Saturday, November 22, 2008

Hero.......a horse

After receiving an email with this link, Our Hero is coming home (Please be warned this story is very sad and disturbing) I find myself speechless. Even though I have my usual horse posts lined up to write, I just can't seem to clear my brain of the picture this story conjures so I"m not even going to try.

I don't even know what to say about the terrible circumstances that befell this horse. But in my heart I know that a horse with this kind of courage and heart needs to be honored somehow. I don't know exactly how to do that.............but I feel I must do something.......maybe acknowledging this horse and his story is the first step.


  1. What a horrible story. This is really disturbing. How could someone do what they did to this poor little horse. He is truly amazing to have lived through all this and kept his sweetness in tact. Good luck to him and the people who love him now.

  2. This is so very sad. I did hear on fugly that they found the person who shot this horse. I don't know what has happened since.

  3. What a awful thing to happen to this horse.
    All of us are pulling for him and his new humans

  4. MiKael, this type of situation is becoming an obsession for me, I see more and more of this type of thing each day, and whilst the rescuers boost my confidence in mankind, the atrocities and number of people involved in them throw me into a pit of despair. I am on the case of the Mustangs at the moment and just dont know what I can do either, it is a helpless feeling, unfortunately there are more people out there who dont care than those that do. It sickens me every time I read a story like this, but how wonderful that he has found a new loving home, I wish there were more happy endings like this one. Of course al of this isnt helping my depression!!!