Thursday, June 17, 2010

Aidol's Story..........the Introductions..........

Part 1

I probably knew from the time that weekend was scheduled that Aidol was going to end up with a new home. It just was not often that I even let someone come to see the horse, let alone, had two parties scheduled to come the same day. Each fit my criteria of what I believed would be a good home for my horse although each would be very different homes.

The first party, a husband and wife, travelled in from a neighboring state and arrived here in the mid morning. The plan was to visit with the horses here a bit. Then we'd take Aidol over to the country park for riding. I would take Dandy along too so we could take a short trail ride and the woman could get a feel for how the horse worked in that environment.

For these people, Aidol would be a first horse. They had leased a horse for a while but now were ready to take on the full responsibilities of ownership. I liked how they'd done their research in the hands on fashion I seem to prefer myself. It didn't hurt that the woman's dream had always been to own an Arabian horse.

I hadn't taken any extraordinary measures to have the horse ready for this visit. Aidol had been clipped and bathed but he hadn't been worked in who knows how long. I wanted them to see this horse with the most attitude he could convey just in case that might be too much for their experience level.

We had a great visit at the barn. As a matter of fact we spent way too much time talking considering I had another party coming to see the horse that afternoon. We did finally get through gabbing and I loaded Aidol and Dandy up and we headed to the park.

Of course, both horses went into the trailer like old pros. Then they should considering I do most of my schooling at other locations. Loading, unloading and standing in the trailer or tied outside it are a common occurrence here. Still to outsiders seeing horses load so easily made an instant impression.

Once at the park, I tacked Aidol up. All the while telling these folks about the history of this horse. I wanted them to know all about his rough start and the accidents we'd had. Those things are as important a part of his makeup as worming and all that stuff.

Because I hadn't ridden the horse in a while, I put him on the lunge line to "take his temperature." It's a ritual for me with most horses that haven't been worked in a while. I like to let them play a little to tell me what kind of mood they're in before I climb aboard. If they're feeling particularly hot I let them play a while longer.

This process usually lasts only a few minutes, as in under five. I am not big on lunging horses until they're tired and then riding. I like my horses fresh and happy. I think in the long run it makes for more willing horses than when you work them until they're dog tired.

Aidol is always fresh on the lunge line. He rarely looks sluggish. That floating trot Arabian horses are know for is a given with Aidol on the lunge. Throwing his tail over his back and snorting is another pretty much given too. On this day, Aidol did not disappoint.

I know lots of people see my horses lunge and think I'm crazy when I climb on with all that "fresh" still evident. I'm not sure what these two people thought as they watched me do the same. Although it was obvious it really wasn't quite what they had expected.

Once I was mounted I moved the horse laterally off my legs. I spent a little time flexing and bending and hopefully warming the horse up before I asked the horse to settle in and go slow.

Aidol knew the drill and immediately went to work. Wearing his ears and probably sporting a smile, Aidol showed these people what he knew. The ride was short, sweet and to the point. Then I got off, we adjusted stirrups and the real test began.

The horse couldn't have behaved better for this new rider. She had to figure him out just a bit to get a nice slow jog and slow lope but it was clear he was trying to do exactly as she wanted. A few laps around the arena and I tacked up Dandy so we could head out on the trails.

Aidol had not been on the trails at the park much. He was used to much bigger rides but I wanted her to see him on something new because that's what she'd have to deal with if she bought this horse. Her first rides at home would be a whole new experience for both of them. Mimicking that now was an needed perspective for all of us, I think.

I don't really remember who went in front. I think it was probably Aidol so I could see what was going on between the two of them. That's the usual for me when someone new is trail riding one of my horses.

We rode around in the back part of the park for a while. There's a section back there that is just like any trail in our area. There are lots of trees and underbrush, some little hills, wide spots and narrow ones, downed logs and even a barking dog or two. There aren't any switchbacks or streams but lots of puddles on occasion.

Aidol was a star. I think the ride was pretty much effortless. I know it certainly looked that way to me. From the look on the woman's face when we got back to where her husband was waiting, I think the woman had fallen in love.

We talked a bit more while getting the horses untacked and loading them back into the trailer. The couple had promised their trainer they would not buy without her checking out any prospects first. They would have to speak with her to even begin to make arrangements.

We went back to our place and talked a bit more before they left. I hadn't told them I had another party coming to see Aidol that very afternoon. I didn't want to put pressure on these people but I also wanted them to know that time would probably be of the essence. There were details about the other buyer that made me think she could possibly make a decision quicker than what this couple was talking about. I wanted them to know about those details so they could make informed choices along the way.

I let them know I had another party coming that very afternoon. If she liked the horse, I knew she would be checking with a trainer too. However, this woman's trainer already knew my horse. If the woman decided she liked Aidol enough to call the trainer, I expected the trainer would tell the woman to go ahead and buy. He wouldn't need to see him first. I wanted these people to know it was possible Aidol might be sold by the time they got back to me.

To be continued...................

The Second Introduction

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  1. Sounds like it went pretty well. Aidol is a good boy, I hope he finds the right home. But then again how could he not with you looking out for him. I'll be waiting to see how the other woman liked him.

  2. Nice that you let them know genlty that they needed to be aware of another buyer. Some sellers will go overboard , and others will say nothing at all

  3. Sounds like your first perspective buyer just might be a match...can't wait to hear about the second and see which way it went...I think if it were me I might have brought my trainer with me, but that is exactly what happened when I bought Boo and she already knew he was a good horse. The trick was seeing if he was right for me.

  4. ah, now i want a ride on aidol!!!


  5. There is nothing quite as beautiful as a fresh Arabian. That lady was probably smitten the second you starting lunging him. My fingers are crossed that he ended up in the perfect home.