Thursday, January 6, 2011

Wrapping Up Lytha's Visit

Part 1

There were no issues with horses hurrying once they knew we were making our way back to the horse trailer. Both horses kept moving right along as if they were still willing to go for hours. Me, I was beginning to get a chill and wishing we'd stopped a little sooner.

By the time we reached the rig I had goosebumps raising up everywhere. My body was so stiff when I went to dismount I managed to get stuck mid air somehow and nearly fell on my head. My saddle slipped partway down my horse's side and I couldn't get my foot out of the stirrup. It was a dismount worthy of a You Tube video of how not to get off a horse.

Legs just stood there patiently as always as I scrambled to my feet falling into him to catch myself. The stallion did turn his head just enough to give me that look that only a horse can do when their rider's done something really really stupid. I must admit I did feel pretty awkward and a little unnerved. I also felt grateful I hadn't made a big splat on the ground. Thank you Legs!

We tied the two horses to the trailer in the same position we'd used for tacking them up. I thought I was paying just as much attention to the two of them sniffing noses as I had been previously but that must not have been the case. As I was getting something from the horse trailer, Legs let out a scream and struck at Dandy.

I was out of that trailer lickety split, scolding Legs, assessing Dandy's part in this and checking to see that lytha was safe. Dandy was not the least bit rattled by Legs' vocalization.

The gelding stood there nonchalantly looking like nothing had happened. There were no signs that Dandy had caused the confrontation, although he certainly may have, and nothing to say he planned on responding to it. Dandy just stood there looking relaxed and waiting to be unsaddled like any other time after a ride.

Lytha didn't look like she was particularly bothered by the incident either. There was nothing in her demeanor to show she'd even noticed it. The only real evidence that anything had even happened was me scurrying around and muttering about "That's what I was afraid was going to happen." as I quickly unsaddled Legs and put him in the horse trailer so I could take care of Dandy without worrying about Legs being naughty.

Instead lytha was busy talking about her experience with Dandy. I don't know if it was Dandy's willingness to be alone or the way he maneuvered the obstacles on these narrow pathways that impressed lytha the most. Maybe it was a combination of the two. I do know that by the time we'd finished our ride lytha was exuberant about the ride she'd had. She spoke with a heightened pitch and kept repeating how Dandy had not hurt her by running her into something.

We talked about the ride on our way home from the park. Then we sat in the driveway for a while talking about our visit and the horses etc. The sun was beginning to set and the fact our visit was about to end became undeniable. Before we went put the horses away and then when our separate ways I asked lytha if there was anything else she'd like to ask me before our visit came to a close.

Lytha's response while simple was not something that was going to be answered in the short time we had left. I was not surprised at her interest, with all the questions I've gotten over the past months. I guess, to be honest, I would have been surprised if this subject had not come up on our visit. I gave lytha a brief overview of how I thought it would take to understand what had happened, then I promised I would explaining everything in a series of posts. With that, lytha and I departed from the truck and set about putting horses away.

Lytha's exuberance had not waned by the time we ran into Dave. Although we once again had to deal with naughty puppies trying to lick lytha to death, lytha's voice could be heard over the rowdy canines telling Dave about how Dandy had taken care of her and not run her into any trees.

It was only when we were putting halters away in the barn that lytha got the opportunity to meet Andy and Patriot. The big bay stallion out of Bey Aana immediately grabbed lytha's attention and maybe even her heart. I don't know if she ever really did get a good look at Andy who was standing right there in the stall next to Patriot because lytha was so smitten with Patriot and he certainly locked onto her. It was probably the perfect way to end our visit.

Coming up next..............What lytha wanted to know...................the story/stories behind the biggest story here in 2010.

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  1. I've used that dismounting technique myself.


  2. Sounds like you were cold ,I soo know that feeling of trying to get off a horse when the body is too froze to move! glad the confrontation between the boys didn't amount to much

  3. oh, i'm so sorry to laugh, but i did! just got the visual of you sliding down stuck in the stirrups. how i hate to be cold while riding also!! looks like it was a good ride though and you have a great memory to laugh about now.

  4. Aw, Leggs sounds like a good horse to not be rattled by an ungraceful dismount. I've had more of those than I care to admit LOL.

  5. Ohhh - I can't wait to hear all about Lytha's questions, and of course, your answers.

    I'm glad to hear you had a nice visit with Lytha. It sounds like our lovely boys did a great job on the trails. I'm glad you eventually made it safely to the ground on your dismount too! :)

  6. It's good to hear you both had a nice ride on the trails.

    I've gotten the " that was really a stupid human trick" look more than once myself. Glad you didn't splat.

  7. Sounds like you had a great visit and got to show off all your beautiful Arabian horses too! Can't get better than that!

  8. I can picture that dismount.
    But glad the rest of the ride went well and it sounds like Lytha had an awesome time!

  9. Legs sounds like such a dear!

    I've really enjoyed hearing about lytha's visit :)

  10. Oh, Dan, that's not good to hear. I don't know about you, but I'm thinking I may need a crane in the future to not only but me on but to take me off. Much safer I'm thinking than anymore dismounts like this. LOL

    fern, not a good feeling to be that cold. I'm thinking next time I'll wear more layers on the bottom half as well.

    Legs and Dandy actually did pretty well. I'm thinking it won't take much to teach them to stand there properly without too much stress on me.

    Hopeful, laughing is probably ok. I imagine after my fear at nearly landing on my head subsides I'll probably be laughing too.

    Jessie, you're right about Legs doing good with my awkward dismount. I was grateful he wasn't a spooky thing if he had been it could have been disastrous.

    JJ, well you won't have to wait long. I'm be working on putting those pieces in place next. It's quite a journey.

    Arlene, glad I didn't splat too although there for a minute I really thought I was a goner.

    wilsonc, you definitely got it right there. The only thing could have made the visit better was more time.

    Cystal, that dismount is still very fresh in my mind......flashbacks, I think they call them. LOL

    Funder, Legs can be a dear horse but sometimes he's quite a prankster. I guess even that side makes him a dear although sometimes it doesn't feel that way when he's stolen my hat and dropped it in poo. LOL