Thursday, January 15, 2009

Cowgirls Don't Cry.......

I know I promised I would begin my post about long lining today. But when I said that I had forgotten what a difficult day today would be. I had a memorial service to attend for one of my friends and I think I'm going to do a quick post on that instead.

First off, I'd like to say the service was to celebrate the life of Russell Hornbuckle. He is the father of my friend, Crystal Baker, who I've mentioned here more than a time or two. Russell died after a year and a half struggle with stomach cancer. Russell was a gem and he will be missed.

The service was a lovely tribute to Russell. They played this video for the song, Cowgirls Don't Cry by Brooks and Dunn with Reba McIntrye. While I'm not much of a crier and this song really could be my theme song, the tears began to flow just a bit at the sight of that little girl looking through the fence longingly at her daddy.

They couldn't have picked a more appropriate video and song for Crystal Baker and her life with her dad right from that first ride. Her rough spots were different than the video but Russell was always there for her through them. I know how much it broke her heart to loose him.

After the video was finished they had a slide presentation of Russell and his life. Just about the very first picture was Russell on a horse. From there on out there were all those pictures that showed Russell, Margie (his wife), Crystal and her sister living just like in the video. From horse shows, to trail rides, to delivering foals, and even taking their horses swimming. Horses and family are rolled together. The grandkids came along and it was more pony time. It really was a celebration of a great and loving man and his passion for his family and his horses.

In the recent post on Patrick Swayze there were comments about Patrick being "real." Well, Russell Hornbuckle was a "real" man too. He was kind and thoughtful and always helping someone out........whether he knew them or not, it didn't matter. What was important was they needed help.

Someone told the story about Russell always helping strangers. One time he stopped on Pacific Ave in Tacoma to help out a woman he thought was in trouble. As it turned out, the woman didn't need the kind of help Russell thought. (These are the cleaned up words of the story teller, if you know about Pac Ave in Tac, you'll get what this means.....) the woman was looking for a date."

The entire room burst into laughter at the thought of Russell innocently trying to help ............a hooker! That would have been Russell, all right! A bit naive, in love with life and kind as kind can be.......and he's raised kids who are just like him.

I think that's maybe why Crystal Baker and I are friends. She has that same naive, in love with life attitude as her dad.........and she is as honest and caring as they come. I'm going to miss Russell Hornbuckle but I'm sure glad he left behind great people like his daughter, Crystal, to be my friend.

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  1. Sorry for your loss, he sounds like a wonderful man.
    When I saw the video for that song, man, I just cried! It gets to hubby as well!

  2. It's always sad to lose a good guy like him, but he left a good family and good memories for everyone.

  3. I'm so sorry for your and your friend's loss. What a wonderful way to remember him though!

  4. Hi MiKael
    A great post today, memories have been in the forefront of my mind a lot since losing my dad in September and it is so good to be able to Celebrate their lives rather than mourn their passing. My sympathies to Crystal, what a great relationship to have had and for you a great friend. What a wonderful thing to leave this life with so much love and to leave such positive memories(((Hugs)))


  5. Well, I guess turn about's fair play. I made you tear up a couple times earlier this you're doing it to me.

    I love that song. Makes me tear up just listening to it. Sounds as though Crystal was blessed to have such a dad.

  6. I've read your other blog. I know that you are not naive about the bad, ugly, mean side of life. I am SO glad that you have this woman in your life to shine a pure, happy light on to you.

  7. That video is amazing. I love Reba. Sorry for your loss. People like that are priceless.

  8. I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of Crystal's father.

    His little hooker story makes me giggle because my husband did the same exact thing. He's a country boy currently living in the city and he was trying to be nice and helped a gal who was fighting with another gal because their car broke down. Well, on the way to her house, she started asking some questionable questions and yeah, she was a hooker too. lol!! Everyone got a kick out of that too. The celebration of life sounds like a nice way to go :)