Friday, November 21, 2008

Scandalous Storm at Our Open House

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  1. My favorite part is 3:36 to 3:46 :).

    I really like 3:42 to 3:43 too.

    Those seconds captured really good footage that I liked. I likes how he came in, stood for 2 seconds and ran back off again. He's so darn gorgeous Mikael, and worth every dollar too. If only I had that kind of money. My dream starts off winning the million on Deal or No Deal, buying 40 acres, and ends up with me having Arabians as fine as your fine Arabians. I also think I'd be that tough on the colts and stallions too. If it's one I'd never use, then it's probably not one someone else would use. Although there are an amazing amount of people who aren't even breeding close to quality and there are too many of those people. I wish more people were like you in the way they chose who is breeding quality in their breeding quality. Although I think for me, it would be be hard to breed horses, because it would be hard for me to sell them. I'd get so attached I wouldn't want to sell them. Well, OK, that one that you had gelded because he was a screamer, I think I'd of gelded or sold him asap too! lol. But then finding the right home for every horse is hard too, as you more than likely know. It seemed hard for you just to sell Storm, even though you know he'll be close by, and you made it sound like you only sold him because it was to Richard and Angie, and because they agreed to show him. If only there were more people around like them, to buy your fine horses. I am sure with the sale of Storm to Richard and Angie, and them showing Storm, that it will get some buyers buzzing to buy some of your fine horses. I know I'd want to buy your fine horses.

  2. This took forever to load! But, so worth the wait. So beautiful!

  3. He is so beautiful! The Arabian is just so majestic and just is a pleasure to watch!

  4. I have been reading his story, and wow, he was a beautiful foal. That little head, he is gorgeous!!

    He really is a compact little guy! Very flat kneed, I think he will make an awesome English horse. I can't believe how shiney he is! Simpley Beautiful.