Friday, March 5, 2010

Looking Back................ Getting Help

Part 1

When I hit the ground after my forced dismount from the Arabian horse, I landed smack dab on the point of my shoulder with the rest of my body smushing me into the ground. Pain shot through my arm as well as up my shoulder and into my neck.

Even though I was dazed, I rolled over onto my back thinking I'd be able to get my bearings. I knew instantly that was a mistake. The pain seemed to course throughout my body at the first sign of movement. I didn't know what I'd done for sure but I knew it was bad.

I needed help but there was no one anywhere near. I tried calling for Lindsay or Dave but evidently neither could hear my calls. Lindsay was out at the barn and Dave was inside the house. There was no response for either of them.

I laid there for a minute trying to figure out what I was going to do. My head cleared enough I could assess the damage a little anyway. From what I could tell my left arm was broken but I was in way more pain that one would expect from just a broken bone. I didn't really know what to think except that I needed to get help........and to get it soon.

I thought maybe if I laid there for a little bit someone might notice me but it didn't take long to decide I could not tolerate waiting, hoping for help. I forced myself to my feet despite the blinding pain that swept over my body.

Stars began swirling around my head as I stumbled towards the gate to the pasture. I remember thinking about childbirth and breathing so I began imitating those old familiar breathing patterns hoping they'd bring me some relief.

I can't really tell you if the deep slow breathing helped or not. What I remember is the searing pain that amplified with each step. Every little movement, concussion had a pain that went with it. The only thing that kept me moving was knowing the pain wouldn't stop even if I did.

I got as far as the back door where I collapsed onto the deck. I managed to get the door open on my way down so I began screaming again for help. Even the force of the screaming caused pain in my body. I fought the urge to pass out knowing I could lay there for hours without anyone knowing I was there. I wasn't about to let that happen. I needed help and I needed it now.

Dave is a tv zoombie. He gets in front of the tube and totally forgets there's a world out there other than on the screen. Breaking his concentration is hard enough being in the same room with him, let alone being outside on the back porch. Again I forced myself to my feet and pushed myself through the pain to get myself into the house.

This time I didn't get nearly as far. Just a few staggered steps down the hall and I fell again. This time I screamed out as I fell. Somehow that screamed pierced Dave's concentration. I heard his frantic response to my horrifying scream. Help was finally on the way.

To be continued.............

The ER

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  1. My goodness ! that is one of my fears as I get older. I no longer ride without a spotter or at least someone knowing to come check on me !

  2. Oh my goodness Mikael! Your description makes me feel like I am right there watching the whole thing in slow motion! That's a sign of a great writer! I've told you this many times before but really you should write a book!!!

  3. I often go visit my horses up at the ranch BY MYSELF (DUH!) and if the owners are inside watching TV and something happened, I would be a goner! And, I'm not getting any younger! I just turned 58! I still have leg issues from my "dismount" (i.e. fall) a year and a half ago. I'm going to TRY to get up on a horse this spring, but WHO KNOWS?

  4. How painful that must have been. And scary too, when no one is around to hear your cries for help. That's why I only try to ride when someone is around.

  5. Getting help is not just for riding. My mom walked out her front door, slipped on some ice on her sidewalk and broke her leg. She had to drag herself back to her front porch and try and wave down passing traffic on the road in front of her house.

  6. FV, it's one of my fears too. I know every time I ride I am taking a chance of getting hurt and not having help. I would probably never get to ride if I waited for someone to be there so I take my chances.

    Midlife Mom, thanks for the vote of confidence. Someday I might actually get a book written.

    desertsandbeyond, I know how that goes not that age has that much to do with it (although I am older than you). I had another fall, this one with a head injury, a couple of years back. I still battle with the fear over that.

    Arlene, I wish I had that luxury. I would prefer to ride with people around but not having an arena at my house means I must haul somewhere to ride. There's not alway someone around when I ride elsewhere. I try to let people know when I should be back so they can come looking for me if something happens.

    Dunappy, you're so right about that. It can happen anywhere. Having an accident with no one around is not good. Hope your mom is recovered from her accident.

  7. This must have been horrible for you!

    I know what you mean about tv zombies though. If my son is watching tv, or worse, on the computer, a bomb could drop and he'd never know unless the power went out.