just in case their plan backfired on them and I was successful in suing them? The only assets available to lien was her horse. Would I be willing to do that?

All of these things put together with what I already had provided more angles to utilize in exposing BG and WF. This new information combined with what I knew gave me the final pieces for my requests of the court, not just on Admission and Interrogatories, but in requests for documents as well. BG and WF better brace themselves, and their lawyer, well, she better be prepared for the buzz saw that was about to chop that case of hers to smithereens.

To be continued..................

Exposing the Contradictions and the Lies......

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  1. Well under the heading of "you are known by the company you keep" I am seeing more and more what a good person you are, to have engendered such friendship and support in your direct circle of friend. And sadly it is also very telling about what your daughter has'or at least at that time become. Such a painful and difficult time, but looking over the past few posts , how empowering it should feel too

  2. I can't even imagine how energy and time consuming it must have been.

  3. I love it when a plan comes together!

    I haven't mentioned this before because I am not a doctor, nor do I play one on TV, but have you ever used an anti-depressant? I was prescribed one after I broke out with stress related shingles. I am wondering if it might help with your intestinal issues.

  4. Wow. I can't believe the depths MD was falling with BG.
    I also very glad about all the people you were meeting who could help you. And they were so willing to help.
    I absolutely love your comment at the end for their attorney to watch out. I can't imagine any attorney wants a case where their clients don't tell them all they need to know.

  5. fern, it is still amazing to me that the help just seemed to fall in place for me. I truly feel blessed.

    Dom, it was definitely exhausting but as the peices began to fall into place, there was an energy that came with that. Each time I would make another discovery that showed their intent, there was definitely a high that came with it too. Like a high that came with winning a battle, you know. I guess they were small battles to me.

    Ms Martyr, I was prescribed an anti depressant once but I quit taking it after only a few days. It may have been right at the beginning of this thing but I don't remember for sure.

    Now that this thing is over, my stomach issues are resolving. I still have small flare ups every now and then but even those are getting smaller and smaller. I believe I will make a full recovery once this is really all behind me. I did have to take some microbiotics to accomplish this and I still use one on occasion.

    Nicole, the worst part of this thing has been MD and GD. I know I keep saying this but I don't know what to think.

    I must admit I felt sorry for her. She seemed to me to be a nice young woman. She was in over her head and didn't even realize it for the longest time, both because she had no understanding of the horse industry and because her clients were lying to her. She didn't stand a chance under the circumstances. IMO

    Thanks for the encouragement. The technical posts are a pain in the rear but I'm hoping to have good documentation for me should I ever need it again and a good basis for others to find their way.

  6. You met so many people along this journey who really helped you with the legal issues. How great was that. I'm happy for you that you didn't have to go through it totally in the dark.

    I'm not surprised to hear about some of the less than above board dealing that BG and WF had in the past. The more that comes out the more they seem like the worst kind of people the horse business attracts. I do hope your daughter and granddaughter eventually see them for what they are.

  7. Wow, if the documentation is tedious reading for us your fans, what it must have been for you in the middle of it, I don't want to even try to imagine!!
    Nice to read about the serendipities that came your way as a result of your determination and focus!!
    You are blessed!!
    Had jury duty this week, a messy soap opera that ended in mistrial. What disturbs me is that the jury had made up their minds before they heard the defense. So much lying went on. Well I'll follow the case to see how it ends up. I just know I would like someone like me on the jury if I ever end up in a situation.
    Thank you for taking so much time to share all of these tedious details that are so very important to a case.

  8. 'Oh! What a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive!' (Sir Walter Scott)

    I have no doubt you were not the first person these two bilked. Unfortunately for them, they finally met their match. Someone who was completely devoted to untangling their web of deception.

  9. Wow so nice to have all that help appear when you needed it!
    Too bad about MD and GD, I hope too that they see soon what BG is really like.

  10. Arlene, I really did get some great help along the way that made this journey much easier.

    Looking back at WF and BG I can see how calculating they really are. It really sucks to see them exploiting those less knowledgable in the industry under the pretense of mentoring. I really wish I'd seen this picture ahead of time. I never would have gotten anywhere near these people let alone MD and GD.

    dinkleberries, I don't envy you that task. I can imagine how difficult that would be. Funny how a jury can be expected to keep an open mind and not have a clue what that means.

