Monday, August 9, 2010

Finally Home..........and a bit of Recuperating......

It was a long week at the C-Fair Charity Horse Show at the Evergreen State Fairgrounds in Monroe. The horse show is over and we survived without having record setting temperatures. That part's great but it still seemed to be one long, even sometimes odd from the perspective of a show manager, horse show.

For some reason I ended up plagued by blisters on my right foot. Even though I'd taken along the very same assortment of foot wear I'd taken to the last three horse shows I managed, things just didn't work out as they had in the past.

While my feet usually get very tired, I have not had any problem with blisters before now. All attempts to stave off the problem were fruitless including using New Skin for additional protection. I ended up with open bleeding sores that are quite painful.

For the next few days I will be sitting with my feet up and babying that right foot as much as possible. You can bet I won't be wearing any kind of shoes until I absolutely have to. It's slippers only for me until the wounds heal enough to not cause pain when I try to walk in shoes.

I seem to be in one of those fogs that's typical for me when I'm over tired. I'll be posting specifics on the show once my brain has had time to clear. It's nothing like it was when I got back from nationals but a fog nonetheless.

Legs, however, seems to be none the worse for wear. When the chiropractor came today to fix the rotation in his lumbar region, the horse was far more interested in keeping track of mares than he was in standing still for the poor chiropractor.

We did get the job done even though Legs was not particularly cooperative so I'm thinking if my foot is healed I might try to show him at the Daffodil All Arabian Summer Show this coming weekend. Since I didn't do either regional show this year, it would be nice to get at least one more chance in the show ring before the summer is over.

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  1. Ouch! Sorry to hear about those blisters. I have been thinking that I will head over to the Daffodil show, as it is local. If I go, I will look for you and Legs. : )

  2. Melanie, ouch is right! I have no idea where we will be stalled but it is always a small show so it will be somewhere in the regular horse barns or in the stalls in the rabbit poultry barn. I'm stabling with friends and not sure whose name the actual stalls will be listed under but it you email me I'll give you my cell number. Sure would like the opportunity to say hi and meet one of my blogging buds up close and personal.....not to mention Legs will always appreciate extra pats. LOL

  3. That sounds painful. Take care of your foot and I hope you heal enough to go to the show.

  4. Ouch ! I hate blisters ! Feel better soon

  5. Have you tried moleskin? Works great for me. I hope you can show that handsome stud this weekend!

  6. Mikael-Great! I am still not 100% sure that I will be able to make it, but just in case, here is my email: