Friday, October 16, 2009

More Counting Down.........Or Do We Have Lift Off?

I can't believe how the time has flown during this count down. I had so much too do and so little time. I knew I needed it all done but didn't know if I could make such a schedule. Once I lost that day with my head spinning, I was hard pressed to get through everything.

This morning I had high hopes with only Legs left to body clip and packing to do I might just make it. Then once the clipping actually started and "Life" did its usual throwing more stuff that hope slowly began to fade.

Even my new no 10 blades did not want to go through Legs' coat. Despite a thorough bathing the horse seemed to gummy underneath the hair. The blades told the story before I ever was able to feel the problem. The result was the clipping was taking twice as long as usual.

At one point I got so frustrated, I decided I would rebathe Legs. Even with that I wasn't able to resolve the problem. I could see and feel the gunk on Legs' coat even after his bath.

I don't really know what the culprit was. It kind of reminded me of how an oil slick acts on the beach. A bath in cold water was not going to resolve it. It did wash off the dirt that was clinging to this stuff but not the oil itself.

What I needed was warm water and even if I could have gotten it, I'm not sure that would have fixed things. I've never seen anything quite like this before......but getting ready for nationals, it makes sense that now would be the time.

Legs went back to his stall to dry while I spent the time in the house working on my packing and other minor details like editing a breeding contract.......oh yeah, I actually got some lunch. Then I was back out to finish clipping Legs.

It's not the prettiest clip job I've ever done but it will have to do. Depending how it looks when I arrive in Tulsa, I may do the whole thing over. I hope that' s not the case but I'll fix it if it doesn't look better with a little growing out.

When I finished with Legs I packed up everything that was ready, mostly the horses things. Then I headed into the house for a shower........finally I'm done with the horrible itching that goes with body clipping.

Next I began laundry.........and that's where I still am. I have three loads of clothes to finish before I can hit the sack. While I'm waiting on the laundry, I worked on printing out those breeding contracts, a sale flyer for Gypcy, more miscellaneous packing for me and making a special jello salad for my son's birthday party on Sunday............a party I won't be able to attend because I'll be on my way to I guess you could say we DO have lift off. I hit the road in the morning.

Details to follow...........

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  1. Have you considered getting a hott wash or some other kind of portable water heater? They come in different sizes, you can take them to shows and considering how many horses you have to wash, it would probably make your life a hell of a lot easier. When you're done with it, you can unplugged so you won't have a water heater wired into your barn if that's a concern. I find that horses get a lot more cooperative with warm water baths and the baths themselves are far more productive in getting them clean. I can't blame the horses -- who wants to get drenched in ice cold water?

  2. Safe travels. I hope to see you on webcams!

  3. Whew! Good luck, hope everything works out well for you and the horses.

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