Thursday, August 12, 2010

Update on Solidare's Foal

Knowing that the day Solidare might be leaving us, I had decided to turn Dare out with Solidare and her foal. Over the weeks a relationship has developed between the colt and his sister that I hoped would be comforting to him if the day did arise he lost his mother.

Many times I've seen the colt off out of Solidare's reach up to mischief. Solidare would call out to him to return to her side, or cease whatever trouble he was doing, and often times the colt would ignore that request.

Whenever that happened, Dare would take over the role of mother and go to retrieve the disobedient colt. All the way back to Solidare's side Dare would scold the bratty colt making sure he understood ignoring his mother is not allowed.

The bond that has developed between the two through these interactions is now getting the colt through this tough time. Dare lives in the stall right next to where this colt was born and still inhabits. Dare's stall opens right into a small paddock that borders that stall so she can visit the colt whenever he needs comfort.

Most of the time we go to check on him, Dare can be seen right there hanging her head over the stall wall. Right next to her on the other side of the wall is the colt now sticking as close to Dare as he can get.

The only time she leaves the colt's side is to eat. He cries as she goes but as soon as he gets his own food he goes right to work on his meal and is good. With this arrangement there has been very little crying on his part. I wish I could say the same for me but I know that's unreasonable. Still I'm happy to see that we've managed to keep the stress level down for the colt.

I haven't tried turning him out yet because I don't want to take the chance he might be silly and try taking a fence trying to track down his absent mother. That's usually been the case when any of Solidare's foals have been weaned and while I know these circumstances are different, I just don't want to take the risk.

I suspect when I so turn the two out together the colt will probably try to nurse. I wouldn't be surprised for Dare to allow that, Solidare always did. It was so funny to see the looks from foals when there was no milk. I'll keep you apprised of how this develops.

I tried to take pictures of him nuzzling on Dare. As soon as I entered the stall with the camera, the little varmint came over to investigate and I couldn't get the light right or anything but the very end of his muzzle. Will have to try again when I can get some help.

Thanks so much everyone for your kind thoughts, they have really helped in this tough time.

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  1. Sounds like he is coping well. Funny when I had to wean a colt early( not for as sad or tragic a reason) I could callon my old Stallion. I would put him in a pen next to the baby and the old boy played nanny , every time th ecolt would call , Chips would rush over and nuzzle and talk till it settled. Poor old fellow got pretty hungry till I realised and put his feed tub on the same fence line

  2. I'm so glad your new little man has his big sister to watch over him. It makes all the difference in the world. I know when we weaned Taya, she was so darn proud to be in the paddock with the "big kids" (her big sister and company), she never looked back and didn't call for Lady at all (Mama, however, had a hissy :o)

  3. I'm sure it's a comfort to you just knowing the foal isn't traumatized. BTW, what are you calling him?

    My crusty old Poco has turned into a big softie as Daltrey, the blue-eyed Stonewall foal at Heather's, is being weaned. It's very sweet to see the little guy light up when he sees Poco, and to hear Poco answer him reassuringly when the baby calls.

  4. It's good that he's got a friend. He sounds like he's doing well. He's such a cutie!

  5. i'd like to see a photo of dare scolding the little brother for being naughty: ) how nice that dare is looking out for him.

    is dare being a good girl for you? i hope so, he needs a good example.


  6. What did you end up naming him? Your earlier suggestion of "Solitaire's Last Dance" seems so much more beautiful now.

  7. It's nice to have a big sister like Dare. She obviously takes her job seriously. I'm sure the little guy will be okay as long as his sister's there for him. Feel better.