Saturday, October 18, 2008

Pacific Rim All Arabian Horse Show - More Saturday

Part 1

I rode the next class right after Nana and Dandy's walk trot class. That meant I should have been warming up my Arabian horse while Dandy and Nana were making their maiden voyage around the show ring. However, there was no way I was going to miss that.

I figured after two classes already in the morning my horse was going to be as ready as he could be for another western pleasure class. I just did some flexing and bending to warm him up before moving to a position outside the chute to the ingate I could watch the walk jog class.

Once that class was over and the exhibitors exited the ring, I only had a brief moment to see that look of glee on Nana's face as she rode out of the ring on "her horse" with her ribbon in hand. That smile was priceless, I sure wish I had a picture of it.

Right about then the gate announcer called for the select riders to enter the ring. I again headed Legs into the arena in front of the pack. I wanted to give him as much time as possible inside that ring to see that there were no trolls hiding anywhere.

The ride was just a ride. The horse was less responsive to me than he'd been. I guess the best way I can think to describe it........he felt "dull" to me. But we got around the ring ok. He didn't do anything he shouldn't have. His transitions were ok, he just wasn't the usual horse that I have to ride.

Just as we were coming around the corner into the line-up something behind him startled him. This time, however, the horse only slightly tucked his butt and scooted........something hardly noticeable. It was interesting to me that when the horse wasn't as "tuned in" as he usually is, he wasn't as easily for thought.

I don't even remember where I placed in that class. It doesn't really matter. Although this was the first time this season that Legs has not done well in a select rider class. I did think that was a bit odd.

Later that evening Rachel had a hunter pleasure class on Dandy. It turned out there were only two horses in the class and one of them was quite naughty. Let me just say, the naughty horse was NOT Dandy.

Unfortunately, it turned out there was no video of Rachel and Dandy's class. There was supposed to be but something happened and it didn't get taken. Rachel was disappointed and so was I. Video is such a helpful tool and Rachel's first hunter class in over a year would have been nice to see.
Needless to say with the naughty horse in the class, Rachel and Dandy won. Rachel did a pretty good job of keeping Dandy away from the naughty horse and for that matter keeping him bridled and moving out the way that he should. All in all it was a good start to showing hunter again.

To be continued.............

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