Sunday, October 18, 2009


Now with that version of a Horse-aholics questionaire under your belt, I thought it might just be appropriate to devise a questionaire of my own. This is probably more along the lines of Show-aholics but I think there are some questions all horse lovers can relate to............

1. Do your horse activities cause you to prioritize your life in a way that makes others think you've lost touch with reality?
2. Do you find yourself driving huge distances going places you've never been or would never go if it wasn't for a horse activity there?
3. Do you own a show shirt or maybe boots that cost more than what you'd spend on your personal wardrobe over several years?
4. Are new chaps or chinks more important than designer handbags?
5.Is camping something you loathe but you'd do it in a minute to get to see the nationals or some other important horsey finals?
6. Do you look disdanefully at those cheesy cowboy hats the wannabees wear knowing REAL cowboys wear REAL cowboy hats?
7. Do you think a good Resitol should be $500 or more?
8. Will you drive across the country alone to get somewhere horse related when you won't even go to the mall by yourself?
9. Do you allow yourself to be compressed into a good sports bra just so you won't jiggle when you ride just because you want your horse's loop to look smooth?
10. When you look at a picture of you and your horse is it more important how the horse looks?
11. Does your horse's winter coat cost more than your kids?
12. Are you willing to give up chocolate or lattes to buy that new bridle?
13. Do you set up lights on your horse in the winter to keep him from growing winter hair?
14. Will you buy your horse the best feed available but only buy day old or older stuff for yourself?
15. Are you willing to live in the back of your horse trailer for a week so you can participate in a horse activity?
16. Does your idea of a fashion statement relate to how you look on your horse?
17. Are you terrified of tornados but willing to go to tornado country in the middle of tornado season because there's an important horse activity there.......or a new horse to maybe purchase?
18. When you hear the word "hunter" is the first think you think of a horse?
19. Is the only use your silver polish gets to clean bridles, reins and saddles?
20. Do you think Murphy's Oil Soap was made to clean leather, the heck with the hardwoods?
21. When you think about preparations for departing for a long horse show, are all of those things about what you'll need when you're gone. The husband and kids can fend for themselves?

Now I could tell you if you've answered YES to any of these things where that might just leave you but I'm pretty sure if you can relate to any of these you already "get" where you are!

By now I should have completed leg two of my trek to Oklahoma. Hopefully Dave let me take his laptop and I'll be able to update soon...........


  1. Yes. Yes. Repeat 19 more times!! I guess you could say I'm a "show-a-holic!" I'm so excited for you to be going to Nationals. I do hope you will be able to update us while you're there.

  2. Glade you brought the computer. I live just north of Tulsa and am planning to be at Nationals everyday. Hopping to meet you in person, have a very safe journey!

    PS I can answer yes to all the questions from both!