Monday, December 8, 2008

MiKael Meets Richard...............the ghost horse part 3

Part 1

Richard has worked out "his issues" with Reflection. Now he can ride the horse anywhere in the arena and not worry about stud like behavior. It didn't take long for Reflection to wise up once Richard began correcting him. The horse does not want to be in trouble with anyone..........he may like the girls but they're not THAT important to him that he'll risk being in trouble.

Despite these "little" episodes with my Arabian horse, I have managed to get on his back a few times while he's been in training with Richard. I did early on before he ever had any real flashbacks or encounters with his shadow.

Baby steps..........that's what I knew it would take and that's what we've been doing. Richard has been understanding enough to go along with my requests to keep this slow and methodical for me. Even if the horse is ready for more and it doesn't seem to make much sense for a grown woman who rides as well as I do to start out this steps....that's what I've been taking.

The first time I tried to put weight in the stirrup this horse wigged out........big time! Reflection was clearly terrified of me getting on him. The horse was fine with me on the ground.......doing just about anything with him EXCEPT getting on his back. Then, the horse had flashbacks like you wouldn't believe.

Richard was shocked. He had never seen this type of behavior before. Truthfully, I think he didn't think a horse could make this kind of association with a person.........but this reaction was impossible to deny.

Richard's response was immediate. He jumped all over that horse yelling at him and whacking him on the neck..............insisting the horse stand still and let me near. Don't ask me why this worked...........because it really shouldn't have.........but it did.

I think maybe by then the horse was attached enough to Richard he was willing to deal with his fear to not have Richard mad at him. It's one of those things about these horses I breed that I appreciate the most......their willingness to do about anything for their humans.......even when it doesn't make sense.

So I did manage to crawl up onto the horse's back with Richard holding Reflection on the ground. I don't think we took even a single step. I just sat there petting my horse on the neck until he finally relaxed and dropped his head. Then I immediately got off and left it as that. Just sitting on the horse was a big deal after the terrible experience we'd both had the last time I tried to mount this horse.

To be continued................

Part 4

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  1. good timing on your part to hop off right as he relaxed.

    and I hope YOUR confidence grows too!

    how are you feeling?

  2. I'm so happy to hear this amazing boy is doing so well.

  3. This sounds really encouraging, these horses of ours are far more intelligent than many will give them credit for and ending on a relaxed good note is always the best thing to do.

    Hope you are feeling better each day. (((((Hugs)))))


  4. It's a good way to begin, by getting off the minute he relaxed. It will be good for his confidence in you and he'll come along just fine. Hope you're feeling better.