Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Adventure Continues.........Those Two Other Horses

The Adventure Begins

I still had two other horses to deal with at the US All Arabian National Horse Show. With both horses showing halter, Jesse Saldana was going to be schooling Gypcy and Rhet each day to get them ready to show. I was hoping to get this done without interfering with my schooling times for Legs.

I just got back with Legs after our ride at the lunch break when Jesse let me know he was ready to school Rhet and Gypcy. This was going to be their first training session since we'd arrived at the show and I was a bit concerned about what we'd find when I removed their blankets.

I'd tried to have extra weight on each of these horses before we left home knowing that a trip such as this could take it's toll. With Gypcy not drinking the entire trip and now stressing at the show, I was worried about her. Her weight had been passable at best when we'd left home. God only knew what she looked like now.

Rhet had done some stressing as well. Even though his weight had been great when we departed from Washington, he hadn't been packing the extra pounds I'd hope to carry him through the trip. I wasn't all that confident that he would look good enough to show either. It was with great trepidation that I undressed this colt.

Of course, Rhet is still Rhet. It doesn't matter what I do with him there must be a little drama. He just doesn't seem to be able to stand still. His manners are greatly improved but his quirky personality requires he be doing something............all of the time.

Sooooo while I'm trying to pull of his clothes, the colt is trying to pull off mine. Rhet doesn't really care what article of clothing he's grabbing, just as long as it's attached to me. Aannnnnd, he'd not quite as artful at this as Legs yet, so he'd not always getting just the clothes..........sometimes there's a little hunk of me thrown in as a bonus.

Now when the colt feels that little something extra, he immediately knows he's in trouble. Rhet cannot fly to the back of the stall fast enough. It doesn't matter if I've reacted or not..........he knows it's coming. Chewing on Mom is off limits........there's no doubt in his mind!

Since the colt hasn't been undressed in a couple of days, he's missed out on this sport. It didn't matter that he was tired from the trip. Rhet still feels like he's been cheated of some entertainment so when I walked into his stall, the game was on.

I'm trying to get to buckles and he's trying to get to me. We're circling around the stall in a peculiar dance as I'm barking orders at this colt. Those orders are falling on deaf ears. Rhet had missed his time fencing with me and he has no intention of standing still. All the time Jesse is standing outside waiting for me.

I couldn't help but think of Region 5 when I could hardly catch this colt. I'm sure that Jesse thought we were still playing the same old game. He had no way of knowing this was a new that Rhet was thoroughly enjoying........while me..........I was getting p*ssed off.

Fortunately for Rhet, he can detect that tone in my voice when I've had enough. The colt quit dancing........but he didn't give up the grabbing. He just stood still to do it. That made it easier for me to finally undo the buckles to his many layers of blankets.........but have you ever tried lifting three blankets over a horse's head with the horse grabbing your elbow? Not pretty.........nor effective, I can assure you. If video cams had been rolling it would have been great fodder for You Tube.

I could hear Jesse's response as the clothes feel from the horse. Rhet's condition was clearly in question. I knew if Rhet was bad.........Gypcy would be I was really getting worried. Condition is a big part of showing for halter. Would my halter horses make the grade?

Jesse took Rhet out to the schooling arena right outside our barn. The eyes of those working horses immediately gravitated to this colt. It was reaffirming to see people at this level watching Rhet's schooling so intently. I was sure hoping we were going to get the same kind of reaction from the judges. Only time would tell.

To be continued.............

Those Two Other Horses.......a Little Schooling

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