Wednesday, September 15, 2010

An Update on Rhet

Rhet was such a big part of my postings last year, it feels like I've been neglecting him. I think it's been months since I've posted anything specific the colt. What a transition from almost daily to practically never...............poor Rhet.........definitely neglected. With an ego like his, he'd be appalled if he knew.

With no plans to show him this year, it was time for the colt to just hang out and grow up a bit. There's not much exciting in that scenario. Maybe if he was allowed to hang out with another horse, there'd be stories to tell.

My original plan to get Rhet bonded with Trouble went south when Trouble proved to be too aggressive for Rhet. Getting Rhet to run the fence line constantly was NOT what I had in mind and that was happening with the fence still in between the two horses. I'm afraid without the benefit of the fence Trouble would have been taking Rhet on...........and NOT in a good way.

My idea for "hanging out" was supposed to be a more relaxed kind of picture. You know the one..........horses calmly grazing side by side. Feisty Trouble, however, thought a horse with an attitude the size of Rhet's needed to be brought down a peg or two. The last thing I needed was Rhet to get hurt so I abandoned the idea of Trouble as a buddy for Rhet.

Now, if Rhet had his way, he'd be hanging out with the girls. Whenever we begin moving mares around Rhet is one of the first voices I hear. The colt may only be two but he's pretty sure he's got it figured out what girls are about..........and I'm pretty sure he's still longing to get up close and personal with the love of his life, dear sweet Scarlet.

Our solar electric fence has failed so that means Rhet doesn't even get outside when girls are on turnout. Most of my horses wouldn't even think of taking on a fence, hot or not, but I'm just not sure about Rhet so I figure it's better to be safe than sorry. Instead Rhet gets out with a couple of other colts, each in their own paddock with a vacant one in between. That's about all the stimulation I think he needs.

At first Rhet really didn't like these turnouts. He stressed about not having another horse closer to him. The colt spent much of his time running the fence line and exercising his lungs. I'm sure if I could translate horse talk it would have been something full of expletives. Rhet was NOT a happy camper.

I am not one to put a horse back into a stall just because its running a fence line. I think if the horse never gets the chance to work throw the stress, the situation will never get better so I left Rhet to his own devises knowing sooner or later he'd get it figured out and learn to appreciate his time out.

Poor Rhet did drop some weight in the process. He seemed to hit a growth spurt right at the same time as the weather got good enough for him to get some real outdoor time. The combination resulted in a growthy looking youngster with some ribs showing but Rhet did get it figured out. Now he plays happily whenever he gets the chance.

The other day Rhet was having a great time racing cars that drove by. The silly colt would hear the car coming and let out a challenging scream. Then he take off galloping beside the car as it drove past his paddock. Off course, Rhet can never really win because he runs into a fence that stops him from continuing his race but I'm pretty sure that in his mind Rhet is convinced his winning.

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  1. I love it — racing the cars. Well, a guy's gotta do something with all that testosterone.

  2. I love hearing about Rhet - thanks for the update :)

  3. I'm glad to read that Rhet is doing well. He is so gorgeous!!