Monday, February 21, 2011

The New Journey.......... Some Turmoil...

Part One

As stressful as this whole thing was it was not the only thing going on in my life at that time. This journey is really about the culmination of all of those things and not just these issues with BG and WF trying to keep my horse without having really paid for him.

Throughout this time things with Solidare were beginning to go south. The stress of that last trimester with Solidare just did not get better. As I was trying to focus on this situation with BG and WF and what I was sure was headed for a court room, I was also dealing with a deteriorating situation with my mare.

Like the stress of those two situations wasn't enough, there was the failing relationship between MD and GD. It seemed like the farther we got into this thing with WF and BG, the farther apart things became with MD and GD. There was no explanation for it and there was MD saying they were "not taking sides."

Because of that I wanted them to see BG's accounting sheet. How could they deny the man was pretty much trying to steal a very expensive horse from me and look at those figures. They knew he hadn't worked the kind of hours he said so how could they justify him fabricating the numbers like that.

Mostly their response was in agreement with what we said and they again confirmed if it came to court they would be there to testify in our behalf. Both MD and GD were aware of many of the reasons for which horses had not been worked AND GD was actually gone with BG on many of those summer are fall days when none of my horses got worked.

Still there was an obvious uncomfortableness in the air whenever they were around. Contact between us was always very one sided and was pretty much made by me or Dave. In addition there was evidence to suggest WF and BG seemed to be more in a family role with them than there had ever been here. Something was amiss and we could only guess at what it was.

Despite the fact I was really angry with the stunt BG and WF were trying to pull, I still struggled with those messages he'd spent the better part of 16 months drilling into my head. It takes more than just a realization that something is wrong to get rid of that kind of influence. Any bumping into things or people that triggered those messages caused some back sliding in my confidence and took a lot of energy to overcome.

Even though I now had BG and WF's game figured out, it didn't change the turmoil such situations could cause. I suspect that was a result counted on by these parties as another was to see that I was beaten down enough not to have the energy to fight.

When the Personal Message came through Facebook from none other but YW, I really wasn't surprised at it's content. While I am sure she would claim BG and WF had no part in the sending of that message, it's content and timing clearly suggested otherwise.

I'm going in paste YW's message here so you can see what I was dealing with.

The subject line read: For your information

"MiKael Callier, I tell you what you are seriously treading on some thin ice you might want to be very cautious about where your next step is. It is one to attack someones character and integrity when you posses both but another when you have neither one of those qualities. Obviously you do not see the damage you have created for yourself and your "dream" that you are trying to obtain. You have made yourself look like an ass to influential people in the arabian community. You and only yourself has burned all of these bridges that were laid out in front of you out of the genuine kindness of these people you now attack.
Your little lemmings that follow your blog and agree with you don't know you, and if they did, they wouldn't be so willing to jump onto your perverse bandwagon. If you can seriously look at your self in the mirror and be okay with the one of many people looking back you then you have some serious issues. Your actions and your words that you have put into motion speaks mountains about your character, integrity, morals and values. I feel sorry for you and your family and your horses, because they are the ones that are going to suffer from your actions. What a disservice you have done to yourself and your horses."

I didn't dignify this message with a response. Coming from the woman who had left my pregnant mare living in sewage and had then had the gall to charge me for training never given as well as claiming I cheated her out of a commission she had herself waived, I really didn't see what the point was. I did, however, see that my wonder back in the summer why BG had added to his FB friends, the very people involved in a smaller version of his scam now made perfect sense to me.

While this message did not land as a blow to my already bruised psyche as I'm sure it was intended, it did make me wonder what kind of damage their lies were doing to my reputation. Instead of causing me to back off, what it did was fuel my belief the only way to clear my name was to get my horse back AND to tell my story. If I had any fear of standing up for myself before, the situations like this were only making my resolve stronger. BG's plan was backfiring, even if he didn't know it yet.

The same can be said for YW. And while I'm at it, I must say what is with these people thinking the way to get to me is by slamming me for what they see is my weakness, a diagnosis of MPD. How cruel can a person be? Luckily for me, I am not embarrassed nor intimidated by such an exposure. Don't they realize that kind of behavior exposes their true colors.

Also, just a tad tongue in check, "what do the lemmings out there think?"

To be continued........................


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  1. I have been following your blog for a couple of years now, and to be honest, I think if someone was to have hurt my horse the way YW hurt your mare, I would be naming names. I would have used my mobile phone camera to have taken photos and put it out there.

    Cruelty to animals and children is unforgivable.+

  2. Wow, that came across as a pretty threatening letter. Glad you didn't feel intimidated by all the hot air. Also, glad it made you determined to tell your story. Loved those last two sentences before the final lemming question. . . . and I been called worse things in my life. . . .

