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The New Journey.......... BG's Accounting...


Part One

It took a while before that accounting was actually provided. Seems like there was another meeting at sometime in there that wasn't productive where the accounting was again requested. We weren't prepared to continue talking to WF without this paperwork and Dave let her know that was the case.

The day did come when WF gave Dave an accounting of the work he claims to have done as well as additional charges he figured he was entitled to receive. This information came on four sheets of paper. I scanned the actual document into a text format and it appears as it scanned except for minor correction errors the scanner made in converting the document to a text format. The scan altered some of the spacing and I corrected that to it's original format too but here are no designations for page breaks. Items he listed as a credit appeared in red on his sheet and I hope they're going to do that here.

Here goes...........

Date of Boarding 28th of September Reflection
This date is used as a margin as when we started working horses.
Reflection was full care and training for a short duration at this point Reflection had no monetary exchange against Storm... Duration was approximately 90 to 150 days (will verify with cancelled checks) Difference will change training by 1 horse or full care and training charge The below is at 150 days or 5 months which is the max.

Note: Training $300.00 and Full Care $325.00

Pretty much the next 30 days were me working horses with no implied application towards Storm.. No written agreement except for Reflection who already working as stated above.

Exchange for Storm

Note: The stall here for Rising Rainbow was used to float a horse that was currently being trained but needed additional work either on the day of training and days where horses were not being transported. These horses are not listed as charges by month and ahould be accountable. Percy, Tag, Louie, or Vee... On occasion another horse would be left. (stall was provided until Region IV 2009.

Oct. 27, 2008
8 horses started (includes Scandalous Sheet) approx 5 days or $521.73
Full care stall provided for Rising Rainbow Horse - $325.00

Nov 2008
8 horses $2400.00
Full care stall provided for Rising Rainbow Horse - $325.00

Dec 2008
8 horses (note: lost 1/2 of the month due to injury) $1200.00
Full care stall provided for Rising Rainbow Horse - $325.00
Percy - was here and was conditioned the through the injury dates - $182.60

Jan 2009
7 horses first 2 weeks and 9 horses the second week - 8 average $2400.00
Stall provided for Rising Rainbow Horse - $325.00


Feb 2009
9 horses $2700.00
Full care stall provided for Rising Rainbow Horse - $325.00

Mar 2009
9 horses 1 week $675.00 10 horses the rest of the month $2250.00 $2925.00
Note: 1 horse would stay here in additional to Reflection
Full care stall provided for Rising Rainbow Horse - $325.00

April 2009
9 horses $2700.00
Full care stall provided for Rising Rainbow Horse - $325.00
Credit for helping with Totally Clear - -$150:00
* horse show did not effect

May 2009
9 horses $2700.00
Full care stall provided for Rising Rainbow Horse - $325.00
Credit for helping with Totally Clear - -$150.00
* horse show did not effect

June 2009
9 horses first 2 weeks $1350.00 3 horses 1 week $300.00 6 horses last week $450.00Region IV
Credit for helping with Totally Clear - -$75.00

July 2009
6 horses
* horse show did not effect

August 2009
6 horses
Boxer Puppy - $1500.00
* horse show did not effect

Sept 2009
6 horses

Oct 2009
6 horses - 2 weeks - U.S. Nationals

Nov 2009
6 horses - 2 weeks -U.S. Nationals

Dee 2009
5 horses $1500.00 Sick a days - lungs -~400.00

$1100.00 These days loads and time frames were effected by weather

Jan 2010
5 horses - Partial Month $750.00
Sick a days - lungs - $150.00
$600.00 These days loads and time frames were effected by weather


Items not listed by months or included but were provided

a) Set up over-nite 3 horses and feed - break down truck
b) Haul in on days off that the facility was used. ($12 - 15 a day)
c) Non working days at shows that training and assistance was provided
d) Damage to horse trailer $825.00 (Hauling Louie from Region IV)
e) Region 5 trip? (Gas would be appreciated)
f) Approximately 7 days that 1 picked up trailer and hauled loads myself ( gas would be appreciated)
g) Breeding horses (3)
h) 10 days that I went to your facility and worked horse while .Mikael was traveling (3 horses) (approx $13.04 a day per horse plus gas would be appreciated)
i) The stall here for Rising Rainbow was used to float a horse that was currently being trained but needed additional work either on the day of training and days where horses were not being transported. These horses are not listed as charges by month and should be accountable. Percy. Tag, Louie, or Vee... On occasion another horse would be left:. (stall was provided until Region IV 2009. (approx daily $13.04)
h) Reflections full care and training will adjusted when cancelled checks that are verified amount that could change as stated above.

Note: This amount alone would exceed $5000.00

Amount here will need to adjusted ________________

* Loaned pair reins and apertures (returned)

Now you're been provided with two versions of this story, his and mine. Can you make any sense of the wipe gap between them?

To be continued..............

My Reaction

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  1. Sounds like they put their heads together to write a fairy tale. Glad to see they at least credited you for some things. But don't forget...gas would be appreciated so the credits might just have to go for the gas.

  2. Arlene, oh ya, that credit looks good until you know the rest of the story that goes with it. Just like he thinks he should be paid for gas for showing up when he was supposed to be there to help and didn't make until the last minute when most the work was done BUT still charged me for training six horses every day that week when he didn't even work one horse on any day. That's pretty good don't you think if you can get the money for training and for gas and pretty much do nothing you were supposed to do.

  3. Oh boy, I can sure see why you won your case. That is some of the most atrocious 'accounting' I have ever seen (Besides the fact that you were in the right!)

    So, out of curiosity, what did your figures come to?

    And I am also curious as to whether you came out with horses that you felt comfortable riding by the time this whole thing was done?

