Monday, December 13, 2010

The Pineapple Express............ Moving On..........

Once we got finished with all our stuff yesterday, I finally did get a chance to catch up on the news. When I did, I was horrified to see the Pineapple Express had not been so kind to many folks as it had been to us. There has been lots of flooding and damage many places.

Mostly the flooding to this point was up north and on the Olympic Peninsula. Both are more rural locations so lots of horse people could be affected. Although the news didn't report on horse people specifically, I couldn't help but wonder how those with horses are fairing in these difficult times.

Specifically Arlington and Silvana were both affected by flooding. Each town has an Arabian horse training facility. The one in Arlington is right off of I - 5, the other in Silvana is up on a hill so I believe each is out of reach of flood waters. However, many places are experiencing damage from mudslides due to more rainfall than the land can handle whether or not they are struggling with those kinds of issues I do not know.

Knowing both of these places, I recognized some of the locations I saw on the news. It's so disconcerting to see places you're familiar with going through such difficult times. Hopefully the worst of this Pineapple Express are over, although there are still more rivers that have not crested yet. Until that happens thousands of people are not out of the woods yet.

Locally the river of most concern is the Puyallup. It is down in the valley about 14 miles from us. If it floods its banks there are a lot of poor people who will be affected by it. The south side of that river has a number of trailer parks that are vulnerable to that river when it floods. Hopefully they will escape this latest threat unscathed.

Watching the news stories makes me feel grateful all we have to worry about it some minor flooding outside a few stalls. Considering what many of these people are now dealing with our situation is nothing but a minor annoyance. I guess it's good sometimes to get a fresh perspective so one can appreciate the gifts in one's life.

Right now the sun is shining so maybe we're through this current onslaught. There's more water on my place today than there was yesterday at this time and I've spotted some mysterious white water in the creek I will have to investigate. I don't know if some trees have fallen or if something has washed downstream but before horses get turned out in that field I need to be sure it's safe for them.

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  1. Looks like a heck of a storm! hope it settles soon and you get some high and dry spots

  2. Wow sure seems bad until you see what is happening to someone else. Hope they are alright and its over now.

  3. Hope everyone ulls through it all safely and with little issue if any at all.

    WHY the county and state planning & zoning agencies let people build in known flood plains or flood zones is beyond me. It just makes no sense.