Monday, April 6, 2009

The Mares Are BACK!!

Finally, Dave got the new addition to the barn finished at the end of last week. Despite lots of snow, sleet and high winds, the final pieces of tin were put on the roof. The doors were hung and new latches added. The mats were put in place, the lights are up and even the water buckets filled so I could retrieve my mares.

So early Sunday morning I arose and headed off to Boulder Knolls to collect my missing broodmares. It's been months since they graced my pastures and I've really missed these girls.

Not only that but I've worried about these horses too. No one takes the kind of care of my horses that I do. You know how that goes. We have an idea in our mind what proper care is and we think that others feel the same only to find out that their ideas of "good care" and ours just aren't the same. But sometimes we're committed or even stuck (as in my case with no stalls) and the best we can do is wait it out hoping it will all be OK in the end.

The first mare I retrieved from her stall was Heiress. She came running in from her paddock at the sound of my voice. The mare was clearly telling me off for taking so long.......either that or she was upset that I didn't have breakfast........but I prefer to think she was complaining about her stall that hadn't been cleaned in probably a week and how that kind of care just doesn't suit a princess like her.

Heiress sure didn't look back once we headed out the door. Although she wasn't sure she wanted to be the first one in the trailer either. She was definitely calling to her buddy, Aana, telling her we were heading for home.

Dave brought his favorite mare, Faye, up to the trailer. The horses didn't give getting in a second thought. As a matter of fact she beat me into the trailer despite the ruckus Heiress was making for Aana still back in her stall. Faye stood there looking at me, "Come on, Mom, tie me up and let's go!"

Then I went to collect Aana who by this time was beginning to sweat. I think she thought she was being left behind. There was no way that's what she wanted. She practically drug me to the trailer which is not her usual style. Since that vehicle is NOT her favorite place, I'll have to read that she was more than ready to see the green fields of home again........even if they are brown with mud this time of year.

The mares rode quietly home until I rounded the corner onto our street. Then the trailer because to rock n roll as the mares began to prance in excitement. At the same time a deafening roar went up as all three mares called out to the waiting herd. It was not stop bedlam in that trailer, I swear.

From the barns, those calls were returned by each and every member of the herd. You'd think after six months they'd forget........but they don't. The whole farm was a buzz with the excitement of the homecoming. I'll bet the neighbors were not expecting this kind of wake up call on a Sunday morning.

Heiress was NOT happy to be the last one off the trailer. Again, I heard what a princess she is and why she should have been first! But she did settle down once she realized her new digs were right next to her buddy, Aana.

Oh yes............and Legs is really glad to see his mares are home just in time for breeding season.

I can't even tell you what a relief it is to finally have my horses back in my care. I hope I never have to have them split up again. There's just no place like home for my horses!

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  1. Awwwww...that's so sweet! Glad your mares are home now!! :)

  2. I bet they loved being home again. I don't have stalls for all my horses either, but I do have more acreage than you currently. There are shelters and they do share the space, so it works. I couldn't imagine having some of my horses anywhere but at home.

  3. You are so right about having them home. I guess I'm lucky that the place I have been boarding mine taught me most of what I know, so I always have the confidence they are cared for in the same way I would. I'm sure they would argue they aren't spoiled nearly as much, but they'd tell you we all starve them too, and they're too chubby to be believable!

  4. How totally precious. I'm sorry their temporary digs weren't up to par. Must have been a tough winter for them.
    They'll be in heat right away now.

  5. Sweet telling of homecoming. =)

  6. Aaaaahhhh, how satisfying! I can imagine how relieved you are. Horray!!!

  7. They are all beautiful but I do love the one in the center photo, what a stunning horse. So glad everyone is back home and can relax in a familiar place.

  8. "You'd think after six months they'd forget"

    my guess is that horses don't forget any more than people do. I've heard waayyyy too many stories about horses that meet up with long lost pals and there is a grand reunion.

  9. Its amazing how they remembered. Glad they're home!!!

  10. As gorgeous as all these mares are, I have to agree with Dave, and say my favorite is Faye. It definitely shows off her beauty the best, but all your horses have TONS of beauty! the picture is the best of the three, that's for sure. Oh, and I guess I should mention, I have a thing for gr. Arabian horses :). I love gr. Arabians. Maybe I'm partial to them because my first Arabian is gr. ...

    Another thing am noticing about Faye in this picture is, what a strong and powerful Arabian mare she appears to be. And what beautiful faces they have on their strong bodies. I really like a nice looking Arabian, with nice color (I have yet to see an ugly colored Arabian though, lol) that is really strong.

    Over at LOC's blog, she just got a gr Arabian mare, who looked like a skeleton, and I just went to her blog today and saw how she's looking now, and immediately I noticed how much better and stronger she looks, because she's been getting better care now. She definitely has improved, and I've definitely noticed the improvement.
    She looks so much happier now, I can see a smile on that mares face. I swear there is a smile on that mares face. I swear.

  11. I cant get a close enough look at your mares faces to see if I can see smiles or not, but I bet there are smiles on their faces too :)