Tuesday, December 9, 2008

MiKael Meets Richard..............the ghost horse part 4

The second time I climbed aboard, we walked a little bit in a very small circle with Richard leading the Arabian horse. Reflection was not as frightened of me but not totally relaxed either. It was clear that this was going to be baby steps for both of us at this point.

On this ride (if that's what you want to call it.......not sure I do) I held the reins and used my legs but Richard was there just in case. Just like I was some small child taking her first ride, I "rode" my horse. I guess in many ways that's exactly what I was.

I knew what it was going to take for me to deal with this fear that's locked away in those many compartments that make up me. My horse being frightened of me as well, didn't do much for my confidence. Although it really didn't surprise me to see that fear there for the horse as well.

I think I rode the horse one more time before Richard began having the problems with shadows. I didn't see any of those experiences but it was clear to me I needed to stay off this horse until those issues were resolved. The last thing I needed was anything reinforcing my already rampant fear.

The plan when the horse first went to stay with Richard was that he would stay for 90 days. By then the horse was supposed to be ready for me to begin riding on a regular basis, I think. But that plan was based on Richard's belief that the horse was "broke to ride" when he first got him.

Richard hadn't picked up on my concerns about the safety of this horse despite the fact I'd told him I wasn't sure it was safe for me to get on him. All he'd heard was that Amy had been riding Reflection. He'd expected him to be safe. Now that he had a true picture of what he was dealing with, he has been the only one riding Reflection............well, except for the occasional time he lets Jessica cool out the horse.

I know that Richard knew up front that this was an exceptional horse. He'd also see the effect this horse has on the people who come in contact with him. But I don't think he was prepared for the effect the horse would have on him. Heck, I doubt he realized the effects the horse had already had on him before he ever even came to stay with at Richard's place.............that connotation of "the ghost horse" came from somewhere within.

Even with the setbacks, something has happened to Richard each and every ride. He's given up a piece of himself probably without even knowing it. Reflection has wormed his way into the tough guy's heart. Richard has fallen hopelessly in love with this great, talented horse.

We haven't really talked about how or if the plan has changed since Richard discovered the truth about Reflection's former "training". Richard has become so attached to the horse, I doubt he even wants to think about him leaving but that day is coming.

As much as he enjoys having the horse with him, I need him with me...........I need to be riding him. I need to be training him. I need to "have" him again. But Richard can safely bet he'll be a big part of the horse's future. Something tells me the 3 of us are pretty entwined in the future of this ghost horse..............whatever it might be...........so stay tuned........

To be continued................

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  1. Ohhhhhh, I liked him the minute I read that first post. I love me a smart smart horse, and he is one. It sure doesn't hurt that he's beautiful to look at either.

  2. wow.. when i first started reading this, i thought.. naah.. you.. so experienced.. no fear.. i so admire your "rampant fear" and going thru it... is it somedays more difficult/challenging than others... what's your cure :) ??

    beauties all
    gp in montana

  3. This is sure turning into an intriguing story .... waiting for the next instalment.

    I hope you are doing well. (((Hugs)))


  4. I am really looking forward to seeing what the future holds for you and Reflection. He sounds like an 'interesting' yet promosing horse. It shall be interesting!!