Friday, November 27, 2009

Holiday Posting...........Just a Little Late

With most everyone swarming the stores for Black Friday or zonked out from yesterday's overdose, I don't seem to be able to get myself focused enough to write more on the story of my trip to the US National All Arabian and Half Arabian Horse Show. Instead I thought I'd a bit about out holiday here yesterday.

Having still not really recuperated from my trip.........and the fact my poor house suffered dearly while I was gone, I decided not to have the usual family dinner. I just couldn't seem to convince myself I had enough energy to accomplish the clean-up necessary for such an event, let alone the cooking it takes to pull the thing I called all the kids and cancelled the usual traditional dinner with all those trimmings.

It turns out that seemed to work for most of the family. Number two son, Nick, is currently living in San Diego. I knew in advance he was scheduled to work the holiday so no way was he making it home. Number one son, Bil, was planning on going to Whistler for the holiday with his wife's family so no problem there. Colleen's husband was on call for the city of Tacoma for the day so staying home worked for them. That was all but two who seemed to be pretty much OK with mom taking a holiday off.

I am stuck, however, with Dave and Lindsay. Both hopeless romantics when it comes to holidays and tradition. You'd think I'd told them I was murdering someone..........instead of opting for a quiet holiday.

Dave thought not cooking a turkey was OK since he's the one who does that part here. But the idea of NOT having turkey didn't set so well. Evidently going to a restaurant to have turkey dinner didn't set well either because next thing you know Dave had ordered a complete turkey dinner from...............Safeway. Oh yum..........................LOL But he'd ordered it so that's what we did.

Then Lindsay decided she wanted to make her usual holiday fruit salad. It's nothing fancy.........fruit cocktail, mandarin oranges, bananas, raisins and whipped cream. It all sounds simple enough.............

I was coerced into fixing my sinfully dessert like "pink" salad. Well, ok, so I can't imagine turkey without a little mountain or so of extra calories from that salad, I volunteered to whip it up even though I knew it would totally outclass anything premade by Safeway............heaven help us.

The only thing about this pink salad it requires a bit of timing. Anytime you go mixing sherbet into jello, you can bet there's timing involved, or else you end us with little lumps of jello instead of smoothly blended concoction.

Also in the mix are thawed frozen strawberries, fruit cocktail and crushed pineapple. These things must be well drained or they can turn the whole thing into mush. Since I've been doing this darn salad for over thirty years, I have the timing of draining, cooling and mixing all pretty well down. Yesterday I was right on schedule to throw the whole thing together when what did I see as I can around the corner and into the kitchen but one Siberian Husky who has recently learned the fine art of counter surfing.

That's right..........the Devil Dog has returned. Delilah had her mug in my well drained fruit..............and seemed to thoroughly enjoy the crushed pineapple. The jello may have been appropriately cooled to blend in the sherbet and whipped cream followed by the fruit..............but the fruit was toast............. Dave was off to the store to buy more fruit while I dealt with Delilah......... And this was just the beginning of our holiday.

Here's hoping you all had a great Turkey Day!
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  1. That was unexpected! A dog in the fruit. HA. Years ago I had a cat in the turkey but never a dog.
    Is your Delila part cat?

  2. Uh oh! I'll bet Delilah enjoyed it immensely....until she got caught by you! Whew, Huskies on kitchen counters?? Now that is a habit you'll need to break her of.

  3. LOL oh dear MiKael!!!

    I spent a quiet day with Michelle and Kendal, she cooked a traditional dinner but a small one and we just took it easy.

    Have caught up and am looking forward to hearing more on your adventures (((Hugs))) hope all is well.


  4. Ha ha! Well, at least it was only pineapple and not the turkey, even if it was only a Safeway one!

  5. Gah! Naughty dog! Was the turkey next?