Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Face of Homeless.............The Capture...........

Part 1

I didn't expect that Solidare in her crippled state would do much harm to my guests but who knew what that colt might do if he got spooked or felt trapped. As for Dare the odds were she wouldn't do anything harmful except maybe to a dog if it decided to chase her. Looking at this situation, I was really glad we already had done our release of liability.

I left my horse trailer outside the gate coming inside thinking I was going to capture Solidare. Crippled or not the mare did not want to leave the lush grass of the yard, even if it is the same grass she has in her field. When the mare saw me coming her direction she moved away trying to avoid being caught. It's not that she could outrun me because there's just no way Solidare can do anything but walk still I had to work to catch her.

Solidare hasn't put up this kind of resistance in months. I had to actually get her cornered to capture her. I figured once I did that the others would follow. That's how it usually goes but then there's that law that always seems to be reminding me of its existence. Murphy joined us so the darn colt decided not to follow his mom. He was going to stay with his new side kick Dare.

Normally, Dare would be following along after Solidare. I can't even remember when she hasn't. She loves being turned out with her mother and she tends to stick very close to her but Murphy seemed to be influencing Dare as well. She wasn't bringing up the rear either. She snaked her neck at me and gave me that defiant, I'm cool and in charge flip of her head and headed the other direction. It was clear Dare's plan was to stay in the yard.

The colt followed Dare in hot pursuit. Moving at a trot they were heading up towards the house and the camping people in my back yard. Knowing that Dare is pretty darn brave I doubted the tent and gazebo were going to turn the mare back my direction.

Then, of course, there was Solidare. I didn't even have her safely in the field yet. I was leading the mare by her mane. When she saw the others escape, Solidare decided to join them. She tried to cut me off and slip out the gate before I could get it closed behind her. I had a full fledged rebellion in the works.

So here I am with non horsey people camping in my yard and three defiant horses wanting to squat there too. While Solidare couldn't escape me for long, I had to use my cell phone to call for reinforcements to catch the other two. My guests had no idea how to catch up loose horses and having them try would have probably turned things into a real zoo.

Dave and Lindsay were just coming down the road so they were close enough to actually be some real help. By the time they arrived I had Solidare captured again and Dave and Lindsay were able to push from behind to move Dare and the colt in the right direction.

Of course, neither went willing. There was more neck snaking and defiant head tossing from Dare and that darn colt kicked out a Lindsay but at least the were moving away from the campgrounds in my back yard into the direction of the barn and appropriate turnout.

Solidare was keeping tabs on what was going on behind her. I think she was looking for another chance to escape. This time, however, I managed to get her in through the gate where I released her. The silly mare tried to rush by me and head back out into the yard.

I cut her off watching for Dave's progress with Dare. As much as I wanted to block Solidare from leaving, I didn't want to cut off Dare's attempts to enter the field. I timed my withdrawal from the front of the gate to coincide with Dare getting close enough to block Solidare's escape.

Luckily for me Solidare wasn't quicker or she'd have managed to make her escape. I was able to get enough to the side to allow Dare to come through but I still had to be careful I didn't block the colt who was bringing up the rear.

It was clear Lindsay and Dave weren't in enough control of his movement to guarantee he would follow Dare. He was clearly looking for any opening to spin around and take off. I knew that naughty colt look on his face if it looked at all like I was in his way, he was going to cut and run.

I backed away from the opening and turned my head looking into the field while I instructed Dave and Lindsay to apply more pressure from behind. They closed up their ranks and extended their arms to shoo the two renegades into the field.

Even at that both Dare and this colt gave us attitude as the trotted into the field and Solidare was not far behind. We closed the gate behind the horses and watched the bucks and kicks that clearly said they were put out by the change in real estate. It's a good thing I love horses with attitude..........because I was getting plenty of it this day.

To be continued..................

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  1. Rotters! I have had the same thing ,"What?me go into the pen? Never I must be freeee!!!!"

  2. Oooh! I just can't stand it when a horse flips you off with bucking and kicking. So disrespectful!


  3. hehehehe what a great story. i am glad no one got hurt - property too: ) but i'm curious which horse opens the gate to escape?

  4. I hope you had a good laugh out of this. Since nobody got hurt so you could enjoy that little guy's antics. Sounds like you've got a future show star with an attitude like that.

  5. fernvalley, LOL yupe, that's what they're saying!

    Lisa, you are right about the disrespectful. At least mine no better than to do than anywhere near me. They wait until they are off a distance to tell me how they feel.

    Also, I wanted to say that comment that was "too" long actually came through about 6 times as well as the continued version you sent. You gotta love blogger. You just never know what you'll get.

    It was sad to hear that your family went through such a struggle. That was a horrible accident. I'm so glad you and your family out the other side of it and on to better times.

    lytha, I'm not really sure who opened the gate but I will have to post about that situation because this was not the only escape. LOL

    smazourek, I think you are right about him being a future star. He's sure got the looks and attitude for it. As much as I don't want to like him, I think I am falling in love with the little monster. LOL