  4. I'm just glad you documented this stuff while it was happening.

    My trainer can work only about 10-12-15 horses a week if she's really "working" them. She doesn't have a groom though. "Working" means three rides or lunging a week, minimum. That's six-eight horses a day, six days a week. And it kicks her ass. If I put a horse in "training" with her, its 360$ per month, and they get worked 2-3 days a week, usually 45 minutes, and tack is cleaned and horses groomed post ride. Like I said, she doesn't have a groom, so she does it all. If its a "two day" work week, a lesson with me riding is usually the third working session. there are trainers who charge more, but they are FEI level trainers and are proven at the international level of dressage.

    There is no way, no how, he worked your 9 horses a month at 300$ worth of training and still had time for other clients.

    I'm also wondering where the credits from the hay purchases and the like occured, as where the credits for coaching his students at shows is.

    i'm looking forward to how this turns out. Karma is a total kick in the tail.

  5. Boy, I'm having a real problem figuring this one out. . . . nearly 16 months of training at a rough average of $2000 per month. . .wow, you have lots of wins, champions, blue ribbons and trophies to prove how efficacious his training abilities and techniques are right? MiKael?
    C'mon, 9 horses a day, and no champions? Are they hiding in the tack room? no??? oh, hoh, they are out in the manure pile? Who'd a' thought, lol Very clever, MiKael!!!
    Really, though, how can a man with that kind of work ethic and productivity level not have accumulated a lil gold to prove his acumen in that length of time??
    nah, he prolly just needed another 16 months and $30,000 more. . . uh, that ain't gonna happen, gettin' elderly now, need to step it down. . . .sorry Mikael, that manure pile will produce those champions first. . . .

    Sorry, Mikael, tired and headachy, just a pathetic attempt at humor, feel free to hit the delete button. Either that or reading this blew my mind. lol

  6. BECG, between this accounting sheet and the emails there was enough information to totally discredit BG. That sheet of extra charges he threw in was the frosting on the cake. I will be going through all of the anomolies I could prove.

    My guess was that between the boxer puppy and the training, we were somewhere around $10, 000. I did get a more exact figure and I'll be explaining how I went about that too.

    I will also be posting about the specifics on each horse but for now let's just say this whole thing was a wreck from start to finish. He was about as thorough and honest in his training as he is in his book keeping.

  7. Wow, at the place I work at we bill out everyday. If the owner wants documentation, you would get a lot more details than what he provided!

    I still can't believe it took you months to get back Storm, that must have been frustrating beyond belief!

  8. Pure and utter fantasy ! I seems he identifies that Reflection was not part of it then ads him in anyway. If I ever did bookeeping as poorly as that I would be looking into hiring it out!

  9. Enginerd, I'm glad that I kept track of things too.

    As for the work he claims, if you look closely, you'll see in addition to the numbers for each month, he claims he worked to additional horses for me that he says aren't included in his number. Then add in his other clients.

    Of course, there are no credits but there are charges for time at shows when he did very little to nothing with my horses. This accounting was all about running the charges up as high as he could get to justify keeping my horse, despite the fact he hadn't done the work.

    dinkleberries, believe me I did my share of ranting over this paperwork when I first got it.

    horsemom, it was definitely frustrating to have to deal with this while my horse was still stuck there. To be honest I worried he might geld him just to be vindictive.

    fern, he didn't do that just with Reflection. He did it with Percy too. That's not the only example of double charging on those papers.Like I've said before, this accounting was an important piece to my case against them.

  10. Ugh, that gave me a stomach ache just reading it. I can only imagine what the extended months of dealing with this situation must have done to you.

    Like I said before, this guy sure has an inflated opinion of his own worth, and nothing to back it up.

  11. Well now I understand why they wanted you to keep a horse there overnight. Gouging jerks.

  12. Holy smokes...
    I agree with dinkleberries, you should have had some pretty successful horses in the show ring with that kind of effort.
    They just keep getting more and more out of line as this goes on...
    If it won't ruin the story to come, did they cover any mares with Storm? Your last comment about gelding him out of spite really tops off the type of person BG is for me.

  13. I've told you this one before. Board at this one place was $350 a month while board with training was $700 a month. I had a witness who worked there who said that no one touched my horse for 2 out of the 4 weeks I was paying for training. When I questioned the trainer, she said, "I like to let the horses settle in for a while." Translation: "Your horse wasn't settled down enough for me to be willing to work with him."

  14. Looks t me like he picked the $30,ooo and made his accounting fit to it. Pretty poor job of faking numbers I would say.

  15. Leah, I'm right there with you. I had and still have problems with my stomach because of this.

    smazourek, that would be an accurate assessment of things, I think.

    Nikker, I hope they didn't cover any mares with Storm but then I would have no way of knowing. If they did, they won't be able to register them. I'm sure they had plans to cover mares with him at some point. Maybe even had the mares all picked out. You'll have to see what you think as the rest of the story unfolds.

    Nuzz Muzz, I do recall you telling me that. We were supposed to be avoiding that with the contract stating that horses would be worked 5 days a week. Guess it doesn't help if they lie about working but then I was there when the horses were worked except for those two days after my surgery.

    Crystal, I whole heartedly agree. He took that number and came up with everything he could think of it, to met it. The thing that got him in the end, even if he doesn't realize it yet, was the gross overkill. He wasn't happy with just meeting it, he had to make a point that he even did more. Did he really think that people would believe that someone who would be so nit picky about little tiny charges would actually do an extra $8000 worth of work. That by itself has to make one wonder about his credibility even if they didn't know all the back story yet.

  16. I agree with others, there's not enough hours in the day to do what he listed there. If by chance, he did, you'd better have some of the best trained horses in the US. But we know from your own account, he didn't do hardly any of that. It's a very good thing you kept track of it yourself.

    I can see why you worried about having him over there while this was going on.