Friday, November 12, 2010

What's Next for Storm..........

Part 1

This weekend the Daffodil Arabian Horse Association is sponsoring a clinic with Wendy Potts from The Brass Ring in Texas. I heard they took 70 horses to show at the US Nationals this year. Whether that number is accurate or not, I have not clue, but I do know I saw many Brass Ring horses winning in the ring.

I believe that Wendy shows predominately in the hunter and show hack divisions. I've seen her show many of beautiful hunter in the ring so I know she knows her stuff. That makes Wendy the perfect person to talk to about showing Storm as a hunter horse this next season so Storm and I are going to participate in the clinic.

The clinic begins tomorrow but my session with Storm is scheduled for Sunday morning at 10 AM. I always like to go both days of the clinic to watch the other horses and riders to see what I can learn so that meant if I was going to get Storm cleaned up and presentable that had to happen today.

Who would have believed the weather would cooperate for such a task. Despite a frosty morning, the sun broke through and it warmed up. I spent the first part of my morning turning horses out and then I moved onto the task of bathing Storm.

I tied Storm to the horse trailer up near the house with a pasture full of mares turned out right behind him. Talk about a test for the poor guy. He let out a scream and the mares came running to take a look see at the stallion. They didn't stay long so I figured no one was in heat but that turned out to be just wishful thinking.

Before long Hope was back squatting and peeing and assuming the position. Storm was such a good boy. He didn't even try to drop. He did so a little rumble under his breath but that was the extent of his communication with the mare.

Hope didn't stick around long once she knew that Storm was too busy to make time for her but sweet little Scarlet was right there to take her place. Scandalous Mizscarlet didn't show any sign of heat. I think she just wanted to know what we were up to. Once I turned the hose on to wet Storm down, Scarlet was nowhere to be seen.

I bathed Storm not long after he arrived here so he wasn't all that dirty. It's just that his coat shines like a copper penny when it's clean and I really wanted people at the clinic to see how beautiful he is. It's not often that I get one of my Scandalous Legacy babies out there in the public so when I do, I want to do it right.

Storm didn't protest the cold water too much. I'm sure I'd have done a lot more squirming if someone tried to do that to me. I tried to go light on the soap so I didn't get him too cold in the rinsing process but as usual it seemed I overdid it on the Orvus. By the time I got all the soap out Storm was beginning to shake.

I'd warmed two coolers up in the dryer and I swear I could hear Storm's sigh of appreciation. Once the coolers were correctly in place so there were no corners to step on or other dragging parts we headed back for the barn.

It was there that Storm showed how he felt about his cold bath. The stallion was definitely on the fresh side as he tried some rearing and leaping to attract the mares. By now they were off grazing and his display pretty much went unnoticed except for the chewing out he got from me.

Not until we reached the barn did the stallion deflate. Knowing there were nothing but boys inside these, Storm came back to a flat footed walk and dropped his head with a deep sigh. I'm pretty sure the Arabian horse thinks it's a waste to have all these mares just standing around when he could be breeding them.

After Storm dried, I clipped his bridle path and his face. Now that I'm prickly from those short hairs working their way through my layers of clothes, I think I'm going to head for the shower so that both of us will be presentable to Wendy Potts.

To be continued.....................

Storm at the Wendy Potts Clinic

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  1. Sounds like an good weekend coming up. Looking foward to reading how it goes

  2. wonderful that storm gets to go to a clinic! i hope someone takes pictures for us! dryer warmed blankets, what a nice thing to do, i'd never thought of that, nor had the option.

  3. I saw your name on the list of everyone's times for the clinic. We have 2 trainers that will be there on Saturday. They are taking 2 farm horses.
    I hope it goes well and Storm is beautiful!
    Oh, and yes the Brass Ring had around 75 horses at Nationals. That is a lot of horses! I was glad we only had 8!

  4. fern,I'm really looking forward to going. I've admired her hunters for years.

    lytha, I will be taking my camera but don't know if I can get someone to take pics when I'm on Storm.

    Dave hates that I put horse clothes in our washer and dryer but it doesn't stop me. ;)

    Paint Girl, Boy, they will have quite a drive to get there. I wish I had my Out of Cyte filly ready for this clinic. She will be a spectacular hunter if I can ever get to her to get her started.

    With that many horses I wonder how many grooms they took. I was dead just taking 3 last year.

  5. I can't wait to hear how the clinic goes. I got definite clinic envy when I saw you guys were getting Wendy Potts, and I don't even have a hunter (although I think Dee would look great in hunter tack). Good luck!

  6. "I'm pretty sure the Arabian horse thinks it's a waste to have all these mares just standing around when he could be breeding them."

    That made laugh out loud! Good luck at the clinic.