Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Horse Related Injuries

Loving horses can have it's down side. Mostly, for me, that would be the possibility that I might get hurt. I've been pretty lucky over the years and nothing really serious has happened to me. Or maybe it would be more correct to say that nothing I THOUGHT was really serious has happened. In hindsight I must admit there's a couple of instances where I should have gotten medical attention when I did not. I am lucky because nothing bad happened those times.

My friend, Lori, was kicked in the head by a horse about a month ago. From what I can tell with no health insurance she opted not to go to a doctor. I've been worried about her since I first heard of this accident. No one knows better than me what a head injury can mean. Also no one knows more than me what dangers lie in not seeking treatment for such an injury so I have been worried about my friend.

Efforts to contact her have been fruitless adding to my concern. Then yesterday she posted a picture of her injury.

Now I'm even more worried. Lori is having trouble thinking and I certainly understand why. Not being able to contact her means I cannot talk to her about my concerns either, which doesn't help my worrying.

I know that anytime during the healing process things can go wrong with a head injury. Certainly an injury like this probably includes broken bones in Lori's face as well as trauma to her brain. Neither of these types of injuries should be left untreated. The long term ramifications of such are something I don't even want to thing about.

Since I cannot make contact with my friend about the only thing I know I can do is pray and ask others to pray for my friend as well. Hopefully that will be enough to see her safely through recovery. So please......pray for Lori. I think she really needs our help.


  1. I'm sorry you can't talk to your friend about her accident - I know how that feels, wanting to help and then not being able too...don't give up, be there when she comes to you.

    You are a good friend.

  2. Lori,

    If you're reading this, please go get an MRI. I, too, know that head injuries can leave serious, lasting damage. It's better to be safe than sorry and hospitals have funds to help cover bills for those without insurance. You just need to talk to the hospital and apply for help. Not having insurance or the finances shouldn't keep you from seeking treatment for a potentially life threatening injury.

  3. I saw Lori's photo of her bruises the other day, and you're right she should definetly go and get a check up. I'm too worried about not hearing anything from her, but I'm taking it as a sign she's laying down with a big glass of orange juice (alcohol might not be the best thing!) resting her head and watching lots of crappy daytime telly. I'm sure she'll be fine!

  4. Wow, I will definitely add Lori to my prayer list. That is very scary.

  5. Wow - that is scary. I hope that Lori is ok. I looked at the picture she posted - wow. Head injuries are not something you mess around with. I've got my fingers crossed for her...

    Living in Canada, we don't have to pay for health care. Every time I read about something like this in the US, it makes me realize how lucky we are. I can't imagine NOT going to the hospital/doctor for something.

    Are there no options for someone without insurance? Some kind of program or aid?

    I really hope she is ok...

  6. Mikael - Thanks for letting everyone know what's going on. I hope that all our support will help Lori heal quickly and make the decisions she is trying to make about her health easier for her.

  7. Oh no, will be praying for her. Head injuries can be very serious, praying she gets the medical attention she needs. You're a great friend, stand by her and be there when she gets ready to lean.

    Congrats on the awards and new foal! Miss a few days and tons of things happen!

  8. I took a look at her injury and it looks painful, I do wish she would just go to the ER and let them take a look at her and at least get an x-ray. You never know what's lying beneath the bruises and that's a bad spot for an injury. Hope she gets help.

  9. MiKael, It is certainly a mean looking injury and good for you for posting about it. I hope Lori will go seek help, too. We all love her.

  10. Sending healing thoughts and the hope that Lori goes in for treatment immediately.

  11. Wow that looks horrible. I felt like going to the doctor when my horse kicked me in the calf!!! I think a head shot would be a definite, insurance or not (which is the boat I'm in too, but I would rather pay for that the rest of my life than pay for it WITH my life) An MRI is only about $2000 (I had a breast MRI and with no insurance, that's about how much it was). Life is worth more than that to you and those around you for sure. They will let you make small monthly payments.

  12. As a med tech - SHE NEEDS TO GET THAT LOOKED AT! Seriously. The location combined with her 'confusion' lately - she could have something going on that might not rear it's ugly head for a bit yet - such as a blood clot.

    Praying for her. You are a good friend - pass on our thoughts.

  13. Oh my! What a terrible hit she took in the head!!!! I do hope she finds a way to get it checked as she most definitly got a concussion at best! Thank you for telling us about her so that we can put it on our prayer list!!

    Thank you so much for the award Mikael! I am always so touched when someone sends an award my way. It's not the reason we blog but everyone likes a pat on the head so to speak. It's fun and made my day!

    Loved that video too!

  14. Criminy! All the above are correct.

    There's a reason that Pony Club requires young riders to wear a helmet when working around horses.

  15. O M Gosh it really means a lot to me to know that there are so many of you out there that care.

    I know I was foolish not to go and get it looked at and that the hospital will offer assistance if need be so my husband is sharing your thoughts, he wanted to get an ambulance out for me!! I was horrified and refused to go. I didn't really know how bad the injury was until this photo was taken 8 days afterwards as it was on the side of my face so not clearly visible even with the aide of a mirror. I have to say it shook me up a bit when I saw it. I was very careful for 5 days after, had someone in to take care of the horses and laid low, believe it or not I took up crocheting which I havent done for years, now I have a box full of goodies that I have made. I will be posting a writeup on what happened because I along as a lot of others can learn a lesson from this experience. Fortunately I am fully recovered except that the lobe of my ear (the cartlidge) is still pretty sore). The laying low was partially because of my depression, that makes motivation really hard but that is a whole nother story as MiKael knows.

    Thank you everyone for your thought, prayers and words of encouragement they really mean a lot (((((Hugs)))))

  16. I will most definitely be praying