    The tedious part is pretty sucky, if you ask me but I want people to see the truth, not just hear me say what I say is true. Those details are what support my words and that's the important part of this story.

    BECG, I may have not seen them for who they were but then they didn't see me either. Funny about that though because I was always standing right there talking about the rules and right and speaking openly about those who didn't play by the rules. You'd think they would have known I'd turn into a tiger if someone tried to mess with me.

    Crystal, the help was much appreciated and before it was done, I had even more if you can believe it.

    As for MD and GD,there is no way to tell what's with them, I'm afraid.

  11. it never occurred to me that getting the horses themselves professionally evaluated would be a critical piece of evidence. brilliant! even if you can only approximate the number or training days put into a young horse, you have three (or more?) samples to work with. if even one of them was evaluated to have 16 months of solid training, it would cast doubt on this piece. and of course i'm flashing back to when the trainer defended himself by dropping the number of training days based on the training level others witnessed in the horses, oops.

    it's wonderful you ran into so many people who could help you.

    i cannot imagine anyone in your family wanting to buy horses from other arabian farms. what an awful situation.

    p.s. you were right on about my family the other day. it made me glad that you've percieved that.

  12. what a blessing that so many people were coming in to your life
    with legal knowledge.
    them quit claiming the house sure makes one wonder!

  13. lytha, the difference between what I said (which was very green) and what BG did was about 13 months of training. You'd think that would be pretty obvious with horses that were even started in the beginning.

    Part of the problem was because BG did not name horses so he could say the time was spread out over all of them and dilute the amount of time for any of them.

    I cannot imagine anyone in my family doing a number of things that happened here but it happened. What can I say....

    horsemom, I was definitely blessed to stumble across such resources. I am very grateful for each person's help.

    Yes, this new friend definitely helped me see that transaction in a different perspective. She also helped me see I could put a lien against the horse or possibly even more depending on the disposition of the case. That would not sit well with WF and would certainly constitute more legal pressure. It was an appropriate threat considering the circumstances.

  14. I can't even imagine how difficult this must have been and likely continues to be, since members of your family are involved. I'm so sorry you have had to go through this.

    I really admire the hard work you did to prepare this case.

  15. So I'm trying to find your very first blog entry. I've enjoyed reading about your life and want to catch up on years I've missed. Is there an easy way to find the beginning? I've gone to the beginning of the baby boomers series but then I miss the twins. Thank you. (if its easier I could email you directly)

  16. Leah, thanks, the family issues certainly have made this more difficult than it needed to be.

    Nicole, if you go to the white box that says blog archive and open that it will display all the months I have been blogging. If you want to start at the beginning you scroll all the way down through the months of each year until you get to the first January I blogged in 2007, I think.

    Also you can email me if you want. My email contact is on my profile page.

  17. It is so sad when family turns on you or turns their back to you which is worse ???..It would be hard to understand how someone like yourself that just had love for your daughter and GD get treated you like they do, if I am not experiencing myself first hand from my older sister and her 30 year old daughter…sister turned her back to me after a lifetime of the friendship only sisters can have to back her daughters jealousy of my winning in the show ring…it has gotten to the point of her daughter posting such things on fb as “she is going to “take the Arabian show world by storm and give me my just deserts” these posts are seen on my wall despite the fact I de- friended them long ago because friends in common make comments so I see the posts thy responded to…my niece knows this and is trying to psyche me out before my big show in a month….we will be in the same select rider class and she is posting her ride will be jaw-dropping!!!! It got me upset and I was backing out of a show I have been working hard getting my horse ready since home like you do while they sent theirs to a BNT in TX. So yes she may beat the chaps off of me and they will have a big roar over it but I will ride my personal best and I will be the one in lineup with the biggest smile no matter what. I have been reading you for years now and look forward to every post more than ANY TV show or magazine article!!!! Keep up the great writing.

  18. Pat, I am sorry to hear that you are dealing with a similiar family situation. Jealousy is a terrible thing, that's for sure.

    I am glad you are going to hang in there and do your thing. Don't let anyone stop you from your dream.
    Ribbons don't make us winners on the life stage. Character does.