Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Adventure Continues..........Rhet Shows........

The Adventure Begins

It was easy to see that many of these colts in this class were related. There was so much Marwan breeding and Valentino breeding, the colts were mostly dark bays with little white. These sires were definitely putting their stamp on their foals.

Somewhere along the line I lost count of how many horses had shown. I kept expecting Rhet would be the next horse..........and then the next......yet there was no sign of my colt. It felt like this class had been going on forever but Rhet was supposed to show about in the middle with his assigned slot number fifteen out of thirty-one.

By the time Rhet and Jesse did make their appearance through the ingate, I was beginning to think they'd missed the class. Even watching the video today, it seems like Rhet is much farther down the line than he actually was. I suppose it's having the horses occupy the ring individually that made things take longer.

Rhet came through that gate like the peacock he can be. The music playing was "I'm too sexy!" which Rhet might have appreciated but made me cringe. ....not really the image I have for this colt. (Maybe next time I'll have figured out a song that suits this colt)

The colt's tail was thrown over his back and he seemed to be floating at the end of the lead. Jesse circled Rhet at the entrance before he trotted the horse down the rail. The colt responded like he knew exactly what to do. He only broke into a canter once but quickly came down when asked. He didn't race out in front of Jesse either. That gave the horse the opportunity to strut his stuff all the way down the rail without interference caused by corrections.

Once at the end of the rail, Jesse circled the colt again in a big wide circle right in front of the judges before asking Rhet to walk. The colt came down easily as Jesse requested. Then walked across the arena on a loose rein staying right at the position off Jesse's shoulder that the trainer wanted.

The colt's attitude was great. He seemed to enjoy the low railing where he could see all the people sitting right there at their little tables watching him. There were no signs of fear of this crowd......his big attitude was evident. The colt thought he belonged in this ring showing off to all these people.

Before Jesse stood the horse up in the middle, he stopped Rhet by the rail to fix his forelock and his mane. The colt stood there in all his glory like a king waiting on his attendants to get him ready for an audience. Rhet was definitely in his element.

Jesse walked the colt out into the middle as the announce called out his number, his name, breeder, owner and handler. Then Jesse asked Rhet to strike his pose. Rhet responded like he'd been doing this forever. The colt stretched that neck of his up and out the whole forty miles long it can seem to be. Then he stood there watching Jesse's ever move.

In the past, Rhet has had problems with the number of people walking around him in center ring........but not this time. With five judges, a ring steward or two and a photographer, it seemed like there was a mob out there but it didn't bother Rhet. Other than moving his feet a step or two here and there the colt pretty much stood like a rock.

Not only did Rhet stand well but his face was expressive too. He kept his eye locked on Jesse and with that went his ears.........locked tight together right down to their cute curly little tips. The colt's nostrils flared and his eyes widened as Jesse changed his hand position. I think the colt showed about as much animation as you can get in center ring from a horse that's standing still........heck, the horse even held his tail up the whole time.

The judges moved around in all different directions at the same time. Rhet didn't let their movement take his mind of his job. The colt stayed locked tight on Jesse........even when one of the judges moved in close towards his face. Rhet didn't budge.

When the judges finished their inspection, they signaled Jesse. The man left the colt relax a second before turning him to trot out of the ring. Again the colt was fixed on Jesse. Every command he was there for. They trotted down towards the gate and made one final pass around the end before trotting out of the ring.

I couldn't have asked for this colt to show any better. Nor could I have asked for Jesse to do a better job. Now it was time to wait for the judge's scores.

To be continued.........

The Results

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  1. Wow! Go Rhet! Sounds like success to me.

    So how'd he do?! I can hardly wait!



  2. Oh the suspense!!!

    Don't make us wait too long for the results... :-)

  3. Merry Christmas MiKael! Rhet looks AMAZING in that shot... wow...

    Here's hoping 2010 is an amazing year for you!

  4. I'm gonna be watching the blog this Christmas eve to see if you are gonna give us a Rhett related Christmas present. Sure hope that colt placed well!

  5. MiKael MiKael MiKael, i have had a bad day, please give me something good to end it with!!!!! Sounds like he did fantastic!!!!! Keeping all my fingers toes and thumbs crossed for a good outcome!!

    Merry Christmas to you and all or your four legged babies and two legged family!

  6. Lovely descriptive writing and fabulous colt.