Monday, November 30, 2009

The Adventure Continues.........The First Ride

The Adventure Begins

It was on the day before the horse show actually began that I had my first ride on Legs. We had a chiropractor appointment at 4 and I wanted to get one trip around the pen so I could see if the long trailer ride had affected my already hurting horse.

I had the horse worked on by the chiropractor at home right before we'd left. He'd found Legs in dire enough straights, he insisted the horse would need another adjustment as soon as we reached the show. I've never gotten that kind recommendation from Dale before. I knew it meant my horse must really be hurting for Dale to suggest such a thing. If I expected this horse to give me his all, I needed to make sure he was capable of that.

Evem though the horse hadn't worked in two weeks, I just took Legs right up to the arena and got lungeing, no nothing. I've never been a big fan of getting a horse tired before working. I wasn't going to change my routine just because this was the US All Arabian National Championship Show.

I could pretty much tell the horse wasn't going to stand still for me to mount. Yet I was confident he would be just fine once I threw my leg over the saddle and began to school. That's what Legs would do at home........and it's certainly what I expected here.

That right there is what was different about this first ride than the first ride with Dandy those fourteen years ago. I could feel my confidence. I didn't feel out of my element or overwhelmed like that new kid on the block. I knew what to do to get the job done and I was comfortable with that.

I may not show every year at nationals like many of these folks but I know I belong horse belongs here. Even if Legs is not exactly at that vision I have been working towards, he's still doing well enough to be out there with horses like these.........and I know what it takes to get him through to that vision I am working towards. I can feel it. I can taste it. I'm ready for this.........even if the horse is not perfect. I was looking forward to riding my horse this venue.

That insecure woman riding Dandy all those years before is gone. I half smiled as the recognition of this confidence swept over me. I looked around and spotted someone I knew to ask for a hand holding a stirrup so I could mount my horse. Then I climbed on and rode the horse I expected to have.

We took a couple of trips around the warm-up arena flexing and bending before we entered the Ford Truck Arena. Legs was hot as expected but trying hard to give me what I wanted. I could feel all of that pent up energy contained beneath me. With a little reassurance my horse was beginning to settle in.

The differences between this ride and that first ride on Dandy many years ago crossed my mind. Poor Dandy had been jumping out of his skin and running off at every little thing. He had not had the reassurance of a confident rider to ease his fears. Dandy had tried every bit as hard as Legs, the difference in outcome was about the difference in me.

It felt good to have my confidence be that solid. Yet I wondered, would it stay that way. Being totally on my own at this show, would I stay confident or would lifes little challenges throw me a curve ball capable of knocking that confidence down a peg or two. A lot had happened on this trip ......... and a lot can happen at a horse show..............particularly one like the US National Arabian Horse Show.

To be continued............

The Horse Show Begins

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  1. Oh I can't wait to hear your opinion of Legs' class.

  2. And you deffinetly had a good ride in his class! Here's a picture to prove it. Ok, have to send picture by email.

  3. I am so glad we are catching up and looking forward to hearing more on your adventure.

  4. OOOOH, this was an awesome post to read! Filled full of captivating sentences and suspense, and wanting to read more! It's exciting to read how Legs has so much horse and spirit in him, and when you're on his back, you have so much horse under you... it is truly amazing to be able to ride a horse like that. And to ride a horse with so much confidence, makes the ride all the more amazing. I love riding confidently, and riding a horse who is confident. I recently lost my horse, as you know... which really sucks, because my horse was very confident, and I was becoming a really good rider, and becoming so confident and then life threw me a bad ball. I would love to come down and visit your horses, spend time with you and your horses... and give them lots of love and hugs and smell that great spicy horse smell when you have your arms wrapped around their neck and head on their shoulder, and maybe that could bring me some joy. I sure miss having an Arabian to be around. Who knows, maybe you'd even let me saddle up and ride one of your Arabians? And for surely help clean stalls too huh? heh heh heh ;P. It's true, I miss the smell of horse poo! So one of these days, I have to come help out in your barns, and ride too... I miss riding and interacting with my horse, and I don't think just any old horses would do, it would have to be Arabian horses... hopefully soon, I sure have been having with drawls, and it doesn't help just to see them just because I'm in the car, driving by.. I need much more quality time than that...