Saturday, January 17, 2009

Back in the Saddle Again..........

The title should be sufficient but since I said I was going to try to ride next week. I should probably explain just a bit. I couldn't stand another day without riding, so I climbed up on not one but two horses today. It would probably be appropriate to also add the video Cowgirls Don't Cry as well. But since I just used that video in a post a couple of days, I'll just leave it at this, that song now has new meaning for me. I'm pretty sure you can figure out the rest.

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  1. It's great to hear you're back in the saddle again, but take it easy! Haha what am I saying, I know if it were me I'd be doing the same thing! =P

  2. Well, it's great that you are riding again. But take it easy, you don't want to slow down your recovery. Still wish I could do it too, but I'm just not mobile enough to be safe yet.


    Walk softly, my friend ;) But ride it like ya stole it!

  4. Ouch! If you push it, you might have to wait longer to get back to normal.
    I'm glad you at least feel good enough to want to get on board.

  5. Go MiKael! Hang in there. If you care for yourself as well as you care for your horses, you'll be in great shape asap.

  6. Gecko, I'm glad to be back riding again too. I really missed it. And I am taking it easy.....if I wasn't I'd have ridden all 6 horses that got worked yesterday. LOL but pretty sure my bottom wouldn't have been happy.

    Arlene, I sorry, I didn't realize that you weren't able to ride yet. It must be driving you nuts. Do they have an idea when you might be playing your own version of Back in the Saddle Again ?

    Thanks for your concern. I had a frank conversation with my doc to be sure riding would do no damage to my healing process. He says I'm fine.......just it will be painful. Pain, I can handle but I sure wouldn't want to go through this again because I messed something up.....that, I couldn't handle.

    Mrs Mom, Believe me, I'm being careful.........Teehee, I've never heard "ride it like ya stole it!" That's pretty funny.

    Molly, At this point I'm not even sure what normal is, but the doc say riding wouldn't do any damage, just pain. I've never been one to let pain slow me down and it feels really good to be riding again....although my bum is a tad sore this morning, not enought to stop me from riding again. Although our next training day isn't until Tuesday. I would ride today if we were working horses though.......and after all the time out of the saddle, Tuesday feels like forever.

    Horseypants, Thanks for the vote of confidence. I sure wouldn't do anything to keep me out of the saddle if I could help it. Show season is coming......and I have babies to train! LOL

  7. yay! good for you :-) it's always getting that first ride out of the way... i can't wait to get back to it!

  8. i love that song ! You go git 'r done !

    gp in montana

  9. Good for you! It feels great, doesn't it? At least mentally! Hopefully the pain won't be too bad! It's been a while since I've ridden, too (over a month.) It felt good, I was relaxed. I tend to tense up a bit when I haven't ridden in a while, almost expecting something bad to happen. And on a horse that hasn't been ridden in a while, that isn't a good combination.