Saturday, March 6, 2010

Looking Back................ the ER

Part 1

Dave tends to panic whenever things go awry. Seeing me on the floor crying, and clutching my arm didn't do anything but scare him half to death. His immediate reaction was to call 911...... but that's the last thing I wanted to do. I didn't have much confidence that 911 would get me help any quicker than I could get it for myself......with Dave's help, of course.

When he realized I'd be mad if he called 911 for help, Dave tried to get me up so we could go for help. I screamed as he grabbed my arm and told him he needed to get my horse first. I didn't want to leave with Aidol running in the field all tacked up. Before I'd agree to leave, the horse would have to be cared for first.

I'm pretty sure that's not what Dave wanted to do but he knows me well enough to know I won't when I say I won't. He headed out to the field to catch up the Arabian horse and get him put away properly so he could get me the help that I needed.

Dave can be a bit on the slow side sometimes. It seems whenever an emergency happens he seems to find an even slower gear. I must have really scared him on this day though because that's not what happened. He was back before I expected and he had done what I'd asked. Aidol was untacked and put away and more importantly looked none the worse for wear. That was good because I was worried about what kind of effect this accident had on him.

We decided it would probably be best to use the truck to take me to the emergency room. That way I could lay down in the back seat while Dave drove. Getting me into the truck was quite an ordeal and I had to really concentrate not to scream. Each little movement was causing shooting pains in my arm and shoulder.

I never really noticed my truck didn't have the best suspension until that day on the way to the ER. Each little bump in the road jarred me enough to induce more pain. I tried hard to scream at Dave knowing he was trying his best to make it a smooth ride BUT it was the worst trip I've ever made to the hospital. Childbirth was much easier than this!

It's a twenty minute trip from our farm to the closest ER facility. That twenty minutes seemed to last forever. I felt like I was being tortured and if anyone had asked I probably would have told any and all secrets. It was that bad.

Getting to the hospital didn't make it much better. Even though Dave parked right in the front where the emergency vehicles are supposed to part, the whole aspect of getting myself up and into a wheel chair was nothing but more torture. I didn't know why this injury was hurting like this but the only thing saving me at this point was knowing that help would soon follow.

I am not a person who takes drugs for every little thing. I am a bite the bullet type person. I hate the way that drugs make me feel more than I hate pain. This injury, however, felt more like torture than the usual pain I encounter. When the triage nurse looked at my arm and asked about drugs, I willingly nodded my head.

Much to my surprise, they administered drugs before I even got checked in. They hustled me back into a cubicle while Dave did the paperwork part. I was given an IV with a pain killer before I ever saw a doc. Once that was done, I sat there for a while before they got to me.

Later I wondered why drugs had been their first response. I was told they could already see that my arm was broken and my shoulder was dislocated. How much other damage there was needed to be determined but they couldn't do any of that without alleviating some of the pain. They were really worried about me going into shock from the jostling that was happening just moving me around let alone what would happen during their exploratory process.

Even with drugs movement was painful. Not the screaming kind of pain I had been experiencing pre drug induced state......but bad enough I wanted to be somewhere else. I tried hard not to bite the head off of the X-Ray technician for pressing my shoulder just so..........and bending my arm like this...... You have to wonder what they're thinking wanting to move broken dislocated limbs into pretzel like states.

To be continued................

The Diagnosis

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  1. The ride to the hospital sounds awful and I'm sure if you didn't have a few drugs, the technicians wouldn't have been able to get the x-rays. I'm only hoping they put you out before fixing everything.

  2. Just OUCH!!! that sounds miserable!

  3. I'm cringing over here. I can't imagine.

  4. Ugh! Ouch! My husband broke his arm installing the ceiling fan in our kitchen many years ago. I couldn't even look at it! I'm cringing, too!