Sunday, September 20, 2009

Region 5 Championships....... The Colt's Class...Placings Part 2

Part 1

My Arabian yearling colt on the other hand had different ideas. For him the show was not over just because he'd exited the arena. With people milling around outside there was still an audience. For Rhet that meant showtime.

As soon as the lead had exchanged hands between Jesse Saldana and me, Rhet curled his tail over his back and began to prance. Snorting and blowing he clearly called for attention. We may have been making our way back towards his stall but my colt was taking the opportunity to strut his stuff.

Rhet wasn't trying to drag me. He made sure he stayed in his required box at my side. Yet every step had enough impulsion to cause that floaty trot the Arabian horse is known for as my colt trotted nearly in place. All the while Rhet turned his head from side to side as if surveying his kingdom.

I would have laughed out loud at this display but I didn't want to offend him. To Rhet this was serious business and I wanted him to keep believing in it. As long as he has this show horse attitude, he'll get us where we're going.

I heard several comments along the way as we made our way back to Rhet's stall. This exhibition was not going unnoticed. This shadow in the night was gaining a following. At the sound of each voice the colt just blew all the louder.

It wasn't until we actually moved into the permanent barn that Rhet came down at all. The prancing stopped.......and so did the snorting and blowing.....but the colt still held his head high as he surveyed the world around him. The audience may have been gone but Rhet was still drinking in the excitement of this night.

Even when I put the horse into the stall and tried to wipe the oils from his face, Rhet was still "up" with excitement. He forgot about the fear of someone reaching towards his poll and just enjoyed the towel rubbing on his face. Only when it was time to remove the show halter did the horse change gears.

I had to go through the whole routine of putting the stable halter over the show halter while pulling the crown piece far down his neck taking the pressure off the show halter at the horse's poll. Next I dismantled the show halter by first removing the lead and the chain. Then I was able to push the halter up towards the colt's poll to loosen its grip on that position. Once it popped up, I quickly slipped the crown over Rhet's ears and pulled it down his face.

Rhet flew backwards with this last move and stood at the back wall shaking his head. I gave him a minute to think about what had just happened. Then I moved closer to remove the stable halter. This time Rhet just stood there to be turned loose. Maybe he was beginning to get this whole thing.

By this time Dave arrived back at the stalls with a copy of the score sheet. All I really wanted to know at this time was how my colt had placed in this class. The actual scores I would look at tomorrow when I was home. Dave had already checked that placing.............Rhet was scored third overall.

I put the score sheet in a safe place and the feverish packing began. Dave hooked up my horse trailer and by the time he brought it around, I had everything ready to load.

I had no problem catching Rhet in his stall this time. The colt must have sensed we were going home. He walked right up to me, even dropped his head just a bit as I put on his halter.

I walked the colt out of the barn and around the corner to the horse trailer. Rhet didn't hesitate from one moment. He jumped into that horse trailer with an attitude that clearly spoke, "It's about time!" Rhet was ready to head home.

It took all of twenty minutes and we were pulling out of the parking lot and headed home. I'd hoped to have Dave drive because I was exhausted from a day of wrestling with Rhet. But Dave's not all that comfortable pulling horses so in the end I did most of the driving. It was midnight by the time we reached home.

As we turned the corner onto our street, the horse trailer began to rock and roll. Above my noisy diesel I could hear Rhet's voice announcing his return. I swear every horse on our farm answered him. By the time I took the horse off the trailer all the "hellos" had been said. Rhet walked quietly into his stall looking for a midnight snack. I closed his stall door and headed for my own bed. I'd think about the events of this night tomorrow, for now, all I wanted was sleep.

To be continued.............

The Judges Scores

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  1. THIRD!!!!! Congratulations!!!! :)

  2. Congratulations again. He's a beautiful horse with loads of character, I'm glad he did so well in his placings.

  3. Congratulations! How exciting! Rhett sounds like such a character.
    Just curious, what kind of trailer do you use?

  4. How satisfying! Rhet agreeing it's time to go home...helping (in his way) with the barn halter, and loading...AND 3rd!!! HOORAYYYY!!!
    He really is a handsome boy!

  5. That colt is awesome!! He is getting more and more show wise, isn't he? It's great to hear his placing. He could easily move into champion or another reserve at Nationals, couldn't he?
    I love his coloring!!

  6. Congratulations to you both, and may both of you rest well....

  7. Congratulations! What a beautiful horse! ;)