Tuesday, April 7, 2009

An Odds and Ends Kind of Day..............

It was an odd day today. I had an appointment to get my haircut in Tacoma at 1:15 pm. That meant I could squeeze in working only one load of horses before I had to leave here.

Having an appointment at this time really breaks up my day but it's the earliest slot available with my friend, Vicki, who does a good job of cutting my wild hair. A later appointment would mean I could work more horses before I leave but then I have to deal with rush hour traffic in Tacoma...............and for me with double vision, that's just NOT good.

So I have to settle for this goofy split up day for something that's really not high on my list of priorities. I swear I'd be perfectly happy to never get a hair cut if the stuff would just stay out of my face. When it comes to style, I really don't care as long as it's wash and wear. I've not got the time to be messing with such. I'd much rather spend my time playing with the horses's hair than ever touching mine.

I'd already rescheduled this appointment once and I didn't dare do it again. Show season is coming and I to be somewhat presentable. No tufts of hair sticking out from under my cowboy hat in odd places. That's the only reason I kept this appointment.........

While I was getting this "stylish" haircut (sorry Vicki, I know it's stylish to you but to me all that counts is easy and neat.) the vet's office called wanting to reschedule my appointment for Vee from tomorrow to today.
Making that change meant I wouldn't have another broken day tomorrow so I jumped at the chance. When I got home from the haircut, I made a quick pit stop. Then loaded up Vee and headed off for the vet.

Once there he examined a large lump on Vee's right jowl. Not entirely certain what was causing the lump, he aspirated it with a needle hoping to find an easy solution to the problem. An mass of unknown origin could be tricky to remove because the location was right next to a "hub" of nerves and an artery making the possibility of complications highly likely.

Thankfully, the aspiration produced clear serum. The offending lump is none other than a bruise. Whatever Vee did to cause such a thing, we'll probably never know, but at least it is something that should go away. Hot packs four times a day were recommended to aid the healing. Whodda thunk, $133 for nothing but a bruise? However, I'm really glad that surgery was not required. The last one of those for this mare's face was over $500 so I'm going to count myself lucky all around this time.

Now tonight, I off to a Daffodil Arabian Horse Association Board of Directors meeting turning this day into one of those that feels like I got absolutely nothing done when I really ran myself silly. I hate days like this.......glad I don't have too many of them.

The only fun part of this day was sneaking in a quick stop at Watson's Nursery on my way home for the haircut. I had a gift card burning a hole in my pocket and I could just drive right by Watson's on my way home from the haircut.........I just couldn't!!!!!!!!! without stopping in to see if they had something special I might use this card for........

Watson's is one of my favorite nurseries. I can hardly afford to go there because I am always sooooooooo tempted. Today was no different, I spent way more than my gift card allowed but at least now I have a little motivation to clean up my flower beds after this nasty, mean winter. Something pretty and blooming in my gardens will definitely be appreciated.

This pic is my friend, Bev, and her half-Arabian gelding by Legs. I think he's a yearling in this pic. I meant to post it long before now but keep forgetting. He's a reall pretty boy and very talented too. Also He has the same disposition of the other Legs' babies, very friendly and kind of a goof ball. Always getting into mischief with his abundant curiousity. (If I didn't get this right Bev, please let me know.)

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  1. OOH! I love Watson's!! I, too, am alwaystempted to spend mucho dinero whenever I go there. Thankfully I don't live in super close proximity, or I'd be in major trouble. I only schedule a trip there when I have something specific that I'm after. Of course, something else usually gets purchased too, but hey, a girl's gotta get her gardening fix! Happy planting!

  2. Oh do I hear you about the haircut!! I called my hair dresser 2 days ago after putting it off for a month, my favourite hairdresser is away on maternaty leave, and my second choice is booked up til a week after Easter. So I just put it off, for another month perhaps!

  3. You're absolutely correct about Nugget. He was a yearling in that pic, and by now he's two, and his withers are over my shoulder (not that I'm a giant...far from it). He is a goofball...will willingly forego food for a friently pat; loves to have his nose over your shoulder and to cuddle; thinks that jeans were made for chomping, especially in that crease behind your knee. All around sweet boy.

  4. I got a hair cut the other day too!! Cool!! I hope yours turned out great!! No picture?? And that little yearling is adorable!! I am such a sucker for bays!