Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Region 4 Championships......Waiting

Waiting for the verification of numbers in regional championship classes is a pain. It feels like it takes forever when you're sitting on the rail watching. It feels like twice that long when you're sitting on the back of a horse waiting to hear your fate.

On this particular day I already knew my fate. I just wanted the class to be over. I wanted to head back to my stalls and just be done with it. I was looking forward to NOT worrying about the red stallion and what might happen anymore. That was enough for me..........yet I had to stand there waiting just like everyone else. It was sheer torture.

When they did finally let us exit the arena, I was not surprised to see that my number did not appear on the white board. Melanie from our barn on Khemosabi Miss had made the top five however. The forty and overs in our barn were definitely pulling our weight. Each of us had won a top five at this regional championship. There would be another day for Legs and me in the amateur owner class.

Back at the stalls, I again checked out my horse's back. Even though he'd been good, he just didn't seem his usual self to me. I wasn't surprised to find a mass of heat in the horse's hip. I immediately called Marc DePaola. Legs had amassed the toxins released from the original treatment right at the site of the injection. It would take a special drug to get those toxins to disperse.

After I got the treatment for Legs take care of I checked the judge's cards,. I learned we weren't as far off as I'd thought. Even though because of that troll Gary Dearth had scratched us off his card , we were ranked sixth in the class.The absolute best finish I've ever had in the AAOTR western pleasure. I was ecstatic! I may not have gotten one of those green sweepstakes ribbons or even another burgundy top five one, but I had valuable information to use in making my decision about nationals. Now it was time to get ready for Rhet's class.

To be continued.....................

Rhet's Big Day

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