Friday, October 1, 2010

A Little Look at Storm.........

This video is two years old and was taken just before Storm left here for his new home. Now that he's back it's interesting to look at this old video to see the difference in his appearance. The horse definitely has more condition in the video than he does now and his neck is much finer. It' ll be interesting to see if we get that horse back or where things go from here. I'll see if I can get some new video shot and uploaded so you all can see the comparison.


  1. He certainly is a lovely fellow! I love how throughout has dashing about and theatrics his ears are still up and alert , he really seems to be quite a playful horse certainly not the bug eyed fearful ones I have seen

  2. fern, he is definitely very confident and full of himself and smart enough to know the crowd is there to see him. LOL

  3. Storm's reaction to being stood up is exactly why I hate Halter. The hard stand up is awful, and I know Storm isn't fully trained here for it, but its clear he doesn't like it and GAH. HATE. (This is not a statement on you, or your horses, or your training - just on the industry that continues to perpetuate a "need" or a "market" for us to pose horses in a way that is unnatural and often abusive in the wrong hands.)

    Now, SPort Horse - oh how I would love love love to show this boy sport horse. He's got dressage written all over him with that powerful hind end and great shoulder. And his conformation is so lovely, he'd be a star in SHIH once you teach him to lengthen on the triangle.

    He's lovely. And a redhead, (which I am partial to...) If I had the disposable income, knowing you've trained him (and reading your blog on how you work your horses) I'd love to come look at him. (I have a policy, no looky unless can afford-y. Keeps me happy.)

    Alas, I'm stuck with my one Arab, a sport horse/dressage fool, who's full of him self, not unlike Storm.

    He's really lovely. I'm glad he's back where he's appreciated.

  4. He's lovely. I hope all goes well with him and you get him back to where he was.