Sunday, December 12, 2010

Pineapple Updates....... and Sunday Afternoon Activities

The temperatures and the incessant rain suggest the Pineapple Express has arrived but it looks like the weatherman's fears have not been least yet. It's probably too early to speak until the system has moved on through and to be honest, I have no idea how long that's supposed to take. I haven't seen a weather report since the first predications of this weather in the first place.

The first picture is my driveway. While there's lots of water at least it's just of the puddles variety and it's not running all together yet. The drain from the pond out front is still keeping up with the rainfall. If it can no longer do that, it will overflow into the drive and move on through to the flooded pasture joining the creek from that location. When that happens we're surrounded on three sides by moving water BUT the good news is we're a ways from that scene.

My poor little bridge is once again nothing more than an obstacle for the water from the formerly sombre little creek. Secured in it's location by trees at both banks, the bridge can only be detected by the white water pulsing over it. If I'd been thinking at all, I'd have put on my other lens and gotten a better picture of my bridge. The widening creek at that point still has considerable distance to go before we reach that point our entire west pasture is under water.

While there's definitely a lot of water on our place at the moment, any flooding is far enough away from any and all structures for us to feel safe leaving this afternoon for my granddaughter, Em's, eighth birthday party. I'm pretty sure a horse is on Em's list of birthday wishes and this is one grandma who wishes I could oblige. Yet, the riding lessons I've been trying to work out have not found time in Em's busy schedule so there's probably not time for horse's either. For now toy horses will have to suffice but I'm sure hoping that somewhere down the road there'll be time for horses in a much more real version.


  1. Wow that looks crazy!

    Every little girl (and big ones too) should have a horse, hope you can organize the lessons for her.

  2. That's about what my place looks like with all the melting snow. :(

  3. We sure could use a little of that rain. It was windy yesterday and it looks like a desert at our place.

  4. Geez, the weather has really been battering you guys this winter. Record snow, record rain, what next?