  3. I couldn't have said it better Bilum!!

  4. I'm thinking that her message to you sounded a tad threatening. She should first of all learn how to spell and use proper grammar. I also think she had a lot of nerve saying anything after the way she abused your mare. This bunch must think they are pretty crafty to think you wouldn't see they were behind the message. Sounds like this girl and her friends could use a little maturity check to go along with a reality check.

    Lemmings? Ha, been called worse, sure she has too!

  5. Bilum, I totally agree with you. If I had been blogging at the time this happened, I don't know how I would have handled it.

    If it wasn't for the fact that people with no grounds can still sue in this country, I'd would have clearly named her here.

    dinkleberries, all I could think of as I read it was what a fraud she is. She transferred onto me everything that applies to her and the people she has aligned herself with.

    I took her jab about the lemmings and my blog that she must feel threatened by the readership my blog gets so needed to deflate that somehow. I hope it worked for her. I'm sure it didn't work on anyone at this end.

    Arlene, I think she intended to be threatening, I just was not threatened by it. I believe in the power of truth and I know she didn't have it on her side so what was there to fear. Besides for me all I could see as I read her words was my poor mare standing in that stall. Those words didn't mean to me what the picture of Vee in that stall did. Until she steps up and takes some kind of responsibility for her actions, she better worry about me.

  6. What business did she have writing you on their behalf? It was obviously done in malice and with no good intention whatsoever. This was not a business agreement that involved her in any way. You'd think, everyone involved would stand back and let you all work it out honestly.

  7. Lemmings?!? Now that's a first!! I don't think I've ever been called a "lemming" before!! *rolls eyes* LOL!

  8. First of all, YW is a douche.

    Most mature people recognize (oh about teenage years) you Stay The F@#$ Out of other people's arguments unless you're a total drama mama who wants to get your ass handed to you on a platter. You provide advice to a single party where necessary IF ASKED, but its always ALWAYS best to stay out.

    People who do what she did clearly are begging for attention because they can't stand not being involved in the drama. They are NOT trying to help.

    Clearly, she enjoyed trying to kick you while she thought you were down - again, another sign she has a personality disorder. Sociopath, much?? Because adults? Adults have learned to Walk Away. We get pissed, we curse, we bitch, but we don't escalate someone else's conflict - certainly without provocation like she did. I wonder how it feels to BG's bitch? Because that's what she became with that email. She. Got. Played. by both BG and WF. What an idiot. You almost have to feel sorry for someone that stupid.

    Karma will come calling. I hope you're there to witness it.

    Now - I have to ask you - What exactly did you expect MD and GD to do??? I think you might need to take a step back and acknowledge that what they did - or more important what they FAILED to do - should not have been unexpected and should not have hurt you as bad as it did.

    When a relationship is as strained as yours was, people act very conservatively about changing/acting on something based on the conflict between two parties they both know.

    It is HUGE, and I mean HUGE, that they offered (unsolicited????) to testify on your behalf in a court setting.

    But what else did you want them to do? Leave BG's barn??? A situation they were clearly OK with because they were happy with the service he was providing?? To them, that was a business transaction problem between BG and another client, not them. They weren't going to get involved. But I bet they watched him like a hawk.

    Moms are amazing. They are a source of astounding levels of love, and forgiveness far beyond what the rest of us think is capable or reasonable.

    You were hurt. But were you hurt because your expectaions were too high, or because they didn't live up to your expectations? I think it was the first. And I believe what they did (again, Im basing this off your highly edited version of things, and don't have all the info) was reasonable and understandable, especially given the trust issues you guys were experiencing.

    Forgive them. Forgive yourself. And recognize that just because YOU love them outside of all reason, doesn't mean they have that capability back. That's the role Moms have had for years. Its not fair, and often its downright cruel.

    And I apologize if I'm speaking out of turn. I just honed in your continued commentary of MD and GD's choice. I just wanted you to know that I think their choice was neither unexpected or unfair, given the strained relationship you've described. And I think it says much, their willingness to stand up, in court, on the record, and say that yes, You are telling the truth and BG is a liar. That takes courage. Lots of people don't have the courage to do that.

    SO cut yourself some slack - don't take on more disappointment than you have to. You might be making a mountain out of this mole hill just by proximity to the BG debacle.

    That's my two cents. You're welcome to trade them in on something much more valuable!!! :)
    Keep the Faith, girl. Some of us lemmings not only run with the pack, we fly when we leap off the cliff. :)

  9. Linda, I agree with you. I think she smelled blood and thought she'd get her licks in too.

    Sabrina, ya, interesting I think, that she felt the need to attack my readers too.

    mizscarlett, we pretty much agree on YW. As for MD and GD, not so much. Although I appreicate your opinion and you taking the risk to share it here.

