Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Birthday......Babies........Surprise and Trouble

Today is May 8 and I can't let that go by without acknowledging the importance of that day here on this Arabian horse breeding farm. It was 4 years ago today that we were blessed with the twins. That's right. Trouble and Surprise are now 4 year olds, if you can believe that.

I'm currently managing a morgan horse show in Monroe and the Evergreen State Fairgrounds so the odds are that Trouble and Surprise are not going to get their usual birthday cake. Dave and Lindsay aren't tuned in to such things as horse birthdays.....but oh lordy ya don't wanna miss one of theirs. However, I'm pretty sure they won't care as long as I make it up to them when I return.

I know it's been a long time since I did an update on the twins so I probably should tell you a little about each. First off, both have grown into beautiful horses. Trouble's face looks just like his mother and Surprise's face is much like her mom's. From their I'd say conformationally Trouble has a neck like his dad's while Surprise's is set on like her grandpa Legs including his beautiful fine throatlatch. Through the body they are both much like the Legs' babies.

The twins are little but not THAT little at just about 14 hands. Considering these lines are known to still grow as late as eight years old, they may not be done with their growing yet.

Trouble and Surprise still live right next to each other but they are no longer turned out together. Trouble used to harass Surprise thinking he might get to breed her even though he's now a gelding. He may have outgrown this behavior but I haven't tested that yet........but I might some day since he's lately been taught some manners by his new older turnout partner.

Trouble was being turned out with Suede, a now four year old stallion but Trouble was kicking the crap out of Suede. For Suede's protection, we had to put a stop to that but I still wanted Trouble to go out with someone so I tried putting him with Doc.

Those of you who've been reading my blog know that Doc is the half Arabian colt born here last year. He's not been gelded yet......but his time is coming soon. Doc's turnout companion has been good ole Dandy who really resents the job of baby sitter but doesn't do anything harmful to the naughty youngsters he gets stuck with. So far Doc, Dandy and Trouble are all doing just fine and Trouble is finally learning he must listen to another horse. Dandy's 16 h frame is a bit intimidating to Trouble, TG!

Surprise on the other hand has mellowed with age. She is no longer able to push her way around the pasture with her older aunts or even the ones born the same year as her. She was the one needing to be protected so I removed her from the field of older horses and paired her up with Scarlet who is only two.

Scarlet and Surprise are getting along famously. They've buddied up well enough in fact that I can put the two of them in with a pair of the other Legs' daughters and they get along just find. Having a good buddy has been just what Surprise needed and Scarlet's big attitude seemed to gell perfectly with Surprise's idea of a friend.

I'm hoping sometime after my round pen dries out to begin some groundwork with both Trouble and Surprise. While I'm too big to be starting either of them, I can sure get them going in the long lines. I've also found someone small enough to actually get them started. I'm thinking Trouble might make a great jumping pony while the focus for Surprise will be light trail riding.

This pic is of the twins' first birthday. Sorry nothing more current on the two in party hats but will work at finding some more recent pics of them individually.


  1. Happy Birthday Suprise & Trouble! Thank you for an update on how the twins are going, I have been wondering about them. Can't wait to see the updated photos of the twins, it will be so cool to see them.

    Karren from Australia

  2. Happy B-Day Trouble and Surprise! I hope you'll post some current photos of them when you get back.

  3. Cute babies! Looking forward to updated pictures.