    For now, I will just say I do have a lot more details about this than you do. If you still feel the same way at the end of this journey, I'd appreciate knowing why and then maybe I'll look at my perspective again.

    Until then, I will say I think my feelings probably get ahead of the timeline I have posted in the story. Because I know what happened it's hard to speparate them out to what I felt at the time sometimes. I can say when we were at this point here, I felt frustrated but not betrayed by MD and GD. Frustrated mostly because I was worried they too would get scr*wed by dealing with BG and WF and I didn't want to see that happen.

    Looking back in some ways it is like looking back with BG and WF. I can't help but wonder what things I missed that might have given me a clue I was ging set up by them. With what happened with MD and GD, I actually feel much the same way. I want to understand what happened and why and I'm looking for clues everywhere.

    The only thing I would say to correct your suppositions was the offer to testify was definitely solicited by me. Was agreeing to that an attempt to play me or was it sincere? Did they watch him like a hawk? Maybe the answers to those questions are somewhere in the story and maybe there just are a lot more questions. All I know for sure is it did not end up the way I believed it would. You'll have to let me know what you think.

  10. Well, that message just confirmed for me that they intended to exploit any weakness they perceived. I'd much rather be a lemming than a piece of bottom-feeding pond scum.

    Who will their next victim be?

  11. Oh my goodness Mikael, this just gets worse all the time on so many levels! Bringing up the MPD was just a low blow and shows a real lack of character! So we are lemmings eh?! What a hoot! I love it!!

    Yes, the horses I am talking about were in deplorable conditions. The news showed the mess of trash and mud that these horses were living in. The neighbors had been complaining to the authorities for quite some time and this was the last straw when they went away for two weeks with no one to feed or water the horses. I wouldn't be surprised if she gets them back with the animal control people checking in on occasion. I hope not, the weather here can be brutal and to have them outside in the winter with no shelter is downright inhumane. Unfortunately here in Maine animals are not top priority and those of us that are trying to make changes feel like we are banging our heads against the wall. Sad but true.

  12. how could MD and GD have been welcome at his barn if they had testified on your side? they must have been worried about that at the time, or else as you said, playing you.

  13. Wow I cant believe she would sent such a threatning letter to you! Thats a horrible thing to say and its not even her argument anymore!
    I to am glad you are telling the story.

  14. What a bitch-a-rooney-dooney, seriously.

    Hey YW- I am not a lemming and I don't appreciate you calling me one. I have stopped reading specific blogs because I've found that I disliked the person, completely disagreed with how they handle their horses, or simply couldn't read it because of their awful grammar. Keep this in mind should you ever start blogging, because I won't be reading it.

  15. redhorse, that's a difficult question to answer.

    MM, that's kind of what I imagined with those horses. Hope they are saved from these people.

    lytha, I didn't expect them to be welcome if they testified. From what I could tell, I don't think they did either. It was more "we'll deal with it when we must" kind of thing.

    Crystal, yes, she was pretty ruthless. At least I now have a true picture of who she is. That letter was worth it, to see what really lies underneath.

    smazourek, I'm pretty sure she's content with FB. I just can't help but wonder if she really thought she was going to get the desired results by sending me that kind of message. I shake my head every time I think about it and I also believe there are those who will believe every word she said regardless of how vindictive it looks. It just makes you wonder what is with people sometimes that they are willing to be so easily led.

  16. Wow, that was a pretty threatening letter. I don;t know this person from Adam but based on the fact that she would word a letter in such a way shows some serious mental instability. She put a threat down on paper, pretty moronic.

    As for you gd and dd, I don't how far it went yet, but we had a family situation like this, a daughter testified (complete lies) against her mother in a business dispute that she was't even involved in just because she was angry at her mother. Such a mess. I know it hasn't gone that far in your story, but I know how it must have felt with the situation that you are describing.

  17. I agree that the message sounded threatening. I also think that just her writing style makes her seem crazy. Holy crap.

  18. horsemom, unfortunately, this whole thing with MD and GD has been exploited by BG. We have had our differences in the past but instead of things settling down over time, they have gotten worse without us even having any contact. I have no doubt BG stirring the pot definitely added to this.

    Dom, ya, I don't think she did herself any favors sending such a message.

  19. this little lemmin is absolutely astounded at the sheer gall od YW , but I have been relaxing in the sun for a week so this may be tempered by a personal sense of zen. Otherwise what I would wriite might not be printable!

  20. fern, glad to hear you have some zen going but I am quite jealous to even hear about warm sun. LOL

    As for anymore about YW, probably not worth the ink. I'm pretty sure I can imagine what you